Business Service Breakdown

Calculating Business Services Revenue.

If a business was selling API Data ( Application Programming Interface) Services worth $7,Billion and each service cost $150 per one million queries, that would equate to 7,000 services at a cost of $150 which would total $1,050,000.00 in revenue.

Or the other way of calculating would be adding all the services together so say for example the services cost £10,000 per 1 million queries per total of 7,000 services would total $70,000,000

But really speaking if one knew how many unique visitors per month a business was having one could calculate by multiplying 1% of people would by a product or service, so for example if you had 900,000 visitors per month this would leave 9,000 that would buy from you, a service that either costs $150 which would be a total of $1,350,000.00 or if your services totalled $10,000,00 would make it $90,000,000

Yet when I was asked about this the other day even someone of very high intellect did not seem to grasp what I was saying…….. Your comments are welcome……

I cannot elaborate any more on this at this stage but I feel that what I had prepared in a report was not even read and was a total waste of time.

This does relate to a domain business and I will divulge everything soon.

Sorry I am being a bit mysterious at the moment but because of legal reasons I cannot say anymore right now.

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