www.one.com the saga continues.

Prior to my incident in December (please read my last two posts on this company) I quoted some clients the prices for the hosting of websites via one.com they were cheaper than any other website hosting provider. But since December when 3 of my websites went down they have done everything in their power to avoid compensating me or resolving the issue I haqve with them.

They are not easy to find or contact other than via chat or email, so I have done some investigative work and here is their head office address:

One.com Head Office.
Kalvebod Brygge
24 Copenhagen

Their telephone number is +44 (0) 203 6300141 choose option 2 if you want to speak to someone.

One.com is registered to a company called www.joker.com

CSL Computer Service Langenbach GmbH
Hansaallee 191-193,
40549 Düsseldorf,
Deutschland (Germany)

Tel: +49 (0)211 86767-0
Fax: +49 (0)211 86767-10
Hotline: +49 (0)211 86767-67
E-Mail: info@csl.de

Now according to Techcrunch.com One.com have been apparantly sold to Cinven, the post was made 4 weeks ago but I actually had communication from one of the Partners’s of Cinven and they confirmed they had not bought it and that was about two weeks ago. So the plot thinkens.

If anyone has had problems with one.com please do not hesitate to contact me.

You can read the full article on Cinven and One.com via techcrunch website:


We will keep you updated of how things progress but as it stands they corrupted 3 websites over the Christmas period and even admitted that it was their fault by saying there was a bug in their system. They now have gone cold on me, when I gave them the riot act and said under the ‘Consumer Act 2015’ they have breached their terms and conditions and offered a sub – standard service. I personally spent over 14 hours in chat trying to salvage my websites of which I lost business and obviously it made my websites look unprofessional considering one of them is called ‘www.ukwebsitedesigners.co.uk’.

I have another website called www.cymrumarketing.com I chose these keyword for a reason and I will do my damnest to make the planet know what a joke this company really is.

They are behaving like scammers. If a customer has a problem, you see to it that the problem gets resolved without causing to much distress. An unprofessional company on the other hand will avoid contact which is basically what this company is doing.

I believe that the mother company is not one.com but is owned by another company and eventually I will find out who it is.

According to icann.com the legal owner is the one that registers a domain name and all fingers point to www.joker.com aka CSL Computer Service Langenbach GmbH

It seems to me that this company is part of an umbrella company. A company that is ‘doing business as’ (DBA).

I will keep you posted as soon as we get more information!

I also need to add all my websites are up and running again but they will not respond to my messages.

I will give them a further 7 days to respond otherwise I will be taking legal action against them.

Happy New Year

To all my readers I wish you all a Happy New Year!

My holidays I did not have much time to celebrate as I was working most days. I suppose that is the pitfalls of being an entrepreneur.

But what is still on my mind is the Nightmare Company www.one.com Two weeks after the updates they have messed up two of my websites www.startbrand.co.uk and www.cymrumarketing.com and their excuse was that they do not guarantee any external coding to work with their program. They are also accusing me of publishing my sites so that they would look messed up. Why would I do that to two of my businesses and it does not look professional for the people viewing my websites. These people are idiots.

My view is if you provide a service and it works in the beginning and then you upgrade the service causing the service to break, you cannot then go back to the customer and say “but we make no guarantees”. The whole point of offering a service is to make sure it does work, otherwise do not charge the customer for the service.

Yesterday I was in chat support for 6 hours imagine the person on the other end, by the time I was finished I was mentally exhausted.

The dispute is still ongoing.

But the CEO’s are not contactable which is very convenient for them.

Unfortunately for them I am like a dog to a bone I dont let go. I have done my homework and have found the muppets which I will be writng to this week.

They also claim they have 1.5M customers why is it then that I have not read much about complaints other than on trustpilot https://uk.trustpilot.com/review/www.one.com , either they somehow take the content down or they only have a handful of customers. Anyone with a website can can make false claims and say they have 1.5M customers when in reality they may only have 100.

I have now found another hosting provider, their loss!!



Hi Guys,

Hope your enjoying the holidays.

Unfortuantely for me www.ONE.com have been the centre of attention in my Christmas Holidays. Rather than enjoying family time I have spent 6 days with these muppets trying to rectify one of my websites which is hosted by them. I say one of my websites as I have 17 hosted by these idiots.

It all started on Thursday 20th December 2018 when they released a new version of their web builder. I use web builder for convenience and add coding myself. So up until this point my website was working fine until I accessed the new web builder only to find my components had been moved around. I contacted them via their chat service only to be asked to re-publish my website with the components moved around, which as you can imagine I refused to do. The following day I go on my live version of my website as someone notified me my website was messed up and low and behold to my horror my website was all over the place.

I then checked the last update via backup and restore and found someone from one.com had gone ahead and published my website without my permission causing my website to break.

I have spent over 6 hours in chat and have spent several hours rectifying my website www.startbrand.co.uk which is still not working properly as it does not show in mobile view. According to them one of my codes is not compatible, yet I have the same code on www.ukwebsitedesigners.co.uk and on www.cymrumarketing.com so they are full of proverbial shit.

By coincidence the company was sold the same day as the web builder update.

Not only was www.startbrand.co.uk affected by this change all the components on all my other websites have been moved around, some slightly but some are a lot. Meaning I have to spend hours again trying to rectify the issues on all the websites.

As soon as my solicitor is back in work I will be taking legal action against this company.

Watch this space and avoid using this company at all costs.

Dropshipping Website

Drop shipping Websites.

I am going to be designing some drop shipping websites in the New Year whilst I wait for a buyer to approach me to buy some of the domains in my portfolio.

I will also be designing some directories and offer advertising space in my niche markets.

Not only will I be generating traffic for the prospective buyer, I will be monetizing the website and creating residual income.

This will add value to the ‘Domain Name’ I am trying to sell……

I will list the websites once they have been developed.

Furthermore I will be connecting with companies directly as they will see a visual of a business rather than just an url and it will be marked clearly the website is for sale.

This is one of my goals for the New Year, will keep you posted. I suppose I had inspiration from a recent client of mine who wanted me to set up Google Ads for him and had a Shopify drop shipping store.

I might as well give him free advertising here, just in case you guys want to buy some clothing over the winter period.


(09/11/20 – Since I wrote this post I have found that the above domain name has been unpublished. It may still be for sale if anyone is interested).

I hope to make another couple of posts before Christmas.

Inbox me if you have any questions.

Best Wishes Renata x

Tried Arguing with a Gorilla today!

Tried arguing with a Gorilla today!

For the people that dont know about Google’s New Policies that they do not advertise yet they assume that you will go to lengths reading their terms and conditions before using their services, have put into place within the last month; that they no longer accept prepaid cards. I was not aware my card was prepaid and have many Google Adword accounts using my Mastercard but for some unknown and ridiculous reason they have stopped accepting this form of payment.

My argument here is they are not helping themselves let alone their own customers and any business no matter how big or small should not turn away customers regardless how insignificant they are to them. Furthermore does it matter what type of card is used? As long as you have money on the account to pay for the Ads there should not be any reason to not accept Prepaid Cards. Prepaid Cards are near enough the same as Debit Cards, if you have not money on the card you cannot make a purchase, its as simple as that. But for some reason Google have made this into a big deal for some unkown reason.

I have been using Google Adwords for many years now and have used the very same card I attempted to set up another account with today and Google have decided to put up obstacles.


So when I rattled the Gorilla’s cage this morning I shouted out the word ‘Bing’, Bing offer £100 free advertising whilst Google only £75. For small businesses starting out on a small budget that is a huge difference and besides Microsoft is bigger than Google even though Google think they own the planet.

So basically arguing with them is like arguing with a Gorilla, they are intimidating hiding behind New Policies and they won’t budge. The only thing they say is if your have a problem is to fill out a complaint form. I do not have time to complain I have 3 businesses to run.

Small Buinesses do not care about small print, they just want the job down quickly and efficiently and throwing obstacles in the way does nothing for Googles reputation and Google do not care about you.

Their answer to me this morning was for me to go to my client and ask him to give me his credit card details, imagine how unprofessional that would have made me look or the alternative was to set up a direct debit which takes up to 7-10 days to be activated. If one needs advertising within 24 hours then its hard luck basically. This also shows unprofessionalism on the advertisers part.

They are getting too big for their boots and its about time another search engine gave them a run for their money.

So after waiting patiently for hours waiting for my new Ad to appear I phoned them again to be told that all images uploaded need to have a logo inside of the image. No where in the interface did it say before uploading images you need to add a logo. I have been asked now to give my feedback via a link they have sent me to my email address.

Again they stated that one needs to read the support articles first before setting up Adwords. I can set up Adwords with my eyes shut and Google have decided its time to make changes, well at least when you make them let people know in advance and on each option that you choose make it clear so that you do not waste your time and theirs phoning up to see why your Ads are not running.



I know technically HTACESS has nothing to do with Domain Names more
so with Website Security. But you learn something new every day. As you
may be aware Google are making changes and websites without a SSL
Certificate will not be shown and a warning will come up “please exit due
to security risk”. Well I have just implemented SSL Certificate into one
of my websites I am launching on Monday of next week.

What I did was I activated the certificate and did not wait the full 90 minutes for it to be updated and instead added the .htaccess code at the same time.

What this did was block my website and since yesterday 19/07/18 and it still has not been rectified. So what I did today was delete the access code, deactivated the certificate and started all over again, this time waiting the 90 minutes for the update.

We will see if this works. I will update as I go along.

I’m excited as I am launcing a Marketing Company, Focusing on keywords and Domain Names whilst educating businesses why it is essential to have a
keyword domain name in your business link wheel.

Always undo your changes step by step and eventually you will find the problem.

Lets see if it works in the next 30 mins.

Wishing everyone a Good Friday.

New Marketing Blog

Just a quick update.

New Hospitality Marketing Blog just launched a few days ago www.hospitalitymarketing.online You can view all hospitality domains for sale in quick view. I plan to also develop a financial marketing blog soon. In the mean time I am busy marketing and still finalizing my book to be published. Will keep you updated.

Just one more thing if any of my readers are website designers perhaps you can message me to a solution to one of my blogs. I am afraid to say any more than I have to as I dont want this blog mysteriously vanishing, but I happen to have mentioned something on one of my clients blogs relating to a search engine and social media platform and overnight their blog has disappeared, perhaps someone may have some feedback to share on this by either commenting below or sending me a PM.

Wishing everyone a pleasant weekend.

Domain Names

We have revamped our business strategy and we are expanding our company in three ways we are going to have a directory of Angel Investors more about this soon.

2. We are going to concentrate on Domain Brokering.

3. Our final project will be to have a directory of small businesses that can network each other.

We will most probaby add different domain names to our link wheel to appeal with the keywords for the relevant catagories.

Please visit out Domain Brokerage page: www.startbrand.co.uk

and also view the video for more information on domain names.