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UK Domain Brokers is a portal for helping you buy and sell domain names.

** “Consider your financial circumstances before investing in domain names that come with costly renewal fees and hosting charges”.

Contacting a company director and offering a domain name that is not developed, is not generating traffic, is not offering a product or service, and is not on the first page of Google, will be waste of time. Consider your marketing strategies before contacting busy people”.

“You need to have equity or have (short one-word dot com’s) to command high prices for domain names. Also, consider businesses’ marketing budgets, some do not have 6 or 7 figures to splash on advertising and marketing campaigns and may not see the value of the domain”.

If a domain is too long, hyphenated, is an acronym, brandable, or charm domain, it will not help any business in terms of ranking. A brandable domain name has to have extensive advertising and marketing for it to be a well-known household name and for search engines to recognize and rank. If you need your business to be famous you need a lot of exposure to get your business in the news. There is no magic pill and it will take a lot of time, money, and perseverance to be a trusted brand”.


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