How to find Buyers

Apart from stating the obvious and listing your domain on sites like, and to name a few. There are other ways to find buyers.

1) Create a Landing Page and do some Seo. If you don’t upload your domain to all the search engines, how do you expect them to list you?

2) As above list to reputable Domain Broker sites.

3) Advertise on all the social media platforms.

4) Find Groups and Pages on Social Media that you can join.

5) Search Google for similar names as your Domain and especially concentrate on the ones that are not on the first page of Google for example.

The companies will appreciate the value of your domain if the keywords match your domain name to help them rank better.

6) Remember to use charm pricing. Rather than list something for £2000, list it instead for £1,999.99 its only one penny less but it looks less and more pleasing to the eye.

7) Search for hashtags that end with your domain name and contact the people behind them.

8) Paid Per Click Advertising tells you the end user needs help being on the first page of Google. Do not approach a company that has a natural listing as they will not see the value of what you are trying to sell them.

9) Try Angel Investors. There are plenty of companies advertising investors waiting for an opportunity to knock.

10) Consider approaching investment companies.

However before you contact anyone do make sure your domain has value, no one wants to be bothered in their busy schedule with inferior domain names.

Go to to have your domain evaluated or use although with esibot algorithm it will evaluate your domain on stats rather than a professional opinions from an experienced Domain Brokers.


Although actively today I made a decision to keep ‘DOMTREPRENEUR’ Domain Name so that it can help with the SEO of my orginal website:

As the day has gone on I am back to thinking should I sell it (

At the moment it is forwarded to UK Website Designers but this could change too by having a completely independant website. I think I need to sleep on this.

I dont think I could let it go so easily but for the right entrepreneur who can put money on the table I may consider it. Howevever I still may change my mind again in the future after all how many websites do I actually need? Decisions, decisions…….

So I have slept and have decided that I am keeping the name ‘DOMTREPRENEUR’ after all this will be my brand name and how people will relate to me in the industry.

I did have someone who gave interest in the domain but I am not waiting around forever.

This is going to be the starting point and I will create a dedicated website.

Anyone who wishes to give input on this is welcome by emailing me. Kind words please.

Will update you once I have more news.


I have decided after many months of delibeiration I am in fact going to sell ‘Domtrpreneur’.

I will be listing it on Startbrand and on Linkedin shortly.

Watch this space.


For inspiration I have found the following website to have one word or short name domains that for one reason or another have not been renewed.

I am not sure how this site works but I suspect it must use an algorythm to collect its information.

Upon scanning its list I found some good domains. If you are fed up of thumbing through the dictionary or having a bright light idea only to find that is gone, this may be a good site to start with.

I do not know how often this site gets updated so don’t just take my word for it that these domains are available, thats up to you to find out.

Anyway here is the website:


Everyone loves a fundraiser especially for a good cause. I have lately been doing research on the keywords FUNDING CARDIFF, as this is my home and I have found out Cardiff is crying out for funding for their Bus Station because the old one was ploughed down to make room for the BBC Studio’s.

Imagine starting up a crowd funding site in Cardiff or Private Equity business/charity or maybe an expansion to an existing business, whatever the case may be this could potentially create jobs in the Capital as well as attract much needed funding.

Our government could save money, just saying……

So here is the domain I am talking about

It diverts to my other blog until I find an investor.

Just email me to: to make an offer.

Upon continuing my research into funding I came across this uselful link for UK grants and investments. I am not sure who is eligible to fund these projects and you will most probably have to contact each company directly for more information, but for investors this is a very useful site:

The domain could be ideal for fundraising and creating campaigns, it could provide specialists to
support a particular appeal or interim staff to support an ongoing project.

08/10/19 USA Date.

I have since dropped even if I still think it was a really good domain name and it could have been a Venture Capital website but the amount of people I wrote to that could have easily hired me to build them a website that could have raised funds for Cardiff was very disappointing with the reponse. Don’t say I did not want to help and its their loss at the end of the day as I have may connections from Millionaires, billionaires and Royalty that all could have helped to raise funding.

Reach For The Sky!

I read an article today that came inside a newsletter which said that dot coms are the best followed by dot net, dot org, dot biz. I can understand the reasoning but a UK investor is not going to buy a dot com unless he is going to do business in the states or worldwide. So coming from the UK most of my clients buy dot co dot uk domain names.

My best advise is do your research. Don’t give up your day job in the hope you will make millions overnight, it takes time and patience.

Once you have sold a few domains then consider you life changing goals and not before.

Once you feel confident you have a prized gem, contact organizations that may be interested in buying your domain, don’t be shy and follow your gut feelings.

I follow a couple of domain investors of which one is called is Rick Schwartz, here is a link to an article about the value of his portfolio.

Granted I have no where near 7000 domains, but I do think I have a couple of gems and yes he has some clever names which are valued at $500 milllon dollars.

There are plenty of domain selling and advice websites out there its up to you to do your homework. If you think you have a domain that has little value, then you most probably have got just that. Don’t bother renewing it year after year if after you have put it up for auction you have little or no views, that’s telling you something surely.

Create a landing page for each domain you have and do your SEO which is very important or have it parked with a registrar. Contact businesses that may be interested. Never give up.

Happy Reading.

Trade Marks & Copyright

When naming your business or product or service, bear in mind other people may also come up with the same name. In order to protect one self it is always a good idea to trademark your name, may it be a logo or words, product, slogan or symbol.

The definition of a trademark can mean a protected name, word, slogan, design, symbol or other unique device that identifies a product or company.

To stop someone copying your photograph or text, music etc this falls under copyright, where you have to prove you were the one that took the photograph or wrote the text.

When it comes to an idea or invention this falls under Patent Laws stopping anyone else claiming rights.

To trademark your brand you must first register it with a Govering Body and it may take anything between 6 and 18 months to be

When registering your trade mark you have to consider if you want it trade marked globally. If you register in the UK you are not protecting yourself globally, you are only protecting yourself in the UK where you have applied for the trademark. The
European Union, now has a Community Trade Mark (CTM) which
covers the mark in all EU countries. The same goes if you live in the UK but you do not want the USA to use your brand name you have to also register your trademark in the USA and any other subsequent countries.

To trademark you brand in bulk there is also the Madrid System that provides a facility to submit trademarks applications to many countries at the same time.

You cannot use trademark symbols without registering your brand first this is illegal to do. Registered
trademarks may be signified by the abbreviation ‘TM’, or the ‘®’

You can also patent your brand but this is more for invetions rather than for trademarks although in most countries, the national patent office will in most cases also administer trademarks. But the best way to go is to contact your Government for application.

Links to all Government websites can be found here:

What could happen in future is that Domain Investors buy up the domains and later on find someone has trade marked the name a littile later down the line, proving your domain to be worthless. But this is where you would have to argue what came first the chicken or the egg…

So your most probably reading a lot about UDRP so what are they exactly?

UDRPs is the short name for Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy, where by you have registered or you have acquired
the domain name simply for the purpose of selling, renting, to the complainant
who is the owner of the trademark or service mark of a brand name for a hign value. In other words cybersquatting.

Here is a link to an article where ‘Rick Schwartz’ got himself into a bit of a pickle.

It happens to the best of us, but to avoid such matters do your research make sure no one else is using the name and that it does not have the letter (R) or (TM) next to it.

But as it stands this Trademarking is giving the domain industry a bad name if the legitimate domainers buy the domains in good faith only to have someone else trademark that name after they have acquired it, that to me would be unfair.

So imagine was bought and sold by ‘Rick Schwartz’ now picture this I have jumped on the band wagon and can see that I can make a fast buck I go ahead and trademark that word. Which brings me back to what came first the chicken or the egg. I feel I’m walking on egg shells talking about this, but something needs to be done whereby the moment you buy the domain you should have full ownership, providing no one else has trademarked it before you.

Intellectual Property Infringement

Hello Readers,

I have been advertising my portfolio in my email auto-responder and had an interesting experience when a client of mine who realised he had a domain similar to mine and that he claimed I was infringing intellectual property rights. I quickly told him unless he has trade marked the name or words there is little that can be done to prevent other people buying up that name and extentions.

Lucky for him I am on his side. Had someone else bought the domain other than myself he would have been in a pickle.

However this is were it gets a bit confusing if you were just buying the name say for instance then that would be illegal but if you bought up the domain and you were a retailer or stockist of Gucci Shoes then providing you could prove you were the official retailer/stockist you could probably own that domain it would not neccessarily mean that Gucci should have rights to that domain name so that no one else could use it, because then it would be more difficult for original retailers and stockists to sell the brand.

It is always best to find out if a word or words are trade marked or not before going ahead and buying up domain and their extensions. If you think the word is a brand name stay away from it at all costs.

If on the other hand its a generic word (s) then any Tom, Dick or Harry can own it.

Although in my case my client has a similar domain to mine so out of respect to my client who wants me to be involved in his business I may use my domain to increase the SEO for that business. God know what he is going to do with all ther other extensions available on the market for the two keywords, unless he tries to buy them all.

Here is the link to the government website outlining intellectual property rights in the UK:

If you have a problem with your domain or need some advise please email and we will pass it on to our team of solicitors.

Further ready…. here are some examples of some famous law suits.

1) S. Victor Whitmill v. Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

Mike Tysons tattoo artist sued Warner Bros in the film Hangver II when they used his design on Stu Price the dentist, played by Ed Helmes. The court ordered Warner Bros to change the tattoo and compensated the tatoo artist Victor Whitmill an undisclosed sum.

2) Isaac Newton v. Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz

Isaac Newton and Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz worked together in the early 18th century, inventing the study of
calculus. Gottfried Leibniz had published his findings on
the topic in 1684 and 1686. However Isaac Newton published a
book called Opticks in 1704, where he claimed himself as
the inventor of calculus. This caused an argument between the two.

Isaac claimed he wrote about the topic in1665 and 1666, but only told about his work with a few colleagues.

Sir Isacc Newton accused Gottfied Leibniz of plagiarizing his work. The law suit was never settled as Gottfried Leibniz died in 1716 before the case had finaized.

Today Historians claim that both Newton and
Leibniz were the co-inventors, having come to the idea independently of each
other, but would that have been the case when the two of them were alive?

3) Adidas America Inc. v. Payless Shoesource Inc.

Its all about the stripes, now this brings me back to the Gucci example earlier where a retailer could buy up the name but in theory sell similar look a like shoes, this would them be illegal. The domain I am referring to is just an example and checking it today I find it is being re-directed to a website which has nothing to do with shoes. What I think viralsharebuzz are doing is using to generate traffic for themselves.

If I were Gucci I would not allow anyone to use the name in any context as the name is trade marked.

Going back to Addidas………

In 1994, Adidas and Payless got into an argument over stripes. The famous brand name and logo of the three stripes was infringed by another company using two and four stripes. Adidas had
used its three-stripe mark as a logo from 1952, and had
only recently registered it as a trademark. However Payless was selling athletic training shoes with two and four parallel stripes supposingly confusing the buyers market.

Remember Addidas is a trade mark of three stripes. So their argument was that no one else can have two stipes, four stripes or five etc?

However any person who is willing to spend money would know the difference between the originals and the lookalikes.

If it was simple counterfeiting then I would understand Addidas having some sort of say in the matter or if the shoe looked the same as the counterparts with one stripe less or one stripe more and the words Adidas on shoe or Didasi plastered over the shoe, then yes there could be a case.

The two companies eventually agreed out a settlement. However after the settlement Payless continued selling the look-alikes.

Adidas worried that the trainers would confuse
buyers and tarnish Addidas’s name, Adidas America Inc. demanded a jury re-trial.

The trial went on for seven years, during which 268 pairs of Payless shoes
were examined. Adidas was awarded $305 million—$100 million
for each stripe and the trial was published in the Wall Street Journal’s Law Blog.


So anyone thinking of going into business should also have an original logo and register it. If Payless had trademarked their two stripe version that looked nothing like Adidas collections, they would have saved themselves $305 million.

Trademarking is not as expensive as some may think.

Go to the UK Governement website:

How to Name Your Business

Hi there,

I don’t know how long this article is going to be but it will give an insight on starting out. So you want to start up a company? So what do you call it, do you use a generic name like ZM Window Cleaners or do you create a unique name of your own?

The first thing you need to do is search if it is available and most generic names are already gone or a at a high price to buy.

In this business its on a first come first served basis. You could be lucky.

The next thing you need to do is design your brand, think of a favourite colour you wish to use and a logo.

When choosing your name for instance buy up all the corresponding domain names so that some cybersquatter does not sit on your brand when you want to expand to different countries.

For example the lady I follow and has been my mentor and has nothing to do with Domain Brokering is ‘Baroness Michelle Mone’. She is an entrepreneur and is from Scotland. She made her name at the beginning for a UK Lingerie Brand ‘Ultimo’ she bought up the extension Had she bought up the .com she would have stopped someone else using her brand name for something else. Even though ‘Ultimo’ is a registerd trademark does Baroness Mone realise that someone else in the Netherlands is also using the same name for a different business.

Again I read today that dot com is king. I beg to differ, just because dot com is for the american market other extentions do matter. I personally when I buy domains buy all the extensions to the brand.

Don’t tell me there are no investors in the country you are from that are willing to buy your domain or your brand.

The best way to secure your brand is to trademark it and patent the products.

Here is a link to ways how to name your business:

Happy Reading.


New Domains Purchased

Exciting stuff, I’m like a lttle girl in a sweet shop when I go on to registrars websites.

Today I acquired some domains, one of which is for a client of mine whch I will not disclose, but the rest I hope to transform into websites which I will use for my own use and are as follows:

Although they say with SEO blogs are a good way to be ranked fast and this is what I am doing, I still want to have an independant website for my domains other than through my current site

The next step is to find investors and apart from the obvious of using flippa, sedo, afternic etc, I plan to market myself in such away that for each catagory I build one website and list each domain on that site. I am also going to approach Angel Investors and companies that already have a website but are not ranking well on Google.

Watch this space as I evolve smiley

I’m on a roll I have just purchased a further two domain: