Country Name Domain Names

Country Domain Names

Country Domain Names on my mind.

I was having a conversation with my solicitor a while back and we were talking about branding and how you should not brand your business as a country name. Moving forward to today I had a request to help sell a country name and basically you cannot register country names with the view of branding them without getting yourself in to hot water. Here is a scenario a British well known PLC company branded themselves as Business selling Frozen Food.

Iceland Foods Ltd is a British supermarket chain headquartered in Wales, with emphasis on the sale of frozen foods, including prepared meals and vegetables. They also sell non-frozen grocery items such as produce, meat, dairy, and dry goods. The company has an approximate 2.2% share of the UK food market. CEO: Malcolm Walker (Feb 2005–) Founder: Malcolm WalkerFounded: 1970Number of locations: 800Parent organization: Brait

However they have got themselves into a bit of a pickle as Iceland Government are attempting to sue them. Please read the following link:

So the moral of the story, although country domain names have been bought and sold before, its only a matter of time when the Government of that country may turn around and sue. Do you want to face legal action by not being original.

The Icelandic government has confirmed it is considering launching a lawsuit against British supermarket Iceland over its name. It has taken 46 years for Iceland to contemplate filing a law suit against the tradmark ‘Iceland’ according to Iceland’s ministry of foreign affairs. This would mean that a “cancellation action” against the supermarket’s Europe-wide trademark registration for the name Iceland.

Promote Iceland, a marketing agency linked to the Icelandic foreign ministry, said it has no intention of forcing Iceland Foods to give up its brand, but wants to make sure Iceland the brand does not stop other companies also calling themselves ‘Iceland’ across the UK & EU. (I can already see an argument as a tradmark can argue that if another company sets themselves up in th EU for instance selling Iceland Foods that they could have a stake claim towards that company) Is it me or can I see a future UDRP? Your comments are welcome….. Manging Director Jon Asbergsson of Promote Iceland’ Marketing Agency said “We are looking for a ‘live and let live’ outcome”.

The way I see this is the word ‘Iceland’ can be interepreted as ‘Ice Land’ which can be argued. Furthermore if the brand is helping the economy and is no way affiliated with Iceland the Country and it has been trading since 1970, why take 46 years to sue the tradmark owner?

The government said the supermarket chain has launched and won “multiple cases” against Icelandic companies for using the word, “even in cases when the products and services were not competitors.

According to the Icelandic Government. a decision about legal proceeding with this claim will only be made after full evaluation of the interests of Icelandic businesses and their people.

The spokesman for ‘Iceland’ the brand said “We have also traded as Iceland for many years in other EU countries, and in non-EU countries, including Iceland itself. We are not aware that our use of the Iceland name has ever caused any confusion with Iceland the country.”

The relationship between the supermarket and the Nordic nation is by far a very frosty one.

To read the full article please follow this link:

In relation to other country names I personally would steer well clear of them unless you were branding yourself like or or Can you see where I am going with this and that I have not just used the Country ‘Cymru’ or ‘UK’ alone but instead used a combination of words.

Stay Safe People!

Submarine Insurance

Submarine Insurance

I have a question about the keywords “Submarine Insurance” does it exist and if so who would buy it or supply it?

The reason why I ask is one of my clients has bought the domain name and I am trying to get my head round this like who do I approach to even attempt to sell it?

I know I am selling high value assests on from Jumbo Jets to Supercars & Yachts but I do not have any Submarines or Rockets as yet.

Perhaps I should approach Richard Branson or Elon Musk or even President Putin or President Donald Trump but this domain name is certainly an eye opener and on doing some research there are some private companies actually manufacturing and engineering submaraines, so watch this space.

On another note…….

****A bit of advice people……… before buying domain names drop me a line and ask me first is it worth it, I may end up saving you some money.

I was asked the other day if “reallybaddomainnames” or something like that as I can’t remember exactly had any value and my answer was who would buy it for starters?

Really some people just have no idea.

My answer was it had no value yet the person I spoke to seemed to think it was worth $100, I won’t say what domain extension was. I have noticed though that sold for $300 but it is not developed which means someone bought it and its just floating in cyberspace and in my opinion it will continue to do so as who on earth would use it unless it was for a blog perhaps?

But for the sake of someone remembering the url and typing it in, they will not have may visitors I can assure you of that.

Always try to stick to short words, no more than two keywords.

Calculating Business Revenue

Business Service Breakdown

Calculating Business Services Revenue.

If a business was selling API Data ( Application Programming Interface) Services worth $7,Billion and each service cost $150 per one million queries, that would equate to 7,000 services at a cost of $150 which would total $1,050,000.00 in revenue.

Or the other way of calculating would be adding all the services together so say for example the services cost £10,000 per 1 million queries per total of 7,000 services would total $70,000,000

But really speaking if one knew how many unique visitors per month a business was having one could calculate by multiplying 1% of people would by a product or service, so for example if you had 900,000 visitors per month this would leave 9,000 that would buy from you, a service that either costs $150 which would be a total of $1,350,000.00 or if your services totalled $10,000,00 would make it $90,000,000

Yet when I was asked about this the other day even someone of very high intellect did not seem to grasp what I was saying…….. Your comments are welcome……

I cannot elaborate any more on this at this stage but I feel that what I had prepared in a report was not even read and was a total waste of time.

This does relate to a domain business and I will divulge everything soon.

Sorry I am being a bit mysterious at the moment but because of legal reasons I cannot say anymore right now.

How many websites should a web developer make per month?

Website Design

How many websites should a web developer make per month?, well the answer is it depends on the complexity of the project, but if you outsource your work it makes life a little easier.

So the point I am about to make is about a certain individual which I cannot name at present whom asked me the other day how many domain names have I sold since 1993, that is the year I started website design and domain brokering and I said since that year I have designed and brokered about 2000 domains and this person answered that even the best domainers on the planet have not sold that many domain names.

So here is a break down of 2000 domains divided by 26 years is 76 domains/websites per year. (Not 100 as the muppet suggested the other day, but who is counting?).

Divide that figure by 12 months is 6 – 7 domains per month which if one business bought 1 website and 2 domain names, although my clients buy on average 4 domain names that works out at 3 clients per month.

A web designer has an advantage over a domain broker as they can add value to the digital asset and create a seo link wheel just as I have for my business. Please view a sample link wheel below:

Now if you outsource the work to one or two developers per month you are theoretically only doing one website per month, which is not rocket science and does not make you a miracle worker.

So back to the muppet who challenged me the other day, here is your answer…..

Ketchup Keyword

Ketchup on my mind, the good old condiment to our culinary delights. However is the word trademarked and if so is it risky to then buy up various domain name extensions using this keyword?

Lets find out, according to the keyword has been trademarked and is active, there are 5 results in all, 3 of which are active and if you search for the exact keyword you will have the same results as myself, please view screenshot below:

So the muppet that challenged me the other day and said that this word was not trademarked is and I have always suspected is a muppet and good luck to him selling his domain name, would love to have his sorry arse having a UDRP ( Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy) filed against him and hope karma bites him on his ketchup sorry arse!

Valuations & Broker Qualifications

I am having a Vent Moment with Domain Qualifications & Valuations.

I recently published how to value domain names on July 2019, although I have done so before in a post many months ago and have published a book

My tip on valuing individual domain names, what I usually do is send an email to my prospective clients with a breakdown of how I came to my valuation. However I recently valued a whole portfolio and as there were over 1000 domain names I just wrote in a spreadsheet the cost of each domain name. What I failed to do was submit the individual metholodgy of how I came to reach these figures, this has not gone down well with certain people and heavily critised. I cannot elaborate anymore for legal reasons but if you are ever in a position to value a whole portfolio you must also include how you reached these figures.

Moving on I then was asked if I have any qualifications to broker or value domain names?, my answer was and still is that there are no qualifications or license one must have to broker domain names unlike “Real Estate Brokers” who have to have a license……I was told that “Sedo” do qualifications for a fee, how good this source of imformation is I do not know and its the first time I have ever heard of it. It is certainly news to me and I have this gut feeling it is “fake news”. The person said because I did not have domain broker qualifications per se (which there are none that I know of) I cannot be a domain broker he also went to say if I do not have a license so I cannot be a broker (there are no licenses that I know of) so he totally undermined the amount of years it has taken me to be website developer, seo and marketing expert and the fact I wrote two books mean’t nothing. I really want to name and shame him but I cannot at the moment for legal reasons . He also said that the word ‘ketchup’ can be brokered and I tried to argue that it cannot because it is trademarked.

My qualifications are my experience I have had over the years in SEO & Marketing.

Please read the following link which will be useful to some doubting Thomas’s that I have met recently:

The person that asked was a broker/registrar himself yet by trying to discredit me he was also discrediting himself.

Ask any broker do they have broker qualifications and you will find they have none.

Until the governement regulate digital assets it falls into a gray area. This would include regulating websites, marketing and domain brokering and in my opinion they should as there are many dodgy scamming websites around.

Like I have mentioned before I cannot elaborate on the entities at this time and may in future disclose the person (broker/registrar) but he went on to ask why do I not own any old domain names?, basically because I sell them fairly quickly, that is why!!!

I have learnt a lot in the last couple of days. One of which is if you do not have enough information refuse to do a valuation……. I am not talking about domains as such per se, but more to do with a business. If a business fails to provide all accounting for the last 5/10 years and fails to show Google Analytics Reporting refuse to do the valuation. Sometimes you have to value businesses especially if they are selling a brand with their domain name, so you need to find out what assets they have before valuing their company.

****Also if you are not good at remembering acronyms as I have today and yesterday it does not mean you do not know what you are talking about.

***In my defenseI suffer with “cerebellar atrophy and jumble up my words.”.

Ocassionally when I write emails or posts you may notice my words are jumbled up or I have severe typo diarrhoea. Hence my first book I published “Domain Name Handbook” was full of spelling mistakes and grammer errors even though I proof read it about ten times 🙂 which is proof in itself I have a problem with words.

What is Cerebellar Atropy.

Cerebellar Atrophy occurs when human tissue decreases in size or shrinks to a size smaller than normal, or what is considered average. It can be referred to as body wasting, describing an observation that part of the body is diminishing. Atrophy takes place for a variety of reasons, including the following:

  • Immobilization: Limbs that have been placed in casts or that are unable to function are prone to muscle wasting, or atrophy. This means that when a muscle has not been used for a period of time, it’s slowly broken down and reabsorbed by the body.
  • Disease: Many musculoskeletal, neurological, and vascular diseases can lead to atrophy. Other illnesses, such as cancer, can also put a drain on the body’s resources.
  • Trauma: In some instances of trauma, blood flow may divert itself to areas of the body that are in critical need. When this diversion occurs for a prolonged period of time, vascular pathways begin to atrophy and blood flow establishes new routes based on priority.

It can cause Cognetive impairement:

**Cognetive Impairment is when a person has trouble remembering, learning new things, concentrating, or making decisions that affect their everyday life. Cognitive impairment ranges from mild to severe. Severe levels of impairment can lead to losing the ability to understand the meaning or importance of something and the ability to talk or write.

Cerebellar Atrophy is also associated with “OCD” (Obessisive Compulsive Disorder).

View my domain name

Cerebellar Atrophy is also associated with Multiple Sclerosis in which my daughter suffers from and 10% of the proceeds of my book goes to the MS Charity.

Bottom Line.

Seems a bit of coincidence that my cross examination today and yesterday was discredited without knowing the full facts about my illness.

It also coincidence that I have written two books in which I mention my daughters disability and the fact 10% of the profits go to the “MS Charity”.

Had I have been asked about my disability I would have produced the evidence.

*Furthermore if I did not know what I was talking about I would have not been able to write two books on the matter of domain names

Finally this broker/registrar asked me to help him sell his domain portfolio and would give me $600,000 if it sold, which means he has just admitted that my valuation was a conservative price and that if he was going to go 50/50 with me, his portfolio would mean was worth in his eyes $1,200,000 yet no one picked up on this.

I actually turned him down 3 times and he questioned why I did this and I quote “who would turn down $600,000?” and although I did not reply fully I would much rather concentrate on my clients assets on

If I sell anything on I get a commission of 10% and I would put in the same amount of hours on outbound marketing but for more money.

My website www.just4millionaires has high value assets to include Famous Painters Paintings including Da Vinnci & Rubens to Jumbo Jets so 10% of £20,000,000 would be £2,000,000 which would you rather do work really hard to sell a portfolio of domain names worth £1,200,000 according to the broker/registrar and only get £600,000.00 or work the same amount of time and make £2,000,000.00

I think the answer is a no brainer.

Before judging me do your research and see what I actually do!!!

***Rant over but I am vexed by the attitude of this broker/registrar who should look in the mirror before throwing stones in glass houses.


I am still waiting on an update on this assignment before I can publish anything else, but no doubt I will publish his identity sooner or later when I am legally able to do so.

Year Google & Icann Was Born!

If Google was founded on 4 September 1998, Menlo Park, California, United States, how can Google know when Domain Names were registered in the early 90s unless they get their information from Icann? However Icann was founded in 18 September 1998, which leaves Nominet which was founded in 1996, which brings me to how accurate are the API databases that are being sold on the internet right now? The reason I ask is I sold a domain in 1993 and it has only been registered a few years ago according to an API algorithm which tells me it only goes as far as Icann or Nominet permits, which is not accurate.