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Dropping a Website in Favour of a FB Page.

Dropping a Website in Favour of a FB Page.

Any reputable business nowadays has a website with a corresponding Facebook page, so it would be shocking for a company that does market stalls to simply rely on Facebook (not everyone uses Facebook), yet this has happened with a confectionery retailer that I successfully got on the first page of search engines.

The name of the Facebook page is my ex-client Brand Name, and not FB Page which we own and have today deleted my client’s carbon footprint.

He had an exact match searchable keyword and phrase domain name and two branded domains

Now considering he is supposedly very busy surely a website would make him busier providing he took the advice I gave him, which he did not. So now I have to painstakingly remove his carbon footprint from the net.

What I will do is divert his domains to this site to boost traffic for me and perhaps find a potential buyer for the exact match searchable keyword domain name.

9 Reasons Why Having a Website Is Important (

Facebook Page vs Website? Which Makes the Most Sense? (

New Logo!

The thing is he was not getting many sales on the website because he made one grave mistake from the moment I built the site and that was not putting the website address on his stall banner for passers-by to visit at a more convenient time.

He has recently won The Young Grocer of the Year Award and he is buzzing I am really happy for him. But once the dust settles he will be back to square one but without his website or the domain names, yes he dropped all three domain names, including his brand name.

This is proof my client dropped the domains!

Looking in my crystal ball where he had plenty of opportunities to acquire them, he decided he did not want them. If he ever wants them to build a website in the future they now belong to UK Website Designers. In order to get them back, he will have to pay the asking price of what we would envisage on sell them for.

He will ruin his global positioning, and brand credibility and will lose tonnes of traffic.

I even said he could have the website for free until January 2023, yes I am away with the faeries I know but I wanted to help the guy out. People will start searching for him online and will come to this page as I am going to forward all three domains.

Anyone wishing to acquire this domain name should contact us using the form below:

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