Neom City The New Babylon.

Neom City The New Babylon!

Since writing this post back in December, I have changed the title of the book and the cover. I feel this describes the Neom Project better than the old title. I will keep you updated on the progress. I have even got a website which is under construction ready for the launch.

Just a little teaser…..I have had some inspiration in the last couple of days as a light bulb moment sprung to mind. My new book in the New Year will talk about everything and anything about Neom Mega City. As a marketer, domain broker and business consultant I need to put my ideas down on paper so to speak. Obviously this book will take you back into history as well take you into the future. This will be in layman terms, easy reading as always and very insightful ………

In the meantime I have listed more ‘Neom Domain Names’.

Here is a quick view of the latest ones and do not forget to check our marketplace for more Neom Names that are waiting to be developed.

Neom Domain Names

Neom City Project Underway.

Check out which we have launched to coincide with the services we already provide.

If you don’t already know what Neom is, it is a futuristic city that is being built in the Gulf. Go to to their default site, to read more about it.

If you have any Neom related domain names please do not hesitate to contact us so that you can list them on your behalf and evenutually add them into our business directory.

Our latest Neom & Gulf Domain Names listed are as follows:


Qatar ( Qatar World cupcity)

Purchasing Shares

Purchasing Shares, my thoughts.

If you think your domain is note worthy and you are looking for the one investor to buy your domain for $$$$$$ or more, you maybe hanging round for a long time. But what if you got 100 investors to purchase shares for an nominal amount (a) you would make your money and then your investors would have to wait for the one investor that would pay out dividends.

Here you have a domainer doing just that and he is selling shares of a domain name that he owns:

What is going to be harder finding one investor to pay the asking price or a 100 investors buying a small stake to a domain name that may or may not sell?

Interesting concept but $100 is still a lot of money. Remember to always prioritise your living expenses first before investing in domain names and only invest money if you can afford to loose it. Domaining is not a get rich scheme and will not make you money overnight. You need to do a lot of hard work in order for any domain name to sell.

Be wise…..