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Welcome to UK Domain Brokers.

Who are UK Domain Brokers?

UK Domain Brokers is a portal to help you buy and sell domain names. UK Domain Brokers help you secure your global positioning and offer its customers free advertising space to sell their domain names whilst performing search engine optimisation so that the keywords can be found easier.

UK Domain Brokers also offers landing pages for the domain names to be sold. This helps with visualisation and helps to generate traffic for the prospective buyer.

Domain Names are Digital Real Estate, they have the most value if they are one word brandable words or keywords. They also have value if they have equity, a product, a service, a developed site generating traffic. Domains can have value if they have equity or perceived equity. Buying and selling domain names one has to have some knowledge of SEO and marketing to understand the domain names worth.

Without equity your domain is only worth as much as someone is willing to pay for it which in most cases it is not worth anything at all and 9 times out of 10 it will not sell.

It is usually domain investors who may wish to develop it into equity with the view of flipping it further down the line, if they have a vision and will offer as little for a domain as they can where as you may think is worth a lot but in reality it is not.

Also consider your financial circumstances before investing in domain names that come with costly renewal fees year after year.

A domain without equity is just a domain name”…Renata Barnes.

Other Services Are:

Website Design, Brokering,  SEO, Business Consultancy, Advertising, Commercial Strategies, Ecommerce, Online & Offline Distribution, SEO Marketing, Internet Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Technology, App Design, Affiliate Marketing,  Corporate Stationary Design and  Branding, Re-Branding, Books/eBooks Design & Publishing,  Blog Posts,  Rewriting,  Custom Writing,  Articles, SEO Copywriting, Press Release, Editing Writing, Proofreading, Web Copy, Copywriting, Ghostwriting, Content Writing, Freelance Writing, Virtual Assistant, Photo Restoration.

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