Toyota ( Woven) City

Toyota (Woven) City Japan.

A new Futuristic City is being built in Toyota Japan. It will be called the ‘Woven City’

To read more about Toyota please read the link:,_Aichi

To read more about the Futuristic Woven City read the link:

More and more futuristic cities are popping up around the world and one needs to be an early bird to be in the know of what is going on. I will update as soon as I get more news.

Meanwhile I have the following Toyota (Woven) City domain names for sale:

Neom City The New Babylon.

Neom City The New Babylon!

Since writing this post back in December, I have changed the title of the book and the cover. I feel this describes the Neom Project better than the old title. I will keep you updated on the progress. I have even got a website which is under construction ready for the launch.

Just a little teaser…..I have had some inspiration in the last couple of days as a light bulb moment sprung to mind. My new book in the New Year will talk about everything and anything about Neom Mega City. As a marketer, domain broker and business consultant I need to put my ideas down on paper so to speak. Obviously this book will take you back into history as well take you into the future. This will be in layman terms, easy reading as always and very insightful ………

In the meantime I have listed more ‘Neom Domain Names’.

Here is a quick view of the latest ones and do not forget to check our marketplace for more Neom Names that are waiting to be developed.

Neom Domain Names

Neom City Project Underway.

Check out which we have launched to coincide with the services we already provide.

If you don’t already know what Neom is, it is a futuristic city that is being built in the Gulf. Go to to their default site, to read more about it.

If you have any Neom related domain names please do not hesitate to contact us so that you can list them on your behalf and evenutually add them into our business directory.

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Qatar ( Qatar World cupcity)

Purchasing Shares

Purchasing Shares, my thoughts.

If you think your domain is note worthy and you are looking for the one investor to buy your domain for $$$$$$ or more, you maybe hanging round for a long time. But what if you got 100 investors to purchase shares for an nominal amount (a) you would make your money and then your investors would have to wait for the one investor that would pay out dividends.

Here you have a domainer doing just that and he is selling shares of a domain name that he owns:

What is going to be harder finding one investor to pay the asking price or a 100 investors buying a small stake to a domain name that may or may not sell?

Interesting concept but $100 is still a lot of money. Remember to always prioritise your living expenses first before investing in domain names and only invest money if you can afford to loose it. Domaining is not a get rich scheme and will not make you money overnight. You need to do a lot of hard work in order for any domain name to sell.

Be wise…..

Reverse Name Highjacking

***Reverse Highjacking of a domain name

Reverse Highjacking is something some entites will do in order to force the owner to give up their domain name for free.

The argument here is if the name was available from day dot then the entity should have registered it as soon as it was possible even reserving and putting limitations on people trying to register a domain as in the cases of domain extensions such as dot eu whereby one has to be a resident of the eu to own the domain or in the case of Arab Emirates dot ae. I have never heard any cases of a country/city/town making claim to a two or three word domain other than:

As one person commented on the post, the entity should have acquired a list of domain names for limitation in order from this happening, so that the registrant would have been prevented to register a trademark let alone a domain name.

The registrars should stop selling domain names that have legal implications and limitations unless the registrant can prove without reasonable doubt that he/she has rights to owning that domain.

***In the case of ‘Neom’ names, I have attemped to reach out to both of their social media platform and sending an email and so far I have not had a reply. This is starting to look very uncertain and someone needs to address this. In this day and age one has to show transparency. Obviously I want to protect my clients and have their best interests at heart.

Facebook Message…..

As far as I am concerned there are only two options.

  1. Let anyone and everyone register two and three word domain names with the word ‘Neom’ in it, without any repercussions.
  2. The entity acquires a list of keyword domain names and put limitations on the words.

***Our business model offers website design, marketing and advertising we simply do not offer domain names for sale without a business plan. We also have a list of keyword domain names, some are registered some are not.

***Anyone who has further information on this needs to contact us at

Brandable Domain Names Affiliate Marketing

Want to make money selling domain names?

Without any initial payment from you, as this is entirely free you can go to and create brandable names, which if they sell you get a commission.

Here is Mike Cyger from DN Academy video if you missed it teaching you how……..

Sorry folks I upload the wrong video but I will keep it in the post anyway as it is valuable content.

This is the right video…..
Domain Uploaded in Error but Great Content.

Neom City Domain Names

Neom Sme Official Logo

Neom City Digital Businesses

Neom City Virtual World

Neom City on my mind. So phase 1 has been completed and phase 2 is planned for completion soon.

But beyond all the physical plans and all the construction and talks and consulting firms hired, no one has touched on the fact aswell as a physical world we also have to match the virtual world in terms of location, being found and driving traffic to the said area. Eventually there will be PR agencies that will jump on the bandwagon and Advertising companies but more needs to be written on the proposals of how the startup businesses are going to be run and what they need to do in order to start building a profitable business. Rome was not built in 7 days and although websites can be it still does not reflect how startups should aim to develop themselves.

No one has mentioned anything about companies wishing to start business in Neom. I have reached out to and they have not replied, so thinking outside the box I will be contacting the consulting companies soon basically doing their work for them. There are three consulting firms that have been hired but none talk about businesses starting up in Neom and what the protocals are.

No one has done a step by step plan on how to start a business in Neom. People need to know this well in advance. It takes time to get training and licenses. Aswell as this and everyone in the SEO industry would agree with me it takes time to generate traffic and its always better to develop a website well in advance in order to be ranked by search engines, which could take anything from 12 to 18 months for this to happen.

Businesses should be able to secure their global positioning way ahead of their competitors and where better to start and that is by using the word ‘Neom’ in the searchable phrase for the industry you wish to target.

I have just launched and for anyone that does not know what SME means it is an acronym of ‘Small, Medium Enterprises’.

On this website I will offer website design, marketing, seo and domain sales and acquisitions. If there is a domain that one desperately needs we can help acquire that name for the prospective business owner.

I have so many questions to ask but my arabic is not very good.

Never mind hiring the best consulting firms on the planet if they do not guide business owners in the right direction.

Invest in me and I will do the consulting, marketing and advertising.

I have spoken to many people and Neom City is relatively unheard of in the western world unless you read business news that is.

Without giving too much away and I have plently of ideas, more has to be done in order to help this project off the ground. It is no good doing things backwards and leaving things like domain name securing and website development to the last minute.

There is no time like the present to build a business and put a launch date on the landing page.

Neom Domain Names

Neom City

Saudia Arabia’s Futuristic City is being built.

This is a great opportunity for startups to claim their domain names in time for the opening of this magnificent project. The first phase of construction of the $500bn futuristic city has been built with the second phase to be announced by the end of this year.

The first phase of the giant project covered economic planning and strategy, funding and the roadmap of the development, whilst phase two will announce detailed plans for Neom’s 16 economic sectors and regions, which is planned to be completed by the end of the year.

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman announced in 2017 that the project would be built on the Red Sea coast, which comprises a 26,500km² area in the far north-west of Saudi Arabia.

Neom, aims to be the largest global model in every sector focusing on advanced spheres and technologies powered by robots and generated solely by solar and wind energy.

The name is short for Latin-Arabic term Neo-Mustaqbal, which means “new future”.

Neom Domains For Sale: (reserved) (reserved) (reserved) (reserved) (reserved) (reserved) (reserved) (reserved) (reserved) (reserved) (reserved) (reserved) (reserved) (reserved) (reserved) (reserved) (reserved) (reserved) (reserved) (reserved) (reserved)

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How to Price a Domain Name

Realistic Pricing of Domain Names

As always I quote a very interesting video that ‘Chris Zuiker’ has made, teaching you the reality of pricing domain names. Most domain names will not sell as they do not have raw equity. Although his calculations are in line with what I do when it comes to pricing domain names I do disagree on one count as he mentions that he multiplies the price of the keyword by the amount of searches per month and divides that by 25% but in reality a click through ratio is about 2%.

WordStream CTR.
Chris Zuiker “How to Price Your Domain Name So That It Sells”……