Featured Domains For Sale!

Featured Domain Names For Sale!
caviardistribution.com – Website
cannabidiolarizona.com – Website
cardiffmakeovers.co.uk – Website
cbddistributors.net -Website
debtrecovery.wales – Website
debtrecoverynet.com – Website
euhorseracing.com – Website
flightshotels.biz -Website
hempdistribution.net – Website
polandmonthly.com – Website



southwestcannabidiol.com – Website
traveldesinationsclub.com – Website
twistedshakes.co.uk – Website
ukfinedining.com – Website
ukluxuryliving.com – Website

Some of the above domains have been developed but not fully optimised as optimisation is bespoke to the clients requirements.

Please make an Offer for any of the domain names above. We can discuss website devlopment and seo optimization and how these keywords can benefit your business. Below is a our own sample diagram of a seo link wheel for you to implement.

Web Development Contracts & Domain Retention

Web Development Contracts

Something that is trending today on “Domain Name Wire” is that one should never allow a web developer to register a domain name on behalf of a client.

You can read the whole article here: https://domainnamewire.com/2019/09/24/how-to-give-your-developer-access-to-just-one-domain-at-godaddy/

Firstly any bonafide web developer should have a contract between the client and themselves outling all their terms. If the client then defaults on his monthly payments then the web developer has the right to keep hold of the domain name untill payment is settled.

The web developer on the other hand should release the domain name when the contract is terminated otherwise he/she could face legal action.

It is all based on trust and it cannot be a verbal agreement (gentlemen’s agreement or hand shake) it has to be a written one signed by both parties. The developer may not trust the client or visa versa, so that it is why it is very important to have a contract in place and should the web developer get run over by a bus as in the ‘Domain Name Wire’ article the contract is evidence that the agreement is in place. I am sure if in case the web developer disappeared off the face off the earth this piece of paper could be used as evidence. One would have to prove that the web developer was not responsive i.e emails or snail mail letters. This could then be presented to the domain registrar for the application to transfer the domain name. I was actually in this situation once where the client refused to sign a contract, he defaulted and he ended up owing me money which he still has not paid me to this day. I actually wrote about it: https://ukdomainbrokers.ukwebsitedesigners.co.uk/2017/09/23/disgruntuled-ex-website-client/

Here is a ‘SAMPLE CONTRACT’ that you could use, feel free to download it and ammend it to your requirements.


To continue with the saga should you allow a web developer to register your domain name I will go into some scenarios and what you can do to get your domains back.

If a Web Devloper Refuses to Transfer

Providing you have not missed any payments and there are no disputes with the web developer you can enforce your contract and go to a solicitor. Sometimes a letter threatening legal action can suffice if the web developer is being difficult.

Your Web Developer Could Go Bust.

Providing you have a contract in place, you can in case it is the web devloper that goes into adminsistration go to the hosting company or go to nominent and show proof of admistration of a hosing provider/web developer and they will be able to sort it out for you.

Know who is the Hosting Company Provider.

If in the case that the web developer goes into administration, the web developer at the beginning of th contract should provide you with the hosting company details. This is part of GDPR and you have the right to know such information.

If you have any disputes with your website designer over the management of your website then you should sit down and discuss this with him or her.

If things have gone wrong to the point of no return.

You should first write a formal letter (not an email) to the web developer and give him her 14 days from the date of your letter to transfer the domain over to you otherwise you will take legal action. You can then contact your solicitor and show him your contract and the copy of the letter and any correspondence you may have from the web developer.

Gold Domain Names in Ghana

Gold Domain Names

Gold Domain Names on My Mind.

I know Nigeria and Ghana has a bad reputation for scammers and the amount of people I have spoken to today who claimed they were miners is unbelievable not only that they all call theselves Princes.

Anyway when I have do my due diligence, I have noticed they sometimes and I mean the legitimate ones do not have a professional email addresses or websites and its sometimes is hard to recognise the legitimate ones from the fakes.

I have no desire in helping these people as my only goal is the find a seller for my client.

If I was in their shoes and I wanted to show that I was legitimate I would create a digital footprint.

Because of what is involved my client and I insist on Due Diligence Forms to be filled out and my client requires everyone to register on this website www.cryptobankandtrust.co.uk

How many websites should a web developer make per month?

Website Design

How many websites should a web developer make per month?, well the answer is it depends on the complexity of the project, but if you outsource your work it makes life a little easier.

So the point I am about to make is about a certain individual which I cannot name at present whom asked me the other day how many domain names have I sold since 1993, that is the year I started website design and domain brokering and I said since that year I have designed and brokered about 2000 domains and this person answered that even the best domainers on the planet have not sold that many domain names.

So here is a break down of 2000 domains divided by 26 years is 76 domains/websites per year. (Not 100 as the muppet suggested the other day, but who is counting?).

Divide that figure by 12 months is 6 – 7 domains per month which if one business bought 1 website and 2 domain names, although my clients buy on average 4 domain names that works out at 3 clients per month.

A web designer has an advantage over a domain broker as they can add value to the digital asset and create a seo link wheel just as I have for my business. Please view a sample link wheel below:

Now if you outsource the work to one or two developers per month you are theoretically only doing one website per month, which is not rocket science and does not make you a miracle worker.

So back to the muppet who challenged me the other day, here is your answer…..

and to further add evidence that a broker can sell more than 100 domains a year, the proof is in a screenshot of “Mike Mann’s” post on “Linkedin”…….

Anybody that is in the Domain Brokering World will know who Mike Mann is and for those that don’t here is a quick bio: Mike Mann registered 14,962 Domain Names in 24 hours. Read the article here: https://www.cnet.com/news/meet-the-mann-who-registered-14962-domains-in-24-hours/

Here is his website: https://www.mikemann.com/

This person that I have a professional grievance with also stated that why did I not register (www.startbrand.co.uk) as a dot com? Basically I was in the process of re-branding myself and the dot com version was already gone yet I do have a few other TLDs that I use in my link wheel: www.ukdomainbrokers.com and www.cymrumarketing.com So my question to this person would be if you are so good at what you do, why did you let www.ukdomainbrokers.com slip thorugh your fingers seeing as you are a resident in the UK and instead registered a Spanish domain extension?, which if you value the domain name of this individual alone the domain name is not worth anything but the assets within the business are including the portfolio and the services this individual provides.


Here is a link to helping you sell your domains faster:


I also build unique bespoke landing pages with seo and market my domains.

Godaddy are giving away free landing pages when you register a domain name with them, but in order to get rid of “Powered by Godaddy” one needs to upgrade.


I have one question for any Business, why can’t you get your own business without resorting to stealing your competitiors clients?

Unkown to you your competitor may be watching what your doing i.e direct messaging via Facebook pages and your competitor may be managing that page on behalf of their client.

I think it is unethical, unprofessional and under handed.

If you can’t get your own clients it says you are useless at your job.

Why do I say this, well tonight I had a person who went to the lengths of sending a youtube video to my client and trying to find faults in my clients Google Ads Campaign.

Perhaps my client is aware of the campaign and what he needs to do to optimize it including increasing his budget.

So rather than respond to the muppet poacher, I deleted the message before my client saw it.

All is fair in love and war so they say, but stealing is not an option.

Website Project

Hi Guys,

You may be wondering why I am posting the following videos, it is firstly to educate you about investing in Gold and secondly to promote the domain name: www.just4millionaires.com

Ongoing Website Project (www.just4millionaires.com)

The website is selling Gold Bullion…… watch the videos below:

Consider investing in Gold rather than worthless domain names. (Don’t get me wrong some domains are worth a lot of money but in order for them to be worth anything there must be a demand for them. If you have a domain name you are wishing to sell, evaluate why an investor is going to buy your domain for your asking price, why do you think your domain is valuable? and what can your domain name do for the potential buyer?

To check out the gold just go to the website link above and watch the presentation.

Listening to more youtube channels on the gold that just4millionaires are promoting something interesting was said and that is never disclose online your income as it is deemed as enticement. So does that mean the domain industry are breaking the rules by announcing sales which to the person is is strapped for cash may use his last few $$$ in order to buy some domain names, that may never sell?

The other interesting thing that was said in the video and I am also sometimes asked “so how many domain names do you sell a month”? or “how much money do I make”? or the classic which has come from people I actually know “does your business actually make you any money” and “have I got enough money to live on”?………the following video explains why you should not disclose your income.

To me these people are pessimists and negative jealous energy eating trolls, so when they ask me I just smile and say I have signed non disclosure agreements and cannot comment. smiley

I have in fact some domain names for sale that fit the niche of ‘Gold Bullion’ perfectly:


and for those who either can mint their own 24kt gold bitcoins, I also have:


If anyone is thinking of starting their own business or wants to add these valuable keyword domain names to their link wheel, just drop me a line to make an offer.

Until next time, happy viewing folks……


Hi Guys,

Sorry for not updating sooner but I have been working behind the scenes on a website. I actually bought the domain name a few years ago and was planning on selling it until a client came along selling high ticket assets and it’s as if the website was meant to be for me.

I have already mentioned it in a previous post but I now working on the back end marketing it. The website is www.just4millionaires.com

Being a creative artistic person that I am, I also am painting a series of luxury paintings and will be offering my services to anyone that needs a commissioned painting.

I will publish my portfolio of the painting on the website in the coming weeks.

Do check it out as new inventory is being added regularly.

Best Wishes.