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What is phishing.

People who prey on vulnerable people online are called cyber criminals.

These cyber criminals use a multitude of strategies to help someone part with sensitive information in order then to commit a crime.

The most common is email phishing whereby the recipient opens an email with a virus in it called malware. Malware can infiltrate the users computer and will collect data without the user knowing. Another way a cyber criminal targets a user is through telephone or text message by someone posing as a legitimate institution to lure an innocent person into providing sensitive data such as personally identifiable information, banking and credit card details, and passwords. This as a consequence can lead to identity theft.

If you notice an email that has clickable hyperlinks and attachments do some due diligence.

I will post a couple of emails that I have had today.

Cyber crime has been around for a very long time with the first phishing lawsuit filed in 2004 against a teenager from California who cloned a website “America Online”. This fake website conned people into thinking it was the real deal and as a consequence sensitive data from users was stolen to gain access to credit card details to withdraw money from their accounts. There are other ways that cyber criminals work other than through emails and website phishing. These other methods can also be ‘vishing’ (voice phishing), ‘smishing’ (SMS Phishing).

Most Popular Email Phishing is ad follows:

(In most case you do not know who has sent you the email but cybercriminals are being clever by cloning a popular organization such as Netflix, Apple, HMRC, GOV websites and Banks).

  1. Always be vigilant and open the senders email address to see if the sender looks legitimate or not.
  2. Sometimes the sender may look legit as in the example I set out below but may have a clickable hyperlink. Never click on clickable links or download attachments if you are not expecting anything from anyone or do not know who the sender is.
  3. Sometimes the cybercriminals may use an alternative website very similar to the original one to make it look like the email was sent from the real company. Usually by simply opening the senders email address you can see if they are the ‘Real McCoy’ or not. If you have been cc’d and you can see multiple recipients this is either spam or a virus.
  4. Sometimes you may get an email saying you have been hacked and you are being blackmailed to pay them with bitcoin within 24 hours or all your data will be sold on the dark web. Never interact with these people as it only could cause further problems, instead block and report and change you passwords.

What do you do when you receive these email?

Depending on your email client. I use outlook for mine I can block their email and then report them as phishing emails. I think what Microsoft does is bounce all emails from the sender after they get reported or block them permanently.

Remember that clickable hyperlinks and attachments could contain payloads like ransomware or other viruses. Hyperlinks are either blue or purple and your cursor turns into an arrow when you hover over them.

Below is a couple of dodgy emails I received today one forwarded from my client and when I phoned the number it went dead. (I did not click it ). The other thing may I add is if you type any words after the forward slash of any domain name that does not correspond to a created page, the search results will always be the same and will come up with a 404 error message or page not found. This is a way for a non IT person who relies on Web Designers and may not realise the danger they may be in by receiving an email like the one below and may inevitably end up get hood winked and scammed.

This is a virus email was sent to my client and then forwarded onto me.

The second email was from an Insurance Company.

In the last few days I attempted to set up dentistry insurance only to find the Cardiff in particular al though it applies to all of Wales in the UK as from Friday 23rd October to 9th November 2020 we are on lockdown again. So before I could even set up the dentistry plan I then had second thoughts and cancelled it this morning and asked if the company I was dealing with was associated with Close Brothers and they said they were not.

I then rang ‘Close Brothers’ after attempting to copy and paste the url into my browser

and found the url/domain does not exist.

I did however phone the real website and they did seem to have my account details but they could not tell me who set up the new insurance?

They did however say if I have cancelled the health plan that I told them about then the company should cancel any direct debits.

From what I can see I only have one DD with this company for my home insurance which was renewed this month but that would not be a new DD, it would just carry on.

What Closebrothers did say was that my insurance DD was made through Atlantis 1.

When I asked for their website they could not tell me the domain name and upon further investigation I came up with which has no mention of Atlantis 1 other than in Companies House which appertains to Autonet Insurance Services LTD.

Why set a name called Atlantis 1 and then use a totally different name for the domain name……….very confusing and I have not got a clue who sent me this email and why. Obviously I will have to wait it out.

Be careful we do not want to be shark bait!

Using Offshore Web Designers – Domain Dispute Part 3

If you have been following the story of the electrician that lost his domain name because the website designers in India forgot to renew the domain name (so they claimed) and it was later registered to someone who then made a clothing site even though the keywords in the domain name did not appertain to the inventory on the site.

Since then my client sent an invoice for the loss of business and a covering letter saying he would be taking legal action the website designers then sent my client an email, saying they would re-design the site and instructed him to clear his cookies and caches.

So this means they are associated with the person who registered the domain in bad faith.

This is how the site looked like before it was taken down with the clothing inventory.

And this is how it looks like now:

So this person has lied through his teeth, said he did not know who registered the domain and upon receiving an invoice took the website down.

Since I got involved with this I have had multiple phishing emails coming into my inboxes on a daily basis, I do not know if it is coincidence as I cannot prove anything, but it seems fishy to me.

I have now registered on behalf of my client and we have a contract in place the dot UK version of the which is now pointing to his website I built for him courtesy of someone I was talking to on forum about this.

So this web designer has lost all hope in hell of my client ever doing business with this company in India ever again.

I certainly would not go to these lengths to keep a client as it is unprofessional and underhand and just gives a bad name for people in the industry that want to make an honest living.

Anyone reading this should avoid this person and the company like the plague or in the present climate the coronavirus.

Stay safe people and support local businesses, they need you right now.

Domain Names, Landing Pages & Affiliate Links.

What are Landing Page and What are Affiliate Links.

As I have mentioned before for your domain name to be seen, you need to put in in front of a targeted audience.

Fair enough you can list it on marketplaces, like Sedo, Afternic and Godaddy to name just a few, and in most cases they will provide you with landing pages.

Their landing pages however 9 times out 10 are sub domains that are linked to their own website you have listed your domain name on.

Your domain is then forwarded to the sub domain page and the results will be that the websites will accumulate the traffic to their sites which is not beneficial to you unless someone physically types in your domain name on a search engine to see if it available (This is called direct traffic).

These organizations do not perform SEO for that individual page as it would be time consuming and not worthwhile. They may provide you affiliate links which you have no control over, so essentially they are making money on the back of you if you have 1000 visitors or more landing on your page you will get a small percentage of whatever these marketplaces offer.

It is more beneficial to build your own landing page. blog or website, monetize it and generate traffic so you have full control over your audience.

A landing page is a static one page standalone web page designed specifically for one purpose to drive traffic to your one product or service. It is a page for marketing or advertising a campaign. It is where a visitor “lands” after clicking a link in your email or in the search results of search engines.

A landing page is designed with a single focus or goal, known as a call to action (or CTA, for short).

It’s this focus that makes landing pages the best option for increasing the conversion rates of your marketing campaigns and lowering your cost of acquiring a lead or sale.

A landing page for other purposes other than domain names may have funnels to engage the reader to accept an offer or may want you to sign up, register or buy a product. These type of landing pages in most cases do not have affiliate links.

A domain name landing page should have some information about the domain name you are trying to sell and the URL address must be visible in the search bar, so not only can your domain be found through a direct search, it can also be found organically and if you are considering PPC advertising then also in a Ad result.

However, I must point out running ads can be costly and email campaigns (you need subscribers for this as it is unadvisable to send unsolicited emails to people you do not know and have not given you consent to contact them).

Do consider the costs of doing it yourself as opposed to hiring someone especially when it comes to search engine optimization.

It is best to learn as much as you can about SEO to optimize your landing page to its full potential. That’s how I learnt to do things by learning everything there is to know about SEO. Obviously if you get stuck I can give you some free advice and helpful pointers but obviously cannot do it for you unless you pay me 🙂

For More Information about Affiliate Marketing Visit:

It can also take a very long time to see immediate results. Hence it is beneficial to add affiliate links to your landing pages to monetise your page, whilst generating traffic for a potential investor. If you want immediate results you need to invest in PPC advertising such as Google Ads.

You could collect data by asking your readers to subscribe to an offer you may have such as a free e-book? Lead Generation Landing Pages: Also called “lead gen” or “lead capture” pages, these use a form as their call to action. This form almost always collects lead data, like the names and email addresses of visitors. This is good if you intend to send out emails to prospective buyers who are interested in domain names, buying, selling and investing. You will have these people on your list ready for when you send out a newsletter. You could also integrate software that can capture ip addresses and emails, such as chat bots. By having a chat bot, you can interact with the user in real time.

B2B marketers and companies selling high-ticket items use this type of landing page to build a list of prospective customers. As the saying goes the money is in the list. Ecommerce brands can also use these pages for list-building or offering free shipping or special deals.

Clickthrough Landing Pages: Often used by ecommerce and SaaS (software-as-a-service) marketers is a way to get the user to clickthrough and go straight to the product sales or subscription. A simple button as the call to action is all that is needed to send the visitor into the checkout flow (like the app store) or completes a transaction.

Driving Traffic to Landing Pages

There are several options of how to drive traffic to your landing page which unlike marketplaces you have no control over.

  1. Pay Per Click Advertising (Google or Bing Ads)
  2. Classified Ads on Directories (Free and Paid Ads)
  3. Newspaper and Magazine Ads
  4. Leaflet Distribution Ads
  5. Networking
  6. Linking to Social Media Pages
  7. Email Campaigns
  8. Organic Traffic with a SEO optimized landing page.
  9. Blogging
  10. Vlogging

Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate Marketing helps monetise your page whilst you are waiting for an investor to buy your domain name. You can convert your visitors into paying customers of your affiliate links you promote, but you have to understand the conversion rate if you are promoting something that has a low commission rate as an example I will use £10 for all intents and purposes and you want to make £100 per month you would essentially need 10 people however the conversation rate for this for every 1000 visitors the click through ratio is between 1-2% so you need 1000 visitors a month to make £100 -£200. The higher the commission and the more people you have to your landing page will determine the outcome of your income.

You can of course find high paying affiliate links, but you first need to develop your landing page before being approved.

Affiliate Marketing is better than selling and sourcing your own products you are essentially selling other people’s products without drop-shipping or handling the inventory or the headache of shipping and returns.

My favourite is Amazon and as you can tell you can find affiliate links throughout this site. I suppose because they are so popular and literally every use Amazon for one thing or another it makes sense to promote then and make some money from them.

However, with Amazon Associate Central they only give your visitor 24 hours to buy something after they click your link as the cookie only lasts that long. However, if the visitor puts any product into their shopping basket but does not check out Amazon will extend the cookie for 90 days until the visitor checks out that item.

You can find the link to join in the footer of their website.

I also use Awin, Rakuten Link-share, Google AdSense, Sharealsale, and High Paying Affiliates, I must advise that your landing page will be checked out before you are approved.

My reading recommendations of affiliate marketing and landing pages books are as follows:

Why Your Domains Are Not Selling?

Why are your domain names not selling.

So you secured your domain name and you are adamant it is the next best thing to sliced bread but when you try to sell it to an existing business why is your domain not selling?

Here are the reasons why your domain is not selling.

You domain name might not be worth anything even though you may think it does.

Unless you know anything about SEO and how domain names and their domain extensions work you need to focus on something else.

If you have a domain name that is a novelty domain hack or a .co for example but you are using keywords that do not correspond to the country cc-TLD’s domain extension why would you think your domain has value? Say you had just as an example, if the company then tried to do PPC advertising they would get traffic from Colombia and not from Cardiff and there advertising budgets would be a waste of time and money. Do read my post on (.co) domain name:

If you are approaching an already established business unless your domain is in demand, why would a company buy your domain? A company buys domains for the following reasons:

  1. They are branding themselves.
  2. The want to secure global positioning for the keyword search terms.
  3. They are re-branding.
  4. The want to increase traffic.
  5. They want to add SEO Links Wheels.

Not all companies have high marketing budgets.

As an example I ideally would have liked to have had the domain short for but I do not have the budget to buy this domain even if it was ever offered to me and do not plan to cripple myself borrowing money to acquire it. Also it is not on the first page of Google for the search terms ‘UK Domain Brokers’, so it would not be beneficial to me considering I am already on the first page for the search terms ‘UK Domain Brokers’.

So unless a business that has a large marketing budget saw that the domain name was on the first page of Google generating traffic the chances of your domain selling are very slim.

Businesses want the traffic more than they want the domain name in most case if they are already established brand name.

So unless a business is branding or re-branding themselves with a short brandable word this is the only time they would consider buying your domain name, providing they had a large marketing budget of course.

The only other way a business would consider acquiring your domain name if you generated traffic for that domain and had the domain on the first page of Google. (Basically you doing all the hard work).

But in order to do so you need to develop the domain name first and perform SEO.

A domain name is just a domain name unless it has value and is in demand.

You need to show businesses that your domain is worth something otherwise at the end of the day you will not sell it.

Your domain name also need to be visible, not just parked on some marketplace. It needs to be on Google in order to be found organically.

The value of the domain name is whatever a company is prepared for it.

You can make calculations via Google Keyword planner and pre-empt how much Google will charge for bids on Google Ads but unless your domain is generating traffic, it will be like selling snow to the Eskimo’s. No one will want a domain name if they are already established unless they are branding or re-branding themselves or want more traffic and its the traffic they you need to make in order to make your domain valuable.

I leave you with these thoughts to ponder over.

Wishing you a nice weekend and stay safe.

Disabled Entrepreneur

Disabled Entrepreneur Network Hub.

I have launched this site to help mentor people with disabilities. I know how difficult it is to work in a normal environment and therefore I have adapted my work around my disabilities.

Being disabled does not necessarily have to be a handicap. You are in power of your own destiny and your own abilities.

This site is therapy not only for others but also for myself, I can express how I feel and what obstacles I am faced with and how I am able to tackle them. “Remember if you never try you will never know”.

Regardless if you have a physical, mental or invisible disability through a support network we can be united and overcome challenges through inspiration and motivation.

“The world is your oyster”.

Dangerous Telephone Number 07572941792

Naming and Shaming.

Dangerous Telephone Number 07572941792

As I have mentioned I have obviously really upset someone, of which there are two people that come to mind, one person over a court case last year where I was brought as an expert witness and the defendant tried to discredit my name and the second most recently is the owner of a company in India that has stolen my clients domain name and even admitted in an email today that the compromised website has been taken down.

More on this story as it it unfolds.

Or I could be I am totally wrong but I am now being sent text messages to my mobile phone so the person does know who I am and I did send them a reply which I have redacted but you can imagine what it said.

Also I tried phoning the number and it went to an EE Voicemail. I did not leave a message.

Instead if the person that is attempting to extort money from me is reading my blog he should be warned.

I know many people around the world just saying…….

Geo Targeting and Geo Fencing ccTLD’s

I have been meaning to write about the domain extension (.co) for some time now and simply have not got round to it until I read a post on Domain Name Wire where I could not help myself but comment.

Search Engine Optimization.

When registering domain names and evidently trying to flip them one needs to have an element of knowledge about SEO. With guidelines and rules changing all the time one must adapt a strategy that works with Google Algorithms.

A domain name, for example is by far one of the most important known foundations for an SEO-friendly website. Having exact match searchable keywords in the domain name as well distributed keywords in your content and metatags will help with ranking your website. It is all about establishing a brand credibility that users can trust — an authority that people would find relevant with useful information.

Another formula is to register domains with a ‘.com’ TLD (top-level domains. However, dot com domain names are mainly US traffic dominated and the abbreviation (com) means commerce which has been adapted for global trade. If you are trying to target traffic in a specific location for example UK then a dot com would not be an ideal option. Dot com domain names are primarily for international business and global branding. According to statistics, 47.1% of all the websites use a domain that ends with ‘.com’. Dot coms by far do dominate the planet and will get ranked faster than other domain name extensions, I should know with that forwards to a sub domain of yet my dot com is on the first page of Google whilst my dot co uk version is not.

It is a common misconception that in order to secure global positioning you essentially need a dot com domain name. But if you are a small business only targeting locally you may not find a (dot com) domain suitable.

If on the other hand you are trying to brand your business for a worldwide audience then it makes sense to get a dot com domain name. In a lot of cases one-word dot coms are hard to come by and people tend to use alternative domain extensions or change their brand to two or more words.

Therefore, does using an alternative TLD affect SEO?

This all depends what country code domain extension you register the domain name as, cc TLDs may cause a with problem with GEO Targeting. Thus why do people insist on using dot com domain names?

To understand this a little better, we will cover a few known facts.

Some Generic TLDs and Their Association have been associated as Spam sites. In recent years, new TLDs are slowly being introduced to counteract the volume of websites being created on a daily basis.

I will focus on generic TLDS (gTLDs) and country code TLDs (ccTLDs) for now.

According to the Domains Index, there are now about 1,500 top-level domains being used worldwide, with about 31,063,341 domain names registered in a new-gTLD. However there are a handful of gTLDs which are  associated with spam sites, including but not limited to .biz, .info, (.zip),(.review), (.country), (.kim), (.cricket), (.science), (.work), (.party), (.gq), (.link), (.xyz).

By using an alternative gTLDs, there is a risk that your target visitors might view your site as illegitimate or straight up harmful.

According to Google alternative gTLDs do not directly affect a website’s search rankings, however they might influence the audience’s perception of a brand — therefore affecting the brand’s click-through rate.

A domain name is the first thing a visitor will gauge on in a brand’s credibility. Most SEO experts recommend the ‘.com’ TLD because there is a well known saying ‘Dot Com is King’ and the domain extension is recognised all over the world, rather than being beneficial for GEO targeted traffic.

Just take a look at the domains of blue-chip brands like Facebook, Apple, and Microsoft which are worldwide known brand names that would without out a doubt be affected if they did not have a dot com domain name under their belts.

There is however a light at the end of the tunnel to alternative gTLDs: they can help make your domain name more meaningful and industry specific. For example, ‘. tech’ and ‘.io’ domains are now trending for both as start-ups companies and tech sites.

If a user searches for something that they expect from a credible source of tech-related information, they will be more willing to click a site with the (.tech) or (.io) extension which in most cases are located in India as it is a well-known fact that more and more India based Entrepreneurs are starting up in the Tech World as they are taught computer science from an early age as a compulsory subject in schools, going on to be web designers wizards and SEO experts.

Novelty Charm Domains or Domain Hacks.

In some situations, using a specific novelty gTLD can also complement your branding efforts. These are sometimes referred to as “novelty charm domains” or “domain hacks”. These will not necessarily help drive GEO targeted traffic to your domain name, but they may be quirky and memorable and used to help advertise a business’s brand.

Some examples are:,

If the domain extensions has a country code domain extension like (.ly) Libya or (.me) Montenegro (.co) Colombia, they will be inundated with traffic from those countries.

With a little creativity, even unusual gTLDs can sometimes work, but are not recommended as the default brand domain name, which depending on your location and where you want your traffic to come from will determine which domain extension to use.

Now that we have established that alternative gTLDs are somewhat risky, what about localized TLDs?

Country Code TLDs and Geo Targeting

When it comes to local domain extensions or country code top-level domains a survey revealed that, aside from ‘.com’, people are more likely to trust a domain with ‘’ — one of the most popular examples of ccTLDs. The main reason brands use ccTLDs is due to its benefits for geo targeting.

For example, since “UK” is embedded in a ‘’ domain, then it is more likely to appear in search results like “uk website designers”, “uk domain brokers”, and so on.

Furthermore, using ccTLDs can influence buyers confidence by assuring the availability of goods or services in a specific location. It also signals that you are a local business, thus, making potential buyers feel as if it is easier to make a purchase from you.

Google Search Console ccTLDs

If your goal in using ccTLDs is to drive geo targeted traffic, you can maximize your success with Google Search Console. In your dashboard, go to Search Traffic > International Targeting and then select the “Country” tab.

Google Webmaster International Targeting

Next, simply tick the “Target users in” checkbox and select the country you want to target from the dropdown list.

Google Webmaster International Targeting Settings

Your domain is now better optimized. However, it is not full proof, for search users from a specific location. This depends on what ccTLD name you are using. If you are using a dot com domain name but only want traffic in Wales UK unfortunately even with these setting you will get global traffic primarily from the USA.

Consider Your Web Hosting

Your SEO efforts could have a negative outcome by a sub standard site performance.

Do look for web hosting companies that offer localized servers. You can also opt for a content-delivery network to leverage a global-distribution network of servers instead.

ccTLD’s Language

Companies also tend to register multiple country code domain names in different languages to help with localized domain traffic, this is because they expect the site to be shown in the native language. For example, if you use the ‘.pl’ domain extension, then your users might expect you to use the Polish language. Also, someone in Poland will click in the search results a domain extension ending with .pl rather than another country code. You can adjust the setting in you Google console to match the domain name domain extension.

Google My Business

Remember to make Google your friend and register your website on Google My Business which will help with ranking a local business, it will also help make your site more visible on Google services such as Maps and Search.

Final Thoughts

Registering Domain names is not an exact science and one needs to be familiar with SEO before trying to sell a domain to a company for example in the UK in most cases will not use a domain extension like .co which is the country code for Colombia. If say the company then decided to implement PPC advertising in no time at all their efforts and budget would be swallowed up by visitors from Colombia. Using an alternate domain extension does affect SEO. The outcome whether it is negative or positive depends on the TLD you choose. Remember that the TLD is still an important piece of your domain name. If you choose poorly, your site may be unfairly associated with spam or overlooked as irrelevant to a local audience. Do it correctly and it can do wonders for your SEO, branding and marketing efforts.


Furthermore, you are adding confusion to a website if you try marketing a (.co) domain name for example to a British Business. Brits tend to recognise ( & .uk) as trustworthy sites and may be hesitant to even use a (.com) let alone a (.co) domain extension unless they are trying to reach a worldwide audience for the (dot com) or Colombia for the dot (.co).

Domain extension flops

The same applies to domain extensions that have tried and failed. Tuvalu for example tried to turn their domain(.tv) domain extension into “dot Television. Western Samoa tried to market their country level domain (.ws),as “dot World Site. Djibouti failed to attract many DJs with their country level domain (.dj) and now we have to contend with the (.co) for Colombia.

Country codes domain extensions matter in terms of driving traffic from the said location to the website you are trying to market. The confusion that a (.co) domain is an alternative to a (dot com) is further from the truth and half the time people who tell you otherwise have no knowledge of Search Engine Optimisation and have simply jumped on the band wagon in the hope of making huge amounts of money from a domain name that has no equity perceived or to otherwise.

Have you noticed when you search for something in the search results you will only find websites within your location so if you are in the UK the majority of websites will be country code extension related to the UK, they can even be precise to your exact location and your home town by algorithms capturing your exact ip location and then cross matching search results more accurately.

This is called GEO Targeting.

A GEOTARGET is a filter that works as a preferred option. The filter reorders DNS answers based on the user’s detected geolocation and sends the appropriate answer based on the user’s origin.

Hence if the user is in the UK he will not have websites from other countries .it, .es, .pl, .co in the search results.

A GEOFENCE filter on the other hand works like a walled (fenced) garden. Only the websites identified by the metadata as allowed to receive an endpoint answer to the query. This filter can be configured, for example, to allow specific countries within a region to get a different answer than all the other countries in that region. The filter removes DNS answers from the answer pool based on configured metadata and the user’s origin IP address.

When setting up filters, select either the GEOFENCE or GEOTARGET filter. They cannot be both and cannot be used in the same Filter Chain.

Why can’t you use Region or Country GEO TARGETING and GEO FENCING together?

Each filter in the Filter Chain has associated metadata, countries or regions, for each of the DNS answers. If you have a GEOTARGET_COUNTRY and a GEOFENCE_COUNTRY in the same filter chain with the same metadata, the DNS answers you want to provide for the GEOTARGET answers could potentially be stripped out of the available answers by the GEOFENCE filter.

What if I need to use both Geo Targeting and GEO Fencing?

The best recommendation would be to change Domain Name Server CNAME records and setup a Filter Chain using both GEOFENCE and GEOTARGET filters.

The example would be as follows:

Change your DNS records, for example: Include 2 A records for the domain: and You should also note that A records in the portal can contain up to 100 IP address answers for each A record.

Remember anyone can put up a website and claim to be a domain broker/consultant but not everyone is a SEO expert and will not know how domain extensions work and may misinform you and will not necessarily tell you all the pros and cons of buying and selling domain names.

Here are some links regarding country code domain extensions and geo targeting and fencing and SEO, it’s not me just writing about it…..


Citation & Credits GEO Targeting & GEO Fencing.

Most people who run websites have limited knowledge of SEO.

Recommended Reading.

Naming & Shaming Hackers – Scammers

Naming & Shaming Hackers – Scammers

Naming & Shaming Hackers & Scammers.

To all my loyal readers, this is not my normal post on this channel as I need to address something that has been going on for some time now and I am now loosing my patience.

In fact every other day I am getting phishing emails or hacking threats.

I have change my passwords often but once these low life’s have your email there is nothing stopping them bombarding you with threatening emails.

Most of the time they end up in my spam folders but when they physically use my contact forms this gets my back up.

Just by looking at the senders email address you can tell if an email is legit or not and I tend to mark them as phishing and block them.

But it is getting beyond a joke now and I have better things to do than write posts about these idiots.

I am sick to the back teeth of these bottom feeders.

So to the people that are reading this and are sending me emails to my private account and to my business inboxes consider the implications of your actions.

For over a year now I have received emails to several inboxes with entities trying to extort money from me one way or another, from PayPal, Apple, Netflix suspended accounts etc.

Do not insult my intelligence, I am not stupid and I will not be hood-winked.

Here are two emails I received today one to my private account and the other through my business contact form today:

This is my contact form message I received.

Here is the email source code:

Here is the entities email address:

The second is to my my private inbox.

The second email is spoofed.


Congrats you visited my website.

What are you trying to achieve by trying to extort money from people like myself?

Are you so desperate that you have no money to put food on the table (if so start a GoFundMe Account).

Or are you doing it out of spite because I upset you (get over it and move on)?

Perhaps you are just trying your luck as you have no job. You are too lazy to find a job and born low life where you prey on vulnerable people who may not know any better than to block you and make you into a public spectacle.

What if your next victim committed suicide because of your actions, which in turn would affect their relatives and friends, you would have successfully created a domino effect and destroyed the lives of multiple people, just by extorting money from one person.

How would you like it if your friends or family were hacked or scammed by people like yourselves, imagine if their life savings were stolen or their data breached all because of a very sick individual that has no regard for human life,.

I believe in karma and what ever goes around comes around.

If you send out bad vibes it will come back to you tenfold.

What you as a cyber criminal may not understand is that you do not take into consideration other forces other than hacking.

What if the next person you try to scam puts a curse on you and your family, where would you be then and what would you do to have the curse removed?

Imagine all the damage that can be done whilst you are trying to remove a curse all because of your actions.

In this day and age we should be looking out for one another and not trying to hack or scam people.

How can you look at yourself in the mirror and expect respect when you are a bottom feeding scum bag,

It does not say much about you as a person.

Try to be a better person and only do good in this world and in return you will be rewarded.

Do wrong and you will go to hell.

Regardless if you are a believer or not be warned next time something does not go you way or you have a spell of bad luck think about someone that you extorted money from or attempted to, think did they just put a spell on you?

***For all my loyal readers stay safe.

1). Have antivirus on all your devices, never open emails and attachments from people you do not know and always check the email source to see if it is legitimate or not.

2). Do not put a usb flash drive into a computer that is not yours.

3). Never share your passwords with anyone and change them on a regular basis.

As per my example of the Apple email you can tell at a glance it is a scammer.

4). Double Check with the organizations first directly to see if they have sent you anything. In most cases Banks and HMRC & GOV institutions will write to you by post, they will never phone you or email you to update your details or say you have tax refunds. You can check if you have any refunds by logging into your official account on the GOV websites.

Again do not click links in emails

5). You need to login in to the portals securely using your own login details via official websites and not click links that may be included in emails. Some scammers & hackers emails are sophisticated to replicate official organizations, learn how to stay safe online and do not click links as the websites could be cloned.

In fact if you get any emails from organizations you are associated with which look suspicious contact the company first and double check if your account has been suspended.

Never interact with these people including replying or forwarding. Capture the email address mark it as phishing and then go to you blocked settings and block them.


Neom Domains Expiring.

I have been sitting on these domains now and umming and arrighing if to renew them or not and I have decided to now play closer to home and invest my money in projects such as which I am working tirelessly to complete. The pandemic if anything is giving me more time to work on my projects and take care of my paying clients.

It is with a heavy heart that I have to let these domains go as I did have visions to develop some of them and have ready made walkin businesses, but I simply do not have the time to do this now.

These domains are exact match searchable keywords and phrases.

Ideally it would be in the interest of Neom or anyone associated with the UAE project to acquire them at these prices because once they go on the open market in 60 days time they will be up for anyone to acquire and they will be wanting higher returns on investment.

Anyone interested should contact me a soon as possible.

New Domain Names Listed Today.

I want to give a shout out for these domain names that I have listed today across my network of websites, blogs and social media pages.

PoliticalRallies(.com) Political Domain Name Donald Trump or Joe Biden could do with this one.

Unchallengeable(.com) Could be about Politics or could be something to do about news.

Legendaryinterviews(.com) Ideal for journalists or news channels.

Coolreligions(.com) Ideal for a blogger or jounalist.

Fashionflaws(.com) Ideal for a fashion blogger influencer.

Coffehse(.com) Barnadable Coffee Name.

Priceyestates(.com) Blogger for Real Estate.

Sleeplesscure(.com) Ideal for the health industry and pharamceutical companies.

Please Make An Offer or Get In Touch if Interested.

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