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New Robot & AI Domains For Sale.

Reading my daily newsletters yesterday I came across an article where the likes of Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk are all investing heavily in this technology which is predicted to sky rocket by 900%.

So here are companies I have found that are already manufacturing robots and AI’s:

You can read more on these companies here:

Considering Boston Dynamics have a shop it was hard to find them at first, which makes me think they should invest a exact match keyword domain name.

I obviously had to do some research but have nearly all but two not using in their title domain names the keywords AI, Robots, Robot. Robo

So this got me thinking if I searched for Robot and AI-related domain names I would have already started the ball rolling with perceive predicted equity.

Domain Names For Sale:

These domains would definitely help generate more traffic.

For example, these guys are paying for Google Ads for the search terms “terrain robots”.

They are only on the first page of Google because they are paying for the Ads:

***Please note I will be developing these domains over the next few days. Remember Rome was not built in a day and nor will these domains. I am developing them to start generating traffic, the new owner is welcome to just have the domain name or have me build a website to his her specifications.

I will be linking the logos back to the websites once they have been developed.

In the meantime, anyone wishing to discuss this domain with me is more than welcome to contact me at

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