Poland Related Domain Names

Poland Related Domain Names

I would like to announce I am the proud owner of the following Poland related domain names:

www.polandmonthly.com (Semi Developed)

www.raczyna.pl (village where my mother was born)

www.raczyna.com (I hope to make this into a directory).

www.konopiepoland.com (Konopie in Polish means Hemp)




Ideally I would have liked the dot com domain name but have had to settled for one that will attract UK traffic rather than a global audience. I will move to do magic marketing which I am confident will get world wide spectators. To be honest I am not that fussed if I was unable to acquire the dot com or dot co dot uk for that matter as I just plan to use it as a landing page for my book which I plan to launch soon.

Anyone approaching me with the dot com or dot co dot uk can think again as I am not interested unless they give it to me for free. Its the person that develops a site first should have sole control over the domain name and all its extensions unless similar to trademark registration can register the same name and develop it under a different class.

I have most of my chapters already written out and I am not ashamed to say it I have disabilities and want to empower people that they too can achieve their goals no matter what they are going through or faced with.

If this guy can do it, what is your excuse? https://nickvujicic.com/

Dangerous Domain Names

Dangerous Domain Names.

I read an article yesterday on ‘Domain Name Wire’s Newsletter’ about dangerous domain names. I have written about illegal domains in the past and have in my terms and conditions I do not accept adult theme domain names or ones that can be exploited.

I remember there was controversy about crypto currency domain names a while back and how Google were not allowing advertising for ‘Bitcoin’ without purchasing a licence from them. https://ukdomainbrokers.ukwebsitedesigners.co.uk/?p=48

This should apply to all domain names that can be exploited and certain keyword domain names either being banned altogether or closely monitored.

I have had domains that could potentially be used for streaming websites, which I have been asked to sell, so I do a disclaimer in order to protect all parties just in case it falls into the wrong hands. Afterall you need to do due diligence on the buyer aswell as the seller as he/she could use the domain for illegal purposes and you need to protect yourself from litigation disputes further down the line.

I think domain names should be sold with website packages so thus filtering out people who have no clue about website design or seo (Which would eliminate all the crappy domains being registered and saving people money in the long run). Obviously this would be more costly than just buying a domain name and holding it hostage. The amount of domain names I see on a regular basis that I know for a fact will never sell is mind blowing. I always encourage my domainers to stick to one or two domain names that they can develop into SEO optimised websites. I also think by developing the domain and securing all TLD domain extentions you will also eliminate people who will offer you another extension in exchange for money. This also stops people cloning your website.

I did have a couple of domain names that I have since removed from my network of websites, blogs and social media pages www.coronavirus.uk www.worldwidevirus.com and www.revolver.company The reason for my decision is I do not want to promote controversial domain names. So although you may come across previous posts for these names I am no longer actively promoting them.

It’s a shame that there are unscrupulous people in this world wanting to spread hate and fake news and con people out of money. But the world is what it is and you always have to be one step ahead of the game.

You can read the whole article on Domain Name Wires site: https://domainnamewire.com/2020/09/08/digital-citizens-blasts-domain-registrars-and-domainers-for-covid-other-domains/