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My name is Renata Maziak Barnes, although I prefer to be known as ‘Renata Barnes’.

I have had over 20 years experience in the media industry. I have had my work printed in several publications and currently exhibit my work online.

I am an entrepreneur and have been doing website design, seo, internet marketing and domain brokering since 1993.

Before rebranding myself I was simply known as Renata Maziak and later when I married in 1998 I was known as Renata Maziak Barnes.

My first website I built was for a security company and even back then my domain name had a keyword in it ‘Siren Security’ The business no longer exists (although the domain name has been re-registered again in the last few years) .

After my divorce I took take time off to bring up my daughter on my own. I was on a different journey and more determined than ever and was no longer supporting my ex-husband I was starting to feel content that I have finally achieved one of my goals in life and have started a business from scratch without any help from anyone else.

I had finally freed myself and was independant. I have spent many long hours reading and learning, drinking many energy drinks to keep me awake, hoarding information. I was determined to know everything I needed to know about running a successful business. I started wearing all the hats.

Prior to web design I worked for a photography studio and learnt about photography, offline marketing and graphic design. However the knowledge I have with photo editing in photoshop has benefited my business by enabling me to design logos for the domains I broker and advertising literature. Its about saving money if you can do it yourself why pay for someone else to do it. From all the websites I have built and logos I have designed I have saved myself a small fortune.

I was born in Shrewsbury Shropshire to Polish Parents. My father Jan was a war vetran in WWII and after the Battle of Monte Cassino came to the UK to fight with the British Army. After the war was over he stayed in the UK with his mother and later met my mother whilst she was in the UK on holiday. I did have two brothers, but one of them now lives in the US, whilst the other sadly passed away.

People say one should not divulge personal information in a professional capacity. I disagree, its good to let the world know you are just like anyone else, you are approachable and are understanding and you don’t hide. I may be guilty of one thing and that is not having photographs taken and spread around the internet of myself. I only have a couple of photos that I use for profiling other than that I try to keep myself private to a certain extent.

Private Life:
In the last decade I have had it hard. Both my parents passed away followed by my brother. I did not have any serious relationships since my divorce 16 years ago up until I met this Polish man in the UK about 9 years ago.

At first he seemed perfect until he started to be verbally and physically abusive towards me.

Since then we live seperately and all I do is put all my energy into my work in order to block out all the negative things that have happened in my life.

I am in the throughs of writing my memoirs in a book. I one day will publish it to make woman aware that a devil sometimes can look handsome in order to lure you in a bit like a wolf in sheeps clothing.

No woman deserves to be mentally or physically abused. It just says the attacker is insecure and unstable and is afraid of loosing you, so he tries to break you down so you feel helpless, so that you don’t leave.

I am more powerful than that, yes sticks and stones will break my bones, but I will heal and become stonger and when I get up, so help you.

Yes I still get my down moments but have managed to block out everything he has done to me from spraying a concoction of bleach and disenfectant in my eyes to breaking my ribs and dislocationg my knee which I will have to have an operation to fix.

But I do not know what is worse the physical or the verbal abuse. I suppose with the physical it will heal, but with the verbal it leaves scars.

For legal reasons I do not want to mention his name at the momemt.

I will get there in the end because if anything he has made me even more determined.

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!

My pastimes are photography, art and writing. I reckon that as time passes this will stay with me forever. I am very creative and have a good imagination this helps me in my current business. My paintings are getting a lot of exposure and commissions and no doubt I will add that to my list of services I provide soon or later.

Professional Life:
My early life I made a career as a photographer for many years and published several books in my time but thanks to my brothers who were in the IT industry I started to evolve Designing Websites. Since then I have moved into Domain Brokering. My Books ‘Domain Power’ can be found on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple & Blurb Publishers and also on our website www.domainpowerbook.com . I offer this service to my clients aswell as having my own portfolio.

Knowing what I know now I wish I had looked into Domain Brokering much earlier in my life, but still I am optimistic and eager for a challenge.

Located now in Cardiff Wales, I now consult businesses to grow to their full potential, from finding the ideal domain name, to designing a website and helping with all their business marketing and office intergration.


I suffer with ‘Cerebellar Atrophy, OCD & PTSD, these illnessess are related to Multiple Sclerosis which my daughter has. My symptoms are cognative impairment, I muddle my words up and forget things. So if you see spelling errors in my posts and in my emails, its not me its my Cerebeller Atrophy.

In fact my first book I published about ‘Domain Names’ was called ‘Domain Sellers Handbook’ and was full of typo’s even though I proof read it ten times.

My Skills are as follows:

Website Design, (For Development of a Domain Name)
Domain Brokering, (For attempting to find prospective buyers/investors)
Business Consultancy, (For advising on the best strategies and solutions), Advertising (For Letting the world know about your brand)
Ecommerce, (For setting up ecommerce platforms and payment gateways)
SEO Marketing, (For promoting the website to its full potential)
Internet Marketing, ( For Advertising using campaigns, sending emails & ppc)
Social Media Marketing,(For company awareness on social networks, spread the word).
Graphic Design, (For Designing Logos, Stationary and Literature)
App Design, (To taking your brand to the next level ideal for tablet and mobile phones)
Affiliate Marketing, (To monetising your domain name, whist generating traffic)
Re-Branding, (Help make the transistion)
Books/eBooks Design & Publishing, (Help a business write about their services)
Blog Posts & Articles, (Write as if you are an author and write about the niche)
Press Release, (Let journalists write about the business you are promoting)
Photo Restoration, (Image editing for websites)
Commercial and Industrial Photography (Corporate Photos of business and staff), Art Painting (Commissioned Paintings of Supercars, jets and yachts).