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Launched in June 2020.

I developed this directory to support local businesses in my area.

I also have a blog am taking each day at a time as this is a massive project which no doubt will keep me busy for a very long time.

Some of the industries catagories are not listed because of the Covid-19 Pandemic, although in the main part of the directory all businesses in Roath have been listed under the heading ‘Business A-Z’.

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New Robot & AI Domains For Sale.

Reading my daily newsletters yesterday I came across an article where the likes of Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk are all investing heavily in this technology which is predicted to sky rocket by 900%.

So here are companies I have found that are already manufacturing robots and AI’s:

You can read more on these companies here:

Considering Boston Dynamics have a shop it was hard to find them at first, which makes me think they should invest a exact match keyword domain name.

I obviously had to do some research but what have nearly all but two not using in their title domain names the keywords AI, Robots, Robot. Robo

So this got me thinking if I searched for Robot and AI related domain names I would have already started the ball rolling with perceive predicted equity.

Domain Names For Sale:

These domains would definatly help generate more traffic.

For example these guys are paying for Google Ads for the search terms “terrain robots”.

They are only on the first page of Google because they are paying for the Ads:

***Please Note I will be developing these domains over the next few days. Remember Rome was not built in a day and nor will these domains. I am daveloping them to start generating traffic , the new owner is welcome to just have the domain name or have me build a website to his her specifications.

I will be linking the logos back to the websites once they have been developed.

In the mean time anyone wishing to discuss these domain with me is more than welcome to contact me on

Thumping Heache

Who suffers with a thumping headache once in a while? Lately I have had a few I must admit.

This domain is ideal for a pharmacuetical company or drug store to use these keywords to drive traffic for people who are searching for remedies to cure their ‘thumping headache’

There are so many ideas for this domain name and we can help develop a website for you, should you wish.

Contact me at to discuss all the options available.

Lottery Tickets

Lottery Tckets VS Domain Names

Lottery Tckets VS Domain Names

Finally I have it on good authority that what I have been saying for years now someone has finally written about it. Granted it is old news, yesterdays news in fact on “Domain Name Wire’s” blog whereby “Andrew Allemann” wrote an article about Lottery Tickets and Domain Names.

I will let you read his post in a moment but first I would like to reiterate what I have been saying over and over again, unless you have knowledge in SEO & Website Design how can you have knowledge how much a domain name is worth other than comparing past sales of similar domain names. Just because a domain was sold for xyz there is absolutely no guarantee your domain name will sell for a similar price. It all boils down the company’s marketing/advertising budgets. They cannot pull £1,000,000.00 out a hat just because you think your domain is worth that much. They would have to justify why the domain was worth what you were asking and they would also be accountable to the tax man (HMRC or IRS) depending where they live.

Obviously if they were a global brand then that would be a different matter but they still would have to explain such a high figure for a domain name.

I have got to the stage I copy and paste the following information to domain sellers as sometimes it simply does not sink in.

The problem with domain names if they do not have equity then unless they are one-word dot coms they will only be bought by domain investors rather than end-users for very low prices or maybe may never sell at all.

What I mean about equity is:

1) Developed Fully Optimised Website

2) A Website that Generates a Lot of Traffic

3) A Website that Sells a Product or Service.

I also believe that people need visualisation and need to see what you are offering them. By simply offering a domain name 9 times out of 10 people will not grasp the concept why a domain is worth a lot of money.

I in my own experience have had more success selling a domain name with a developed website as I offer that to the potential buyer as a full ready made package and trying to take it away it is like taking away candy from a child.

As for brandable words and you will find companies that are already established may not want to rebrand themselves, so the only way they would be interested is if this domain was generating a lot of traffic and they bought the domain for the traffic rather than for the domain name.

But to generate traffic a domain name needs to be developed and optimised. Start-ups on the other hand usually do not have much money to play around with so they will try to find the cheapest option and look for alternative domain extensions that meet with in their budget usually hand registering a domain that is half decent.

One also must consider the world economy right now and businesses are trying to keep their heads above water so the last thing on their minds right now is marketing or domain investing.

If you read the news blue chip companies are laying off their workers or closing their doors and some are even going into administration, so the overall outlook does not look good.

By developing a website, you will also attract competitors which you can turn into investors of your domain name. Please read what Rick Schwartz said

Acronyms and Brandable Domains are also very hard to sell so unless your domains have some meaning to the end user the chances of these domains selling are very slim and domain hacks are basically useless when it comes to SEO.

So you may have more luck buying lottery tickets than buying domain names.

Here is Andrew Alleman’s post:

‘Domain Name Wire’ By Andrew Allemann.

As a website designer and internet marketer I have found that intergrating the cost of a domain name within the website package is usually the best option and whereby a client pays monthly installments. They then can pay a fee at the end of the contract to take the domain name with him/her otherwise the domain name is leased to them depending on the agreement in place.

I always draw up contracts and people who do not sign, i simply do not do business with.

Eveything has to be black and white and above board so that there are no misunderstanding further down the line.

If anything the domain brokers world has given me wider opportunities and I have met some great people on this journey.

***My advice to you:

A word of caution Domain Name Hacking is best left for marketing purposes only and has little value when it comes to SEO as what ever country code domain extension you use, traffic will be generated from that country and if you are using word dot word domain hack it becomes very broad and has limitations on the traffic you want to generate.

Before venturing into the world of buying and selling domain names is to get background knowledge of website design, marketing and SEO. Do not give up your day job and do not spend money on domain names if you are going to struggle to put food on the table.

New Domains Listed!

Domain Names For Sale!

Just a quick Sunday Morning Post to say that I have updated the portfolio for one of my client’s and he has asked me to blast his domains across the internet to get a quick sale.

Entrepreneurs thinking of new ways to make money could use these domain names to start up a business.

The domain names are: Trademark on my mind.

So have trademarked their brand which is a global enity used worldwide to book travel and hotels.

So my thoughts on the trademark means no one else can register country TLD or GTLD’s domain extentions related to the name “Booking” in the hospitality industry, as essentially the brand belongs to the trademark owners.

So even if they may not have registered (which they most probably have, but I am using it as an example) as a class for example or because own the class booking dot com one would be looking at a law suit or UDRP if you tried registering domain names with the brand name in the hospitality industry.

However would not only hold up in court for country codes such aas or .es they would also hold domain extensions such as etc

However if on the other hand one was a horse betting bookers business and wanted to name their website or as an example, as long as they could prove they were nothing to do with the hospitality industry and have a brand identity of their own, then there would be potentially nothing stopping them and nothing could do.

Here is the full discusssion on Domain Sherpa today.

Initial Coin Offerings

Crypto Currency.

Initial Coin Offerings.

I initially wrote this article in 2017 but have been asked to update it.

I wrote previously that ICOs were in the news at the time I wrote my original post….

“UK is having a crackdown to regulate ICO’s and they envisage it being done by the end of 2018”.

This got me thinking, obviously the Government will use their own websites more on this later, as I was curious if I could register any domains, develop and advertise them and the  answer was unfortunately not, not without obtaining a license.

So continuing with what I wrote previously………..

But what the Governments may do is also have information on sites using the public sector to help them. Solicitors could take advantage of these websites to help in legal matters and the FCA could also benefit from these domains. Divulging further the Central Banks that Govern High St Banks could set up blockchains.

I have since dropped all my ICO related domain names as I simply did not have time to develop them and that would have also meant I would have had to obtain a licence for each website I built. I find if you have equity associated with a domain name it will sell much faster than one without.

More on what you can do and can’t do when trying to register .gov domains:

Here is a link to what are ‘Blockchains’ and how they work:

Further Reading

Cardiff Solicitors Keywords Domain Names For Sale

Cardiff Solicitors Domain Names For Sale.

These domains below have already been designed and developed and currently are showing a landing page with a For Sale Sign and are already generating traffic. The pages are hidden and can be customised.

Please make an offer for the domain names only or enquire about our web hosting packages.

Selling Domain Names

Selling Domain Names

Selling Domain Names.

The name of the game and the whole purpose of domain names is to help a business generate more traffic and get more business.

You have to access if the domain you are trying to sell is worth anything in terms of SEO. If a domain name serves little or no purpose for SEO what chances have you got selling your domain name? Also is the domain names associated with a product or service you are trying to brand, this is called equity. You also need to access if the domain you are trying to sell will help a business with global positioning such as for example there will only be one Cardiff Solicitors for the GEO location.

Selling Domain names is never easy and only web developers who offer SEO link wheels have the best chance of selling a developed website/blog to a client to help them generate more traffic.

So for people who just randomly buy up words and then list them on marketplaces to sell, I will give you one piece of advice – Unless you are a website developer with SEO expertise save your money. I have so many domain names that are sitting on my own marketplace platform from sellers with only a small percentage of enquiries.

People do not buy domain names unless there is equity attached to that domain.

I want to also add avoid buying Domain Hacks they are useless in terms of SEO.

Domain Hacks are keyword domain names and a keyword domain extensions, for example

Or they can be a misspelt keyword domain names and country code domain extension to complete an entire word for example

The way that Google or any other search engine algorithm send traffic to a website is using the country code domain extension. When setting up Google for the first time you can specify where you want the traffic to come from but this is not fool proof as a domain name with the domain extension dot com without a doubt will have traffic coming from the USA and you cannot stop this.

On the other hand a domain hack such as will have the main source of traffic coming from Libya which is no good if you are paying for PPC Advertising and you only want the traffic coming from the UK. What will happen people in Libya will be clicking on your advert and will be eating up your daily budget.

The same goes for domain hacks that do not have a country code domain extension but a word such as dot cat for example. What will happen is people from all over the world will be clicking on your website as you will not be able to stop the traffic because the domain extension is a broad word that anyone in the world can use to search for something and you cannot them control the traffic.

The main objective of a doamin name is for businesses to generate traffic and if they cannot do this or have unregulated traffic from countries that they do not want this will become very costly if they start doing PPC advertising.

As an example I have the domain name the reason I did not want a dot co dot uk domain extension was because I wanted to be ranked quickly. Even though I initially stated I was located in the UK to Google and had set my traffic for the UK, what has happened is regardless of my settings, Google is sending traffic from the USA. I find that dot coms get ranked faster than any other domain extension hence my main objective was to get on the first page of Google quickly without having to pay for PPC advertising. I succeeded as my blog is on the first page of Google for the search terms “UK Domain Brokers” as that was an exact match searchable phrase. The domain name is merely pointing to a sub domain of one of my websites that I use in my SEO link wheel to drive traffic to my default business yet is not on the first page of Google, do you see my point now about dot coms being ranked faster?

If you look at the keywords “UK Domain Brokers” in your search results you will see on the first page of Google followed by both these domains are mine and are part of the SEO link wheel I mentioned  about, the reason why is above is because I started the blog later after launching regardless of which website a user clicks on, both websites have the same domain name marketplace.

Domains names only usually sell if:

1) They are short one word dot coms that a business is branding or re-branding and is desperate to have or if the domain can secure global positioning.

2) Domain investors are usually the only people that buy domain names to try and flip for a profit on marketplaces where domains are up for sale.

3) Startups look for domain names and usually hand register what is available directly from registrars.

4) Established businesses may buy domain names for re-branding or adding an extra spoke to their SEO link wheel.

As a website designer I usually hand register and include domain names in the website designing packages to clients that need more traffic and I build them blogs as blogs are also ranked quickly because the content is updated on a regular basis and this is what search engines like.

If say I have a domain name which I think especially in this present climate valuable such as then I will lease it to the company with an option for them to buy it from me at the end of their contract term.

I encourange businesses to have their own SEO Link Wheel with webites/blogs pointing to their default site. Example of our own SEO Link Wheel Below:

Example of our own Link Wheel.

So my final opinion is avoid domain name hacks and hyphen domain names as they serve no purpose in SEO and can damage brand credibility.

Stick to TLDs and if you wish to sell a domain name do not use sub domains from other marketplaces as all that happens is you are boosting traffic to their websites. Some marktplaces offer sub domains landing pages and your domain name is forwarded permanently to their sub domain. These marketplaces will not do SEO for your domain name, but they will do it for their Website so anyone visiting their site will either find your domain or if someone physically types you domain name into the search bar of their browser.

The same goes if you are about to start up a business for the first time and you want a domain name, do you use a brandable name which will cost you hundreds of thousands of ££££$$$$ in advertising to become a household name or do you start off with an exact match searchable keyword/phrase where people will be actively searching for you?

If you use a brandable name you have to think how will people know you exist if you are not well known?

Also do not buy domains that do not form part of a sentence or phrase for example if you were thinking about Gambling Information as a searchable phrase do not buy a random names that means literally absoultely nothing and is not readable such as Hazard Bets or Bet Summary no one is going to buy them as no one is going to be searching for these phrases (Consider what sentences and phrases people type into their browsers) and even if they did the end user would have to spend so much money on advertising.

Alway and I mean always think will your domain be beneficial for search engine optimization and generating traffic?

If your domain is not going to help with SEO, it will not it be worth anything and would be a waste of your money.

Also do not put random pricing to a domain name. If you are not an expert in SEO then you have no ability to value your domain name and ask for ridiculous amounts of money unless you are selling equity of a product or service which you are aim to brand.

Only SEO experts know the true value of a domain name or people that are selling equity, meaning a product or service that is associated with a website and a “brand name”.

The best way to advertise your domain name is to set up your own independent landing page through a hosting provider and do your own SEO and add a For Sale Notice at the top of the page so that people visiting know your domain is for sale as in the example here:

I hope you have a better understanding about “Domain Name Selling” and if you want to ask me any questions do not hesitate to reach out.

Stay Safe and Stay Positve.