Neom Domains Expiring.

I have been sitting on these domains now and umming and arrighing if to renew them or not and I have decided to now play closer to home and invest my money in projects such as www.roathlife.com which I am working tirelessly to complete. The pandemic if anything is giving me more time to work on my projects and take care of my paying clients.

It is with a heavy heart that I have to let these domains go as I did have visions to develop some of them and have ready made walkin businesses, but I simply do not have the time to do this now.

These domains are exact match searchable keywords and phrases.

Ideally it would be in the interest of Neom or anyone associated with the UAE project to acquire them at these prices because once they go on the open market in 60 days time they will be up for anyone to acquire and they will be wanting higher returns on investment.

Anyone interested should contact me a soon as possible.

New Domain Names Listed Today.

I want to give a shout out for these domain names that I have listed today across my network of websites, blogs and social media pages.

PoliticalRallies(.com) Political Domain Name Donald Trump or Joe Biden could do with this one.

Unchallengeable(.com) Could be about Politics or could be something to do about news.

Legendaryinterviews(.com) Ideal for journalists or news channels.

Coolreligions(.com) Ideal for a blogger or jounalist.

Fashionflaws(.com) Ideal for a fashion blogger influencer.

Coffehse(.com) Barnadable Coffee Name.

Priceyestates(.com) Blogger for Real Estate.

Sleeplesscure(.com) Ideal for the health industry and pharamceutical companies.

Please Make An Offer or Get In Touch if Interested.

Using Offshore Web Designers – Domain Dispute Part 2

Update from my last post…….it has transpired that my client’s domain name was transferred to a marketing company who instead of asking him to change DNS records asked to takeover the domain name to manage. They then had a website site designer company develop a website for him and this year due to the Coronavirus Lockdown and breakdown of communication the website designers admitted that they were at fault and failed to renew my clients domain name.

I have the emails that they had dropped the domain by accident and did not renew it.

As a consequence my client who has been in business for over 15 years and has branded his vehicles with the domain name lost the domain name to someone else who registered the domain in bad faith.

I will explain in a moment and will also warn anyone that gets contacted by these companies which are based in India & USA to stay well away.

The marketing company that first took over the domain was https://www.hmlmarketing.co.uk

So moving forward HML Marketing had SEOFIED developed my clients domain name. The website designers are www.seofied.com located in India.

So this is where it gets interesting in April of this year according to seofied.com they dropped the domain name by accident and failed to renew the said domain which I will come to in a moment.

My clients domain name that has been compromised is owned by someone who registered the domain in bad faith and I will now show you why:

https://www.firstphaseelectricalwales.co.uk/ which points to a clothing website as the keywords in the domain name have nothing to do with the fashion industry and get this the site even has powered by ‘First Phase Electrical Wales’ in the footer of the website lol.

My clients branding has been jeopardised, never mind his carbon footprint of backlinks he has accumilated over the last few years.

Here is proof of his branding.

First Phase Electrical Wales Branding.

The reason why I am involved in this is my client came to me a while ago and said he was concerned that www.seofied.com were not doing their job properly and were not updating him or replying to his emails.

So I asked if he had an agreement with them like a contract and he said he did not.

I then instructed him to give www.seofied.com notice and ask for them to transfer the domain back to him and for my client to change the DNS records to point to a website I had built him www.electricianswales.co.uk

Re-Branding Estimated Costs

Brand Audit / Discovery£1000£10,000
Brand Strategy£1000£50,000
Brand Identity£2500£50,000
Brand Guidelines£1500£10,000+
Signage Design£500£5,000
Stationery Design£300£10,000
Packaging Design£1000£10,000
Vehicle Livery£500£10,000+
TOTAL COST                    Low Cost £7,400            High Cost £155,000

As per the time of my email to my client I calculated how much income he has lost because his domain was inaccessible based on the 83 days would have beeen as follows:

Consumer unit (fuse box) replacement £500 (0.5 – 1 day)

Electrical inspection report £90 – £180 (4 – 8 hours)

Install and supply a double socket £80 – £130 (1 – 3 hours)

Light fitting replacement £40 – £60 (0.5 – 1 hour)

Repair a damaged power cable £40 – £60 (0.5 – 1 hour)

Electric cooker installation £50 – £80 (0.5 – 1 hour)

Electric shower installation £250 – £400 (1 day)

Install an external security light £90 – £140 (1 – 3 hours)

EV charge point installation £200 to £300 (1 day)

The average loss of business is between:

£180-£350 per day.

Low @ £180 per day x 83 days is £14,940.00
High @ £350 per day x 83 day is  £29,050.00

So therefore my clients total losses based on 83 days would be something like:

LOW COST: £14,940.00 in lost income plus re-branding £7,400.00 Total £22,340.00
HIGH COST: £29,050.00 in lost income plus re-branding £155,000.00 Total £184,050.00

However it has surpassed 90 days from the time my client no longer had any access to the domain that was registered on the 10th July 2020.

I need to also note my suspicions as my clients website was still showing as it were an electrical website up until August so that meant that the owner of the website simply changed registrant owner details in July 2020 and in August changed the look of the website.

The current owner has the domain registered with www.openprovider.com

I spoke with Nominet and they told me to get my client to contact this registrar to pass on a message to the owner.

I also sent a direct message on the contact form of the compromised domain/website to cease and desist using the domain name and not surprisingly I did not get a reply.

Nominet advised to start a complaint via www.nominet.uk/go/drs if my client does not get a reply from the current owners registrar.

Moral of the story – support local businesses and consider this, if a website designer offers a low cost website from abroad , what they are essentially doing is reeling you in. Do not think for one moment you are getting a bargain on the contrary in the long run you are getting what you pay for.

I have also added a link to more nightmare web designer stories:

Finally if your are approached by www.hmlmarketing.co.uk or www.seofied.com

BEWARE: AVOID www.hmlmarketing.co.uk & www.seofied.com AT ALL COSTS.

If you are in South Wales UK and need any electrical work Commercial or Electrical do give my client a call and check out the website I built for him.

With the coronavirus affecting a lot of businesses and my clients brand in limbo do try and support him, by liking, sharing, and commenting on this post.


Using Offshore Web Designers – Domain Dispute Part 1.

Before I start to explain why I have written this post today, I would firstly like to make this introduction my most important point. Whenever you are going to engage in website design and domain name registration with another company, you MUST have a CONTRACT in place if things go pear shape further down the line.

With companies popping up in India daily offering you cheap web design and hosting it is very tempting to get drawn to these companies but what happens when the company suddenly disappears or transfers your domain and points it to another website that they own, this in turn can causes major problems for your business. What do you do?

Whenever you engage in business with another party, always check them out, see if anyone has written anything bad about them and see how many connections or followers they have. It is always good to perform due diligence on a business to see if they are legitimate or not.

If a company has 190 followers but according to their website they have 90+ staff you may want to question are these figures true and what else are they not telling you, when in reality they have 72 employees in the LinkedIn profile, with offices right round the world.

Did you know you can buy telephone numbers and adresses from different locations around the world to make it look as if you are located in may countries, but in reality you are working in you bedroom all by yourself. Did you also know you can buy followers and likes to social media accounts in which some are just bots and not real users. The world is fake and we need to be careful to suss out the real businesses from the shady ones.

Also if a business claims to have all these offices right round the world but uses the business address as a Flat No, this should set off alarm bells. Just because a website is nicely designed does not mean anything if the owner of the website is indeed not telling you the truth and refraining from drawing up contracts.

So like I said there is a reason for this post as a client of mine contacted me yesterday and said one of his other websites and domain name was pointing to a clothing site yet he is an electrician. So to try and help him I performed a whois report and found the domain had been renewed on the 10th July 2020 and changed servers 7 times in its history, which to me meant that the company that registered the domain on behalf of my client are now cybersquatting his domain name.

My client as a result is losing business hand over fist as his domain name has a carbon foot print many miles long.

I am trying to get my head round this, say for argument sake a client comes to me and orders a web hosting package and asks me to register the domain name on his her behalf. I would first and foremost draw up an agreement stating what would happen if the client defaulted or came to end of his/her contract. I would not leave them in the lurch for starters. Secondly I would not be changing servers. If say I used a particular domain name provider and wanted to host the domain on one of my servers I would not start changing servers unless there was something wrong with them. By changing servers whilst hosting and transferring domain names you will be able to change the ip address and make it more difficult to trace the domain owner.

After more digging I even found a blog that my client is most probably not aware of, using his brand name and logo which has affiliate links integrated into it. All this will be in my report to my client and again all there is a contact form but no email or other contact details. Considering this company I am investigating claims to be professional they are giving a bad name for all other website designers in India and their blog looks like a five year old has done it.

For all intents and purposes I will not post the business entity name or the CEOs for legal reason just yet, which may I add I have sent invitations to connect with me today on Linkedin until I get postive feeback from them.

Hopefully this will get resolved without the whole world knowing about it and it will be a lesson learnt always have a contract and maintain communication between you client and web developer.

As you know I have nearly 8,000 connection of LinkedIn most of which are domain name investors, brokers, website designers and internet marketers and yes some are from India.

(I am not saying all businesses in India are bad, just this particular one that looks very shady www.seofied.com), in fact far from it as I do have some very good clients that I work with from India and this particular company I am investigating is giving everyone else a bad name.

I have in the past had my fair share of emails from dubious web developers from India claiming they can do this that and the other and being something that they are not and if they do not have email signatures or links to their websites stay well away, especially if they use western names rather than their own.

As an exampIe for argument sake I may have an email from someone called ‘Tom Jones’ not the welsh singer but in fact someone in India using a western name, the trust of that person has immediately gone through the window and I will not entertain that person.

If you cannot be honest and use your real name and your real location then you obviously have something to hide. You must be transparent in your business so that people can trust you.

The reason why there are so many web designers, app developers and computer programmers from India is because schools in India from elemetary teach their children computer science as a compulsary subject. This is the future and computer programming, web design, software, app development and artificial intelligence are the main stream industries to be in.

With this said I also have connections with some of the top registrars and connections with WIPO so it would not be beneficial for this company to not try and resolve this issue as quickly as possible as they certainly would not want the bad publicity.

But for the time being I will leave you with these thoughts, whenever you are doing business with a web designer/ app developer or software progammer or business in general from another country make sure you have a written agreement in place and always do your homework and check them out before agreeing to anything.

Will update you when my client and I get some news.

Stay safe!

Name & Shaming.

Part of an Email I received for polandmonthly.com

As my readers are aware I made a post about some Poland related domain names that I own yesterday and it was not long before this joe Miller if this is his real name to jump on the bandwagon.

I am now publicly going to name and shame this person and the company that he is representing as someone is trying to extort money.

I own the domain name and will not be hoodwinked into a scam.

***Readers are warned to watch out for this type of email.

I will also be phoning these people tomorrow and will try to do some digging to get to the bottom of the source to try and flush out the culprit, whom in my opinion is a low life scumbag.

Poland Related Domain Names

Poland Related Domain Names

I would like to announce I am the proud owner of the following Poland related domain names:

www.polandmonthly.com (Semi Developed)

www.raczyna.pl (village where my mother was born)

www.raczyna.com (I hope to make this into a directory).

www.konopiepoland.com (Konopie in Polish means Hemp)




Ideally I would have liked the dot com domain name but have had to settled for one that will attract UK traffic rather than a global audience. I will move to do magic marketing which I am confident will get world wide spectators. To be honest I am not that fussed if I was unable to acquire the dot com or dot co dot uk for that matter as I just plan to use it as a landing page for my book which I plan to launch soon.

Anyone approaching me with the dot com or dot co dot uk can think again as I am not interested unless they give it to me for free. Its the person that develops a site first should have sole control over the domain name and all its extensions unless similar to trademark registration can register the same name and develop it under a different class.

I have most of my chapters already written out and I am not ashamed to say it I have disabilities and want to empower people that they too can achieve their goals no matter what they are going through or faced with.

If this guy can do it, what is your excuse? https://nickvujicic.com/

Dangerous Domain Names

Dangerous Domain Names.

I read an article yesterday on ‘Domain Name Wire’s Newsletter’ about dangerous domain names. I have written about illegal domains in the past and have in my terms and conditions I do not accept adult theme domain names or ones that can be exploited.

I remember there was controversy about crypto currency domain names a while back and how Google were not allowing advertising for ‘Bitcoin’ without purchasing a licence from them. https://ukdomainbrokers.ukwebsitedesigners.co.uk/?p=48

This should apply to all domain names that can be exploited and certain keyword domain names either being banned altogether or closely monitored.

I have had domains that could potentially be used for streaming websites, which I have been asked to sell, so I do a disclaimer in order to protect all parties just in case it falls into the wrong hands. Afterall you need to do due diligence on the buyer aswell as the seller as he/she could use the domain for illegal purposes and you need to protect yourself from litigation disputes further down the line.

I think domain names should be sold with website packages so thus filtering out people who have no clue about website design or seo (Which would eliminate all the crappy domains being registered and saving people money in the long run). Obviously this would be more costly than just buying a domain name and holding it hostage. The amount of domain names I see on a regular basis that I know for a fact will never sell is mind blowing. I always encourage my domainers to stick to one or two domain names that they can develop into SEO optimised websites. I also think by developing the domain and securing all TLD domain extentions you will also eliminate people who will offer you another extension in exchange for money. This also stops people cloning your website.

I did have a couple of domain names that I have since removed from my network of websites, blogs and social media pages www.coronavirus.uk www.worldwidevirus.com and www.revolver.company The reason for my decision is I do not want to promote controversial domain names. So although you may come across previous posts for these names I am no longer actively promoting them.

It’s a shame that there are unscrupulous people in this world wanting to spread hate and fake news and con people out of money. But the world is what it is and you always have to be one step ahead of the game.

You can read the whole article on Domain Name Wires site: https://domainnamewire.com/2020/09/08/digital-citizens-blasts-domain-registrars-and-domainers-for-covid-other-domains/

What Makes A Domain Name Valuable

Domain Name Selling!

From day dot, when the internet started to evolve, domain names have been traded for some astronomical prices, as you can see from our list of the most expensive domain names from Wikipedia.


So why are domain names valuable, well here are the reasons why:


If you want your brand to stand out you want it to be a memorable domain name. However if you choose an acronym that no one has heard or your brand you have to consider extensive marketing and adverising strategies for some one to memorise your brand name.

However you can opt for (EMD) ‘Exact Match Domain’ keyword words or phrases so that the person searching for your product or service will instantaneously find you in the search results.

The ultimate example of this is the hospitality industry. Hotels.com sold for $11 million in 2001. It doesn’t take memory training or a genius to remember that if you want to book a hotel online, simply type in hotels and hotels.com will be what pops up. Although it has now surpassed by bookings.com which also trademarked their entire domain name.


To own a (EDA) you not only secure global positioning you also generate traffic for the search terms in which you can save money on expensive PPC marketing such as Google ADs. As an example the top selling domain of all time, insurance.com is a hugely profitable niche, that has the potential to earn huge profits and is reflected in bid prices on Google Adwords for some of the products insurance.com offers. Life insurance for example, has a suggested bid of £27.82 for each click with monthly seraches of between 100K & 1Million.

Therefore if you are paying for paid advertisng or are not on the first few pages of any search engine Google being the first page as the predominent one you need to evaluate your brand or set up seo link wheels to generate traffic from a different direction.

Brand Association

Branding is fundamental part of you business. You need to be remembered easily. As an example I could easily have chosen to brand myself as ‘UKWD’ (UK Website Designers) or ‘UKDB’ (UK Domain Brokers) but that would have meant I would have had to work harder for people to recognise my brand and do extensive amrketing and advertising. The advertising costs would have been astronomical, so I opted for (EMD) Exact Match Searchable Domain Names that described my niche.

Barnd Names.

Brands Names are memorable words that are recognised globally. A brand name or trade name is the title of your business, service or product it often is a noun or accronym and applied by a manufacturer or organization to a particular product or service. While a brand name is sometimes simply the name of the founders of a company, such as Apple or Facebook it can also have long tail names such as Yellow Page or Johnson & Johnson for example. Brand names are cleverly thought-out marketing strategies geared towards establishing consumer awareness.


A domain name usually costs more if it is a one word domain name (noun) or a short two to three word domain name providing it is an exact match searchable keywords or phrase. Usually the one word nouns that describle the business cost the most amount of money. Length is closely linked to memorability so it makes sense that shorter domains are more valuable.

Search Engine Rankings

Choosing the right domain name for you business is also a crucial factor when it comes to SEO. The domain name alone can help with ranking to a certain degree but will not magically get you on the first page unless you do some hard work. What I mean by this is one needs to optimise the site/blog to it full potential by adding keyword enriched quality content, meta tags and backlinks. A keyword domain name will generate traffic only if you optimise it, hence a lot of companies use wordpress to regulary update content which Google Loves. If Google sees you are submitting quality content on a regular basis it will start ranking you.


Choosing the right country code domain extention for you location will help you generate targeted trafiic. You can set GEO Fencing within Google Webmasters Search Console but if you are located in the UK and only want UK traffic it is best to stay clear of domain extensions that are not in your location and stick with .co.uk.

For example www.ukdomainbrokers.com points to the subdomain https://ukdomainbrokers.ukwebsitedesigners.co.uk/

However it is the dot com domain that has got me on the first page of Google and not the sub domain, which tells me that Google prefers dot coms over other domain extensions. My methology behind my thinking was to get my site ranked quickly and I did not mind traffic from the USA which is where the majority of it it comes from even though I have set my GEO location for the UK.

If you have a domain extension other than a dot com it may take you longer to get ranked. The quickest way to get on the first page is to pay for Google Ads if you do not own a dot com and are not churning out fresh content regulary. It is the combination of regular quality content, meta tags, backlinks that will get you more traffic.

If you want a ‘How To Guide to SEO’ I can send you my tips for free if you email me.


If the domain name is a brand and is selling a product or service and has a website that is generating traffic and is fully optimised with all branding including a memorable logo, then your domain automatically has increased in value and the cost of the domain name will be determined by all these factors aswell if it is a well known household name.

My final thoughts:

If you are paying for PPC ads and are not on the first page of search engines orgnically, consider building a SEO link wheel if your budget permits, in either case I am happy to advise your best options.

New Robot & AI Domains For Sale.

Reading my daily newsletters yesterday I came across an article where the likes of Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk are all investing heavily in this technology which is predicted to sky rocket by 900%.


So here are companies I have found that are already manufacturing robots and AI’s:

You can read more on these companies here:



Considering Boston Dynamics have a shop it was hard to find them at first, which makes me think they should invest a exact match keyword domain name.


I obviously had to do some research but what have nearly all but two not using in their title domain names the keywords AI, Robots, Robot. Robo

So this got me thinking if I searched for Robot and AI related domain names I would have already started the ball rolling with perceive predicted equity.

Domain Names For Sale:







These domains would definatly help generate more traffic.

For example these guys are paying for Google Ads for the search terms “terrain robots”.

They are only on the first page of Google because they are paying for the Ads:


***Please Note I will be developing these domains over the next few days. Remember Rome was not built in a day and nor will these domains. I am daveloping them to start generating traffic , the new owner is welcome to just have the domain name or have me build a website to his her specifications.

I will be linking the logos back to the websites once they have been developed.

In the mean time anyone wishing to discuss these domain with me is more than welcome to contact me on info@ukwebsitedesigners.co.uk