Initial Coin Offerings

Crypto Currency.

Initial Coin Offerings.

I initially wrote this article in 2017 but have been asked to update it.

I wrote previously that ICOs were in the news at the time I wrote my original post….

“UK is having a crackdown to regulate ICO’s and they envisage it being done by the end of 2018”.

This got me thinking, obviously the Government will use their own websites more on this later, as I was curious if I could register any domains, develop and advertise them and the  answer was unfortunately not, not without obtaining a license.

So continuing with what I wrote previously………..

But what the Governments may do is also have information on sites using the public sector to help them. Solicitors could take advantage of these websites to help in legal matters and the FCA could also benefit from these domains. Divulging further the Central Banks that Govern High St Banks could set up blockchains.

I have since dropped all my ICO related domain names as I simply did not have time to develop them and that would have also meant I would have had to obtain a licence for each website I built. I find if you have equity associated with a domain name it will sell much faster than one without.

More on what you can do and can’t do when trying to register .gov domains:

Here is a link to what are ‘Blockchains’ and how they work:

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Cardiff Solicitors Keywords Domain Names For Sale

Cardiff Solicitors Domain Names For Sale.

These domains below have already been designed and developed and currently are showing a landing page with a For Sale Sign and are already generating traffic. The pages are hidden and can be customised.

Please make an offer for the domain names only or enquire about our web hosting packages.

Selling Domain Names

Selling Domain Names

Selling Domain Names.

The name of the game and the whole purpose of domain names is to help a business generate more traffic and get more business.

You have to access if the domain you are trying to sell is worth anything in terms of SEO. If a domain name serves little or no purpose for SEO what chances have you got selling your domain name? Also is the domain names associated with a product or service you are trying to brand, this is called equity. You also need to access if the domain you are trying to sell will help a business with global positioning such as for example there will only be one Cardiff Solicitors for the GEO location.

Selling Domain names is never easy and only web developers who offer SEO link wheels have the best chance of selling a developed website/blog to a client to help them generate more traffic.

So for people who just randomly buy up words and then list them on marketplaces to sell, I will give you one piece of advice – Unless you are a website developer with SEO expertise save your money. I have so many domain names that are sitting on my own marketplace platform from sellers with only a small percentage of enquiries.

People do not buy domain names unless there is equity attached to that domain.

I want to also add avoid buying Domain Hacks they are useless in terms of SEO.

Domain Hacks are keyword domain names and a keyword domain extensions, for example

Or they can be a misspelt keyword domain names and country code domain extension to complete an entire word for example

The way that Google or any other search engine algorithm send traffic to a website is using the country code domain extension. When setting up Google for the first time you can specify where you want the traffic to come from but this is not fool proof as a domain name with the domain extension dot com without a doubt will have traffic coming from the USA and you cannot stop this.

On the other hand a domain hack such as will have the main source of traffic coming from Libya which is no good if you are paying for PPC Advertising and you only want the traffic coming from the UK. What will happen people in Libya will be clicking on your advert and will be eating up your daily budget.

The same goes for domain hacks that do not have a country code domain extension but a word such as dot cat for example. What will happen is people from all over the world will be clicking on your website as you will not be able to stop the traffic because the domain extension is a broad word that anyone in the world can use to search for something and you cannot them control the traffic.

The main objective of a doamin name is for businesses to generate traffic and if they cannot do this or have unregulated traffic from countries that they do not want this will become very costly if they start doing PPC advertising.

As an example I have the domain name the reason I did not want a dot co dot uk domain extension was because I wanted to be ranked quickly. Even though I initially stated I was located in the UK to Google and had set my traffic for the UK, what has happened is regardless of my settings, Google is sending traffic from the USA. I find that dot coms get ranked faster than any other domain extension hence my main objective was to get on the first page of Google quickly without having to pay for PPC advertising. I succeeded as my blog is on the first page of Google for the search terms “UK Domain Brokers” as that was an exact match searchable phrase. The domain name is merely pointing to a sub domain of one of my websites that I use in my SEO link wheel to drive traffic to my default business yet is not on the first page of Google, do you see my point now about dot coms being ranked faster?

If you look at the keywords “UK Domain Brokers” in your search results you will see on the first page of Google followed by both these domains are mine and are part of the SEO link wheel I mentioned  about, the reason why is above is because I started the blog later after launching regardless of which website a user clicks on, both websites have the same domain name marketplace.

Domains names only usually sell if:

1) They are short one word dot coms that a business is branding or re-branding and is desperate to have or if the domain can secure global positioning.

2) Domain investors are usually the only people that buy domain names to try and flip for a profit on marketplaces where domains are up for sale.

3) Startups look for domain names and usually hand register what is available directly from registrars.

4) Established businesses may buy domain names for re-branding or adding an extra spoke to their SEO link wheel.

As a website designer I usually hand register and include domain names in the website designing packages to clients that need more traffic and I build them blogs as blogs are also ranked quickly because the content is updated on a regular basis and this is what search engines like.

If say I have a domain name which I think especially in this present climate valuable such as then I will lease it to the company with an option for them to buy it from me at the end of their contract term.

I encourange businesses to have their own SEO Link Wheel with webites/blogs pointing to their default site. Example of our own SEO Link Wheel Below:

Example of our own Link Wheel.

So my final opinion is avoid domain name hacks and hyphen domain names as they serve no purpose in SEO and can damage brand credibility.

Stick to TLDs and if you wish to sell a domain name do not use sub domains from other marketplaces as all that happens is you are boosting traffic to their websites. Some marktplaces offer sub domains landing pages and your domain name is forwarded permanently to their sub domain. These marketplaces will not do SEO for your domain name, but they will do it for their Website so anyone visiting their site will either find your domain or if someone physically types you domain name into the search bar of their browser.

The same goes if you are about to start up a business for the first time and you want a domain name, do you use a brandable name which will cost you hundreds of thousands of ££££$$$$ in advertising to become a household name or do you start off with an exact match searchable keyword/phrase where people will be actively searching for you?

If you use a brandable name you have to think how will people know you exist if you are not well known?

Also do not buy domains that do not form part of a sentence or phrase for example if you were thinking about Gambling Information as a searchable phrase do not buy a random names that means literally absoultely nothing and is not readable such as Hazard Bets or Bet Summary no one is going to buy them as no one is going to be searching for these phrases (Consider what sentences and phrases people type into their browsers) and even if they did the end user would have to spend so much money on advertising.

Alway and I mean always think will your domain be beneficial for search engine optimization and generating traffic?

If your domain is not going to help with SEO, it will not it be worth anything and would be a waste of your money.

Also do not put random pricing to a domain name. If you are not an expert in SEO then you have no ability to value your domain name and ask for ridiculous amounts of money unless you are selling equity of a product or service which you are aim to brand.

Only SEO experts know the true value of a domain name or people that are selling equity, meaning a product or service that is associated with a website and a “brand name”.

The best way to advertise your domain name is to set up your own independent landing page through a hosting provider and do your own SEO and add a For Sale Notice at the top of the page so that people visiting know your domain is for sale as in the example here:

I hope you have a better understanding about “Domain Name Selling” and if you want to ask me any questions do not hesitate to reach out.

Stay Safe and Stay Positve.

Virtual Horse Racing Games Business Opportunity

Virtual Horse Racing Game Business Opportunity.


I am contacting interested parties on behalf of the owner of the domain names and business opportunity listed below. I will start the introductions on your behalf.

Seeking investors and entrepreneurs to launch +25 global affiliates bettings portals on our premium .RACING portals with VR Gaming.

Can sell each country domains to entrepreneurs wanting to launch their own sites can be in partnership on a shared % or you can own 100% if you pay our domain asking price.

Dear “Sport of Kings” Investors & Entrepreneurs,

Greetings from Mauritius island, the nation of horse racing lovers, having grown up in the horse racing from my father a horse racing gambling magnate and lover.

I was born to get involved my- self.

Being educated enough to learn the true benefit of online ranking for any business I secured the very best domains around the world on the .RACING domain extension.

See all the domains name for sale or to go into a JV to launch these 25 domains.

Below a proposal that will not only spark your interest but will soon become national headlines around the ‘Horse Racing World’ once we launch them.

What we will put in place will not only be the smartest online marketing gambling network of portals but a 24/7/365 days sale/affiliate funnel for us and for our acquisition buyer or equity partners soon after we launch. I believe that within 12 months live we should get acquired for a 9 figure sale or get approached for a major JV or merger.

If you mention my name ‘Renata’ you will get 5% off.

This is an entire Business Opportunity with Domain Equity.

Asia: 9 Domains Not For Sale only for JV

AsiaHorse.Racing (MAIN PORTAL)








Middle East: 6 Domains For Sale

DubaiHorse.Racing $1,000,000

QatarHorse.Racing $1,000,000

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SaudiArabiaHorse.Racing $1,000,000

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Rest of the World: 10 Domains For Sale

AustraliaHorse.Racing $1,000,000

FrenchHorse.Racing $1,000,000

GreeceHorse.Racing $1,000,000

GermanHorse.Racing $1,000,000

GreatBritainHorse.Racing $1,000,000

IrelandHorse.Racing $1,000,000

IndiaHorse.Racing $1,000,000

NewZealandHorse.Racing $1,000,000

SouthAfricaHorse.Racing $1,000,000

UnitedStatesHorse.Racing $1,000,000

Domain Transfer – * Buyer to pay Transfer Fees.

There are 100M+ ASIAN / GLOBAL Gamblers & Gamers wanting new Sport-books Horse Racing Games and Gambling Sites. We entering this market with the very best partners.

Selected Partners:

US & INDIA Web Partners: /

INDIA / ASIA Web, Content & Social Media Marketers:

IGaming Technology –

VR –

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Sports Books / Pari Mutuels –

Affiliates Average Revenues – $100K min to $1M a MONTH! –

Our Exit Strategy: 2022 sell to the big player our regional marketshare.

Two Investment Options:

1- JV on all 20+ portals with us up to 50% shares available.

2- Own your own .RACING for your country – MENA | ASIA | EU | OZ | SA | NZ and more….

JV – Send funds to Smart Media Ltd and appointed of all suppliers and partners to launch these bettings portals this 2020.

Early Investors Seed Capital Raising:

10% – $5,000,000

30% – $15,000,000

40% – $30,000,000

50% – $100,000,000

The world markets are down, oil will be worth next to nothing with new free energy technology coming soon as more and more people will stay at home work and and will need entertaining tim- ing is right.

Lets keep winning this 2020 and beat this coronavirus!

Best regards, Owner of Business Opportunity & Domain Names.

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German Word Domain Names For Sale.

German Word Domain Names For Sale!

New Listings today German word translated ‘Cruise’ related Domain Name Keywords for Sale. Please make an offer if interested.

‘Germ Safe’ Domain Name For Sale

Germ Safe’ Domain Name For Sale.

In light of all the Cornonavirus & covid-19 domain names are being taken down because of all the misinformation about the virus on the internet and all the fake news. Google are not offering adwords for these type of domains that have coronavirus or covid-19 in the domain name.

Therefore if you are genuine and abide by the law try an alternative keywords(s) to spread your legitimate news not the virus.

The world is desperately needing antibacterial products and disinfectants, consider starting an online e-commerce store selling these products.

Spread Love not Germs!

New Domain Listing, Some Ideal For The Chinese Market

Chinese Domain Names and More…..

I have a new list of domain names, so are ideal for the Chinese Market.

Running A Business Online

Transitioning to an Online Business.

Simple steps to turn your bricks and mortar business to an online business.

We must not forget to practice having your own private space away from the kids, interruptions and distractions.

Most people have a spare room, garage shed or loft they can use to set up a temporary office. Apple founder Steve Jobs started out from his garage and besides we are all in the same boat so to speak so we need to make the most of a bad situation.

Now that we have sorted out your office space, the next thing we need to do is set up online chat, video meetings and online teams. If you are selling products and services you also need e-commerce store and payment gateways.

1). Set up online chat (free and it shows everyone you are online. You can interact with customers as soon as they visit your site).

2). Set up online appointments (free)

3). Set up online video meetings www.8× (free and is more professional than Skype)

4). Every morning start like it was a normal day at the office, conference call all your staff and keep then in the loop.

5). If you run a bricks and mortar store, transition to an online e-commerce business with a payment gateway. We offer e-commerce stores free of charge for the first 3 months, long enough for you to see business being generated.

***Payment gateways for products and services that we recommend are and obviously there are plently of others but we only recommend tried and tested gateways.

Hoping we all can get through this trying time relatively unscathed.

Meanwhile if you need any legal advice and live in Cardiff, Wales UK area do give these guys a call:

Cardiff Solicitors – Dudden Law


Been Redundant – Stay Positive.


This is not my usual type of post but in light of the Coronavirus Covid-19 Pandemic I was thinking how can I help. But first I want to talk about what you have to do if you have or are facing this unfortunate dilemma of being made redundant.

Be Your own Boss!
  1. First and by all means you need to sit your self down and compose yourself and get out a pen and pad. Write down all out outgoings down to the nitty griity and do not leave anything out.
  2. Contact your local authority and sign yourself on for income support and housing benefit, you need to do this in order to survive.
  3. Contact all your creditors and write them a letter asking for extended time to pay your loans, credit cards etc. You can even arrange a payment plan. They will be happy with your honesty and grateful to get the money even if it means it may take a while longer to pay back. Do not ignore this and hope it will sort itself out or go away. By ignoring it you will find extra charges being put on to a debt you are already trying to pay off. It is better to grab the bull by its horns and tell them the truth, they will then cap your debt so no extra charges will be put on providing you keep to your side of the agreement.
  4. Start thinking of what you wish to do next, do you want to work for someone or do you want to be your own boss? If you choose to be self employed you must inform HMRC straight away and see what benefits you are entitled to whilst you get your feet off the ground. There is help out there but you need to do the research. I know that tax credits are going over to Universal Credit so you need to find out what you are entitled to? I know you can claim housing benefit and council tax but again you must inform them you are self employed.
  5. If you chose to be self employed you need the motivation and determination to succeed. Do you research and if you already have a hobby you would like to turn into a business then you are already half way there.
  6. Write a Business Plan. Write down all your outgoings and how much it will cost to run your business then calculate what money you have saved or is coming in.
  7. Secure a website business is not going to happen overnight so you need to start advertising and securing your global positioning immediately.

Business Ideas.

Accounting or Bookkeeping,


Antique Dealer (Buy antiques online and Sell online),

Artist (Painting, Drawing),

App Developer,

Author, (write fiction or childrens books or write books for other people, you could even be a copywriter),

Baking / Cooking (Make handmade confectionary, bake cakes, cup-cakes and brownies, specialist pies or make homemade jams – you could even make your own beauty products),

Beauty Blogger/Vlogger.

Blogger/Vlogger, (You can be an affiliate marketer whilst writing or videoing, tutorials or testing products).

Broker (Domain, Finance or Insurance get a commission for each product you sell),

Business/Marketing Consultant,

Buying and Selling (Dropship),

Career Coach,

Cleaning (Offices or Windows),

Comedian (Start your own channel and market yourself),

Course Creator,


Customer or Tech Support,



Direct Sales,

Dog Walker,

Editing or Proofreading (Editing Photos & Videos and reading work for errors),

Errand Runner,

Event Planner,

Freelance Photographer,

Freelance Web/Graphic Designer,

Freelance Writer,

Furniture Upcycling (Refurbish Furniture),

Gig Services,


Home Sitter,

Home Staging (For Property Sales),

Jewellery Designer,


Life Coach,

Make Money with Your Garden (Grow Profitable Plants),

Meal Planner,


Menu/Recipe Planner,

Motivational Speaker,

Pet Sitter,

Personal Shopper,

Professional Speaker (Create your own video channel),

Repairs ,

Social Media Consultant,



Tutor (Private Lessons Online),

Virtual Assistant,

Voice-Over Specialist

So now that I have covered the majority of things you need to do, we have taken the desicion to help people get back on their feet.

Without a website how can you draw business your way without spending loads of money on expensive adverising?

Therefore we are offering 3 months worth of website hosting, seo and marketing to include an e-commerce store should you wish to do dropshipping. We will help you with business plans and teach you how to dropship.

We will market you free of charge and design a professional responsive website.

We will guide you all the way so that you never have to go through being made redundant again.

Finally should you choose to go down this route, you will be helping to boost the economy. After all without business the economy will just crash….. Be Your Own Boss!

Most of the jobs I have named above need little or no contact with other people physically, most of the businesses I have listed can be run virtually with a payment gateway so that people can just pay you through an app or a website. No need to handle money.

Finally if you need legal representation because your employer has not paid you what you are entitled to or if you are planning to sort out your estate and need a last will and testament then the following solicitor in Cardiff, UK: is highly recommended. There is nothing morbid about doing a last will and testament even I have one and it is the most responsible thing to do especially in our current climate.

Cardiff Solicitors Online – Dudden Law.

So as I sign off I just wish to say “Stay Safe”, “Stay Positive” and “Stay Home” !