Cardiff Gas Engineers – www.cardiffgasengineers.co.uk – Domain For Sale!

I have had this domain now for just over a year. Originally I planned to develop into a directory of Gas Engineers in Cardiff and offer advertising space.

I decided to renew the domain name but let go of the hosting of my WordPress site. It is still generating traffic because it is now associated with a landing page.

Perhaps in the future, if I cannot find a buyer I may decide to develop it again as I had originally planned.


Valuation For The Undeveloped Domain Name is:

$2,600 Converted to GBP is £1912

However, we will accept £1,500 or £70 per month

Spread over a 24-month term paid by direct debit and a signed contract.

We believe this domain is valuable because it has had marketing, SEO, is generating traffic and is being advertised on multiple marketing websites. Not only this we also have a list of Cardiff Gas Engineers that can be added to a directory. If the potential investor is interested in acquiring the domain with a view to adding it to a blog or rebranding, please let us know your requirements in the form below. The site could be a comparison website or a reviews site.

I can integrate the price into affordable monthly installments to include Website Design, Development, Hosting, SEO, Marketing, Content Writing, and Advertising.


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