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Restricted Domain Names

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Restricted Domain Names

Exploring Prohibited Domains: The Restrictions on Domain Name Registration

Domain names act as the digital addresses that guide users to websites and online resources. These unique identifiers play a crucial role in establishing an online presence, reflecting brands, ideas, and individuals. However, not all domain names are up for grabs. A subset of these names is deemed prohibited and restricted from registration due to various reasons ranging from legal concerns to ethical considerations.

Understanding Prohibited Domains:

Prohibited domains, also known as restricted or reserved domains, are those that are off-limits for public registration. These domain names are withheld from registration due to specific rules and regulations set by domain name authorities, government bodies, and international agreements. The reasons for prohibition can be categorized into legal, ethical, cultural, and technical concerns.

Legal Restrictions:

Certain domain names are prohibited due to legal implications. These names might involve trademarks, copyrighted material, or names that infringe upon intellectual property rights. Registering domain names that closely resemble well-known brands or copyrighted phrases can lead to legal disputes, as they could be seen as an attempt to mislead or profit from the reputation of established entities.

Ethical and Cultural Considerations:

Many domain names are prohibited to prevent offensive, obscene, or harmful content from being disseminated online. This includes names that contain hate speech, racial slurs, explicit content, or any material that goes against societal norms and values. Ethical considerations also extend to domain names that could potentially deceive users by impersonating legitimate institutions or organizations.

Geopolitical and National Restrictions:

Certain countries maintain strict controls over domain names that incorporate their official country codes. For instance, domain names ending with “.gov” are typically reserved for government entities, while those ending with “.edu” are often limited to educational institutions within the United States. This ensures that domain names accurately reflect the nature of the organizations they represent.

Technical Limitations:

Some domain names are prohibited due to technical reasons. These names might conflict with top-level domain (TLD) categories, reserved keywords, or the domain name system’s structure. These restrictions help maintain the stability and functionality of the internet infrastructure.

Examples of Prohibited Domains:

  1. Trademarks and Copyrights: Registering domain names that infringe upon well-known trademarks or copyrighted material is generally prohibited. This prevents cyber-squatting and protects the intellectual property rights of legitimate owners.
  2. Adult Content: Domain names containing explicit or adult content are often prohibited to ensure a safer online environment for users of all ages.
  3. Hate Speech: Names promoting hate speech, racism, and discrimination are restricted to curb the spread of harmful ideologies and maintain a respectful online space.
  4. Impersonation: Domain names that impersonate official organizations or individuals can be prohibited to prevent scams and fraudulent activities.
  5. Geopolitical Restrictions: Some country-code domains are restricted to entities within specific countries to maintain the authenticity and integrity of national online identities.

Enforcement and Consequences:

Domain name registrars and authorities actively monitor and enforce restrictions on prohibited domains. Violating these restrictions can result in legal action, domain suspension, or even loss of online credibility. Moreover, search engines and web browsers often flag websites with prohibited content, limiting their visibility and reach.

Listed of Restricted Keyword Domain Names

While the exact list of restricted keyword domain names can vary based on different domain registries and regulations, here are some general categories of restricted keywords that are commonly not allowed for domain name registration:

  1. Trademarks and Brands: Any domain name that infringes on a registered trademark or brand name is typically restricted. This includes names that are identical or very similar to well-known brands. (An example is trademarked so you would not be able to register www.hotelbookings+ext).
  2. Adult Content: Words or phrases that are explicit, suggestive, or related to adult content are often restricted to maintain a safe online environment. (self-explanatory).
  3. Hate Speech and Offensive Language: Domain names that contain hate speech, offensive slurs, or discriminatory language are generally restricted to prevent the spread of harmful ideologies.
  4. Illegal Activities: Keywords related to illegal activities, such as drug trafficking, hacking, or other criminal endeavors, are often restricted to prevent the promotion of unlawful behavior.
  5. Impersonation: Domain names that impersonate well-known organizations, government agencies, or individuals are usually restricted to prevent scams and fraud.
  6. Sensitive Topics: Keywords related to sensitive topics like terrorism, violence, or other controversial subjects might be restricted to prevent the spread of extremist ideologies.
  7. Geographical and Government Terms: Some domain extensions (TLDs) have restrictions on using names related to governments or geographical locations without proper authorization.
  8. Phishing and Fraud: Keywords that are commonly associated with phishing attempts or fraudulent activities might be restricted to protect users from deceptive websites.
  9. Misleading Information: Domain names that contain false or misleading information, such as fake news sites, might be restricted to maintain online credibility.
  10. Medical and Health Claims: Some domain names that make false or unverified claims about medical treatments, cures, or health benefits might be restricted to protect public health. (The word Cov#d is prohibited).
  11. Financial Scams: Keywords related to financial scams, pyramid schemes, or get-rich-quick schemes are often restricted to prevent financial harm to users.
  12. Educational and Governmental Designations: Certain TLDs have restrictions on domain names that suggest educational or governmental affiliations without proper authorization.
  13. Profanity: Domain names containing profane or vulgar language are typically restricted to maintain a professional online environment.
  14. Copyrighted Material: Keywords that are associated with copyrighted material, such as movie titles, book names, or song lyrics, might be restricted to protect intellectual property rights.
  15. Sovereign Names: An example of this was when (Grocery Store got into a dispute with Iceland the country). Iceland launches legal challenge over supermarket name – BBC News (a country+ext cannot be registered but a town, or city can, furthermore you can register country+keyword+ext).

It’s important to note that the specific restrictions and guidelines can vary depending on the domain extension (TLD) you’re interested in and the policies of the domain registrar you’re using. It’s recommended to review the terms and conditions of the domain registrar and the relevant domain registry before attempting to register a domain name.

There are no specific domain name guidelines regarding domain restrictions just general information. There is no definitive list of which domains are prohibited and which ones are not.

Is ‘Cymru Bank’ a restricted domain name? &

“Cymru bank” does not appear to be a commonly recognized restricted keyword for domain name registration. (This is from doing research and I could not find a definitive list of banned domain names).

“Cymru” is the Welsh word for “Wales,” so a domain name like “Cymru Bank” could potentially be related to a bank in Wales or have other regional significance. When considering such domain names, it’s a good idea to research the specific TLD you’re interested in (such as “.com,” “,” “.wales,” etc.) to understand if there are any restrictions or guidelines related to the use of names that could potentially imply affiliations with financial institutions or geographic regions.

“In our defense, there is no inclination that these keywords are restricted”

Furthermore, there is a famous Domain Investor called ‘Mike Mann’ who has a large portfolio of Bank domain names that he is selling, review his list here: I always follow his lead, and if the word bank was prohibited not only would we not be brokering but Mike would not have been able to register all those domains. So it will be interesting what BS excuse IONOS comes up with.

Always check with the domain registrar or registry associated with the TLD you’re interested in to ensure that the domain name you’re considering does not violate any restrictions or policies. It’s also possible that there have been updates or changes since my last knowledge update.

Registering Domain Name

Prohibited domains play a critical role in maintaining a safe, lawful, and ethical online environment. By restricting certain domain names from registration, authorities and organizations work to prevent misuse, protect intellectual property, and uphold the values of the digital realm. As the internet continues to evolve, the regulation of domain names remains an essential aspect of ensuring a positive online experience for users worldwide.

I start off by saying I own the website that has the keyword “Cymru” (country+keyword+ext) in the domain and the domain(s) and and and have multiple business directories related to different industries and services on this site, including banking and law. We do most of our marketing and advertising via this hub and are planning on expanding our services further.

Whenever a domain name is dropped we try to make use of it if our customers do not want them any longer.

We usually forward the domains to our marketing pages if we have no plans to develop them. In most cases, we use domain names for our marketing campaigns. On occasion, we may hand-register domains for our digital marketing strategies, just like we tried to do this instance with the and

Cymru Journal Logo

We also have a collection of banking directories:

UK Business Banking Logo & Domain Names For Sale!

We are also affiliated to the following two banks.

Bullion Vault Logo

Domain Brokering

Both Michael Dooner and I are also jointly brokering the domain name

Security Threat

My concerns arose last week when I received two suspicious emails. I tried to contact and am still waiting for a reply. I sent them the email source code and nada, not a peep.

Upon having a conversation on Monday 28th August 2023 with a call handler, appertaining to my account being hacked she said I should have sent my email to security last week.

There is no list of email addresses to contact IONOS and how was I supposed to know what email to use? According to them they no longer monitor the email

The email for security is:

The point is that I attempted to register and as I was planning on having a databank of stock images for the Cymru Marketing Journal (CMJUK) and a Banking Directory of Welsh Banks on my site, hence registered both the domain names.

All seemed well on Friday when I registered them but I noticed that normally the contracts immediately become available to use but for some reason, I could not see them on my dashboard.

I then phoned the registrar/hosting provider the following day (Saturday) and was told that the domains were under security review and that I had to wait 48 hours from the time of registering. The time came and went and I phoned them again on late Sunday evening giving them plenty of time to sort out the problem. I was told to wait another 24 hours.

Hacked Account


Now this bit becomes crazier I then received one alarming email referencing my account on Monday 28th August 2023 had been hacked and I was locked out for security reasons. I then received a further two emails three minutes later one for each domain name to say my order had been rejected, even though they took the money out on Friday and the payment was pending (£1.20 per domain as I ordered a Mail Basic 5 package). The money was not the problem as in total it came to £2.40 for the first month for 12 months.

IONOS email
I have redacted my data for security reasons.

I proceeded to try and log in to my control panel and low and behold I was indeed locked out.

My immediate thoughts were to move my money out of my bank account which was associated with this hosting provider before proceeding to phone them, the email said there was a problem with my payment method and later stated over the phone the domains were restricted because of security and for me to reset my password.

“If the domains were restricted they should NOT be available for registration, it is as simple as that, no ifs or buts”.

There is no definitive list of words (perhaps this is my calling) other than sovereign names. An example of this is country name + domain extension and trademarks that cannot be registered other than some words that get censored by search engines and are deemed offensive and referenced in the articles below:

My Security concerns have been long going as I told the agent how could the entities that sent me the information by email last week know the names of the customers on the e-commerce stores without hacking the site. I was told I had to relay the message to their security department and not the complaints team.

I told them that they should not be doing business with Russia as they do not like the US or the UK and the Agent on Monday was adamant that they do not do business with Russia even though I have evidence that they do: The agent was full on arguing with me that I did not know what I was talking about. I have even had one of the executives in IONOS admit that everything I am saying is correct, but there was nothing they could do.

“IONOS uses an e-commerce 3rd party app that they have white-labeled as their own but is in actual fact is supplied by ECWID which is a Russian App”.

To think IONOS are trying to pass the buck is beyond unreal. I have the latest Antivirus on all my devices and Wordfece on all my websites and it seems a bit of a coincidence that 3 minutes after I was hacked I had two rejection emails saying there was a problem with my payment for and, in which I immediately moved all my money out of my account.

I get invoiced in bulk once a month so there would not have been a problem until IONOS tried to take my money out after the 15th of each month.

I think it is high tide I warn people not to buy restricted words but also to be careful of trademark words.

…and perhaps start looking for another hosting provider, because even as I finish writing this post, I still note that the two domains in question are available for registration, if the same shenanigans continue it may be that they do not value my business (all 91 contracts) or do not want to continue doing any more business with me.

Do I need the domain names not really as I can simply create sub-directories to the tail end of my URL?

It is the security aspect I am the most upset about and how this ruined my bank holiday, instead of spending quality time with my family I had to sort this sh#t out, which prompted me to write this article (yes the word sh#t is a censored word).

IONOS Contact Emails Are As Follows:


My Final Words As I Sign Off

You are more than welcome to try and register the domains, but I have resigned to the fact I do not want them any longer. If you encounter similar problems, leave your comments below. I will be reaching out to the security team before sharing this article on social media for their response.

It seems highly suspicious that the domains are still available and it makes me wonder why this has happened and do they value my business.

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Chat AI Is Trademarked

Chat AI Is Trademarked

Upon checking LinkedIn this morning I came across someone selling and I decided to first investigate. When it comes to popular names and phrases always do a trademark search. Seeing as Chat AI is a US company I decided to search the US database.

Trademark Electronic Search System (TESS) (

The domainer obviously did not do his homework properly.



I have reached out to Steven Colby to see if the words have been protected in all regions or just in the USA and am waiting on a reply, he happens to be one of my connections on LinkedIn.

If the words have not been assigned to all regions it will be the case who came first the chicken or the egg and who can protect the mark first.

Anyone wishing to buy up popular words and phrases should first check to see if they are trademarked.

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Rejestrator domen polskich -(Polish Domain Registrar)

Polish Country Code Domain Extension – Rozszerzenie domeny polskiego kodu kraju

Godaddy & Polish Domain Registrars are on my radar today.

I have multiple Polish Domains Renewing in February, my domains auto-renew is off so you can imagine the shock when domains that were due for renewal in February get renewed even though I had no intention of renewing them.

Obviously, I phoned Godaddy to complain and was told Polish Domain Registrars take payment for Domain Names 3 weeks ahead of the renewal date unlike dot coms or other TLDs, but he could not explain why the domains were renewed even though the auto-renew was not set.

He proceeded to issue me a refund and when I asked will I get the payment back the same day he said yes.

I waited a couple of hours and my bank account did not show any refund so I phoned Godaddy again and was told I had to wait 3 – 10 working days to get my money back.

Now I am a business owner and I use e-commerce payment gateways all the time and I can issue refunds the same day but this agent was being difficult and saying he will not assist me.

Godaddy is a gorilla of a company so you would think they would be able to issue refunds the same day.

As for Polish Registrars, I feel they should do what the rest of the world is doing and not set rules differently, assuming Godaddy has not just taken the payment early.

I responded and said Godaddy should make their consumers know and have something on their website to say that some countries will take payment 3-4 weeks ahead of the renewal date…there was utter silence after that.

What other registrar renews a domain name 3 weeks ahead of schedule? It would be interesting to know other people’s experiences from other countries.

Do let us know in the comments if other countries are doing the same.

I do not have a good word to say about Poland even though my parents were Polish and I have dual nationality. The only reason I have the domain names in question is that I have Polish clients. The Polish Registrar will get paid on the day of renewal and not a day sooner.

I have taken the liberty of translating this post into Polish to make it easier for Polish people to read even though I do have a translator on my site.

Do feel free to make your comments or subscribe to our website.


GoDaddy i rejestratorzy domen polskich są dziś na moim radarze.

Mam wiele odnowień domen polskich w lutym, automatyczne odnawianie moich domen jest wyłączone, więc możesz sobie wyobrazić szok, gdy domeny, które miały zostać odnowione w lutym, zostaną odnowione, mimo że nie miałAm zamiaru ich odnawiać.

Oczywiście zadzwoniłam do GoDaddy, aby złożyć skargę i powiedziano mi, że polscy rejestratorzy domen pobierają płatności za nazwy domen 3 tygodnie przed datą odnowienia, w przeciwieństwie do dot coms lub innych TLD, ale nie potrafił wyjaśnić, dlaczego domeny zostały odnowione, mimo że automatyczne odnowienie nie nastąpiło ustawić.

Przystąpił do zwrotu pieniędzy, a kiedy zapytałem, czy otrzymam zwrot pieniędzy tego samego dnia, powiedział tak.

Czekałam kilka godzin, a moje konto bankowe nie wykazało żadnego zwrotu, więc ponownie zadzwoniłem do GoDaddy i powiedziano mi, że muszę poczekać od 3 do 10 dni roboczych, aby odzyskać pieniądze.

Teraz jestem właścicielkam firmy i cały czas korzystam z bramek płatności e-commerce i mogę wydać zwroty tego samego dnia, ale ten agent był trudny i powiedział, że mi nie pomoże.

Godaddy jest gorylem firmy, więc można by pomyśleć, że będą w stanie dokonać zwrotu tego samego dnia.

Jeśli chodzi o polskich rejestratorów, uważam, że powinni robić to, co robi reszta świata, a nie inaczej ustalać zasady, zakładając, że GoDaddy nie przyjął płatności przedwcześnie.

Odpowiedziałam i powiedziałam, że GoDaddy powinien poinformować swoich konsumentów i mieć coś na swojej stronie internetowej, aby powiedzieć, że niektóre kraje wezmą płatność 3-4 tygodnie przed datą odnowienia… po tym nastąpiła zupełna cisza.

Jaki inny rejestrator odnawia nazwę domeny 3 tygodnie przed terminem? Interesujące byłoby poznanie doświadczeń innych ludzi z innych krajów.

Daj nam znać w komentarzach, jeśli inne kraje robią to samo.

Nie mam dobrego słowa do powiedzenia o Polsce, mimo że moi rodzice byli Polakami, a ja mam podwójne obywatelstwo. Jedynym powodem, dla którego mam przedmiotowe nazwy domen, jest to, że mam polskich klientów. Polski rejestrator otrzyma wypłatę w dniu odnowienia, a nie dzień wcześniej.

Pozwoliłam sobie przetłumaczyć ten post na język polski, aby ułatwić Polakom czytanie, mimo że mam na swojej stronie tłumacza.

Zachęcam do komentowania lub subskrybowania naszej strony internetowej.

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Domain Registrar – Poor Customer Service.

Domain Registrar – Poor Customer Service.

As most of my readers are aware I suffer from “Cerebellar Atrophy” and sometimes I muddle up my words or spell things incorrectly, it’s a bit like dyslexia where you are 100% convinced the spelling is correct even if it is not, as was the case that proved to be costly with the email address I used to register 4 domain names and spelled the email wrong with this domain registrar company ( in December.

It wasn’t until after I checked what was happening with my dot com domains that I spotted the spelling error of my email.

I proceeded to contact (Namesco) in December 2021 trying to explain that their dashboard was not allowing me to update my email and started a support ticket.

I waited until the beginning of January 2022 seeing as I had not heard from them and spoke to someone who said she would correct the spelling error of my email and to wait 48 hours.

Forty-Eight hours came and went and I noticed that both my dot com domain names were still suspended, so I phoned again. Each time I was told my support ticket was in a queue. In total, I have spoken to 7 individuals on 7 separate occasions and today was the last straw and I lost my rag with them.

I was told by the previous agent that I would have to fill out a form and prove I was the owner of the said business “UK Website Designers” so I went two steps further I created a page on my website (If I was not the owner of the website I would not be able to create a page and have their reference number) and addressed it to the person who had emailed me. I even said I would supply official documentation if need be. This correspondence was last week. As well as this I would not be posting on the subdomain of this site either if I did not have some authority.

You could argue that my website designer if I had one may be the one trying to possibly steal the domains in question even though the rest of the registrant data appertained to me correctly and I was able to update my email for the ( versions without any issue through their dashboard, which reflected with Nominet.

I even went to Nominet to prove I was the legal owner of “UK Website Designers” which is a ( domain name ( and screenshot the registrant details of the domain name.

However was not having any of it and my two domain names ( and are still suspended, hence I phoned them one last time with my disdain.

If this carries on I will have no alternative to lodge a complaint with ICANN and tell the world and his neighbors about them.

I have now filled out their wretched form four times on the PDF for four separate domain names. Furthermore, the form was not editable through PDF editor, you would think they would send out a word document or make the PDF amendable, but no, they prefer to drag their heels and make it difficult.

Let see how long it will take for them to get their act together and change the email once and for all.

Will I ever use this company again, most certainly not? Will, I ever recommend this company to anyone? I highly doubt it.

What I will do is put my recommendations in my directory on this site, give them a one-star review and tell my, readers, not to go anywhere near this shambles of an outfit.

Imagine if this was a domain name and I was selling the domain or, my sale would most probably have gone cold, never mind my reputation.

Granted I made the spelling error myself but how hard is it to update an email address to the correct one when logged into the God-forsaken Dashboard?

I have now painstakingly had to delete every backlink I ever created for these domains as it was damaging my reputation.

I am now not bothered about rebranding after this fiasco as this has just put a dampener on things and cost me a lot of time and effort.

What I will do however is give them a run for their money seeing I have just secured and

I will go above and beyond and do everything I can to give their competitors business.

Bad Press.

This company is not without bad news in 2012 they got hacked and all their customers then had to change their compromised card details.


Note From the Editor.

They claim they have never heard of “UK Domain Brokers”, or “UK Website Designers” or myself, well now they will. A simple Google search shows who I am and what businesses I own.

For their information, I own this, and I am slowly growing and may in time outgrow them.

This is NOT how you treat customers.

They are not ranking organically for the search terms “Registrars” or “Premium Domains”, are not on page 1 or 2 of Google, and are resorting to Google Adwords.

The only reason this company came on my radar, in the beginning, was because they were offering a free domain name registration, but this was just a marketing gimmick, to get new signups because once you have registered the first domain name the offer no longer applies. Note the saying “if something is too good to be true it probably is”. Lesson learned as they say.

Let’s see how long it takes them to update my email address.

I will probably write an update on this article rather than make a new one.

Anyone else who has encountered bad experiences with this company is invited to make their comment below.

Update 12/01/22

I have just received an email today and it basically said that the statement I submitted did not have my address, so ICANN may reject the registrant details. Let me tell you the statement did have my address and I have responded to the email. I am also a sole trader and am not registered with companies house just with HMRC.

Email Correspondence, just to prove a point.

If I was not the legal owner of UK Website Designers I would not be able to write this article and copy and paste the email correspondence.

To add more proof to my credibility here is the statement I submitted with content redacted.

Business Bank Statement Redacted.

This is now going to get to the point I will be contacting ICANN myself and starting a UDRP with this company if they do not update my email.

13/01/22 UPDATE.

The saga continues, I filled out the PDFs and attached my signature which you can do as an image on the trial subscription which by coincidence ended yesterday and is normally £15.17 a month. So you can imagine my anger when I get a reply that my signatures were not accepted because they were not in between the lines and were not handwritten.

You can read the email below:

Obviously, this company does not know how signatures work on PDFs, either you type out your name or initials or you can add an image with a handwritten real signature which I did, that matched my driving license. But yet again they are being difficult.

My patient is wearing thin with this company and I do not see why I have to pay a subscription to add my handwritten signature as I cannot scan and print the document as I am working from home.

If they come back with an excuse why they cannot send me the document to add my e-signature, they will give me no alternative to blasting this article all over the internet including LinkedIn where I have over 10K connections and I will tag every single employee of Nameco so that they can read this article. This no doubt will put a dent in their pockets as everyone is going to think twice before using them if this is the trouble a person has and have to go through just to change a simple signature that could have easily been done on their dashboard, thus avoiding this BS. It was not hard to do but they have made it difficult and have wasted my valuable time.

They will then see how good I am at marketing and advertising.

I have had enough 🤬🤬🤬!!!!

UPDATE 17/02/22

The saga continues.

Despite asking multiple times for to send me a PDF with e-signature they point blank refuse to co-operate so I have sent one last email to them requesting they send me a PDF with e-signature. I have embedded an email they sent me and my reply pls all the key people I will tag and send an email to the Director. Obviously, I cannot share his email address for GDPR reasons but if you go to you can get the information on basically anyone.

The email from and my reply are below along with all the key people and just to knock this up a notch I have the email of Director Claudio Corbetta. I will forward my complaint that I send to ICANN and cc him into it as well as translate my email into Italian.

This is beyond a joke and everyone on this planet will get to read my disdain for this company if they do not cooperate with me.

To raise a complaint with ICANN

To contact VERISIGN


According to “William Lowe” it is the responsibility of the customer to get a tool that allows for e-signatures. If a company wants an e-signature they should be responsible for sending out a document and not the other way round. What’s worse is the fact after reading the bad reviews on Trustpilot, I have learned to transfer my domains to another provider Namesco LTD will charge for the service. for an authorization code. Reading the reviews they are saying this is industry standard they are chatting 💩. I have used many registrars in my time and non-charge to move a domain away. It is the new registrar that you move a domain to that will charge for new registration. As soon as I get these domains I will move them and deactivate my account. I most certainly will not be paying any admin fees.

I have had a gut full, all this just to change an email address and put an e- signature on a PDF. I do not see why I have to pay the adobe acrobat subscription which costs £25 per month just to add an e-signature. I am not eligible for the trial as the offer has expired. If they want the e-signature so bad then they should pay for the e-signature tool. I cannot leave my premises to go anywhere as I am working from home and I am isolating. If I have to waste money to provide an e-signature them it is on,y right they lose money because I will make this go viral.


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Transferring Domain Names

Warning Be Careful How You Transfer Domain Names.

In June of this year I transferred a domain name from to the new registrant at

Normally when a domain is transferred the new owner updates his contact details and ‘hey presto every thing is hunkey dorey’. However to my shock and horror and feeling extremely unwell after the ordeal today some 7 months later I get a notification to my email address saying there is a problem with renewing the said domain name that I had transferred.

You have to hear me out. Now considering I am not the legal owner of the domain name I should not be getting renewal notifications, so I hop on the chat widget to try and resolve the issue. I must first say I tried logging in with the email Namecheap used to send me the notification and it said “no user found”. I thought maybe I could just reset the password and renew the domain on behalf of my client but that did not work.

The problem is my client does not want the domain name to drop and apparantly he is not the legal owner of the domain name but the website designer is.

The plot thickens as I will explian….

Once I started the chat I was told that my email was not associated with the domain.

So my question was “why am I getting renewal reminders”?

To be honest I think it is a scam as the legal owner would have their contact details on the system, yet Namecheap seem to have mine but will not give me access to the account.

Seeing as I have not given Nampecheap permission to use my email which I have never before communicated with them using it, I can only think they have it from Nominet as how else would they have my email considering I never shared it with anyone?

This email may I add is not my business email but my private one, which I used originally when I registered the domain with however many years ago.

Now get this they will allow a third party meaning me or my client to renew the domain name. (Secret Santa).

They wrote in the chat:

If you agree with these conditions, you will need to create a seperate account with us at and deposit the amount necessary for the domain renewal in this case ($9.58/year). You can use this guide while adding funds:

Now this is the bit that is mind boggling when I transferred the domain in June I sent the details to my client who passed it on to his web designer who I assumed registered the domain name but did not update my client’s contact details.

So that means my contact details must be on the system but I have no access to my details which is a violation of GDPR policy.

Namecheap continued to say:

“The Regsitrant email address is not listed in any Whois databases for this domain”.

Remember I transferred to domain so I am no longer the registrant.

According to ICANN:

To transfer your domain name to another registrant, you can initiate a change of registrant by contacting your current registrar. Your registrar will then ask for your confirmation via a secure mechanism (which typically will take the form of an email to the registered name holder). You must provide your confirmation within the number of days set by your registrar (not to exceed 60 days) or your transfer will not proceed. Once your registrar receives confirmation from you, they will process the transfer and notify you and the new registrant once the transfer is completed.

This is a farce, a total shambles and how can they not have the current registrant email as their client if they do not have his email?

He would have had to have an email to set up an account with them?

I believe they are scamming and may in deed get two lots of money one from the registrant and one from me.

It is impossible for them not to have the domain name owners email address as he would have had to use it to login into his account.

The legal owner of the domain name which is a well known Brand has not had his name updated so he appartantly is not the legal owner but instead the web designer is the legal owner who for some reason cannot be contacted.

I will be contacting Nominet in the morning to explain what has happened and will either get the Brand owner or myself to renew the domain name, but I have never heard about a ‘Secret Santa Funding‘ on any registrar.

I would like to know if this has happened to you?, please leave your comments below.

I will not be using this company ever and will not be recommending them to any of my readers or clients.

Final Thoughts.

I am not going to mention the Brand Name to keep his details private but this is a word of warning if you have a web designer manage your website, he must show in a contract that says the domain name belongs to you and the brand owner (you) can use this piece of paper to give to the registrar if things go belly up.

USE ESCROW FOR ALL YOUR TRANSFERS AND LET THE NEW OWNER KNOW THAT THERE ARE TRANSFER FEES. It is better to pay the little extra for a transfer and have everyone safeguarded than end up with a web designer cybersquatting your domain name.

All you need is to let the web designer to change dns records so that your website becomes live. You do not need to give ownership details. Buy or Sell Online Without the Fear of Fraud

Town & Village Domain Names. and

Raczyna.PL & Dot Com

I wrote a post a while back about Sovereign Domain Names over Iceland the Country trying to sue Iceland the Grocery Chain in the UK.

However moving on I acquired two domain names from where my mother was born in Rączyna ( & in Poland, which I have since developed.

Now I have in the back of my mind slight anxiety because I know how crazy this country Poland is and I have seen firsthand how they demand things, similar to the the Royals in UAE.

Upon doing some research it is apparent that town and village domain names cannot be trademarked, unlike country domain names which in theory cannot be registered as they are part of the sovereign state. This means the Country Name alone cannot be registered and has to have a second or third keyword after it e.g.: ‘UK Domain Brokers’ or ‘UK Website Designers’.

So even though I have recently dropped some ‘Neom’ Keyword domain names I am now feeling slightly apprehensive because the Polish domain names are part of a blog to expand my personal branding and services, but also to teach local farmers about hemp cultivation and CBD products.

So you’re thinking why I am getting myself into a bit of a pickle is because the village ‘Rączyna’ has most of my family living there and because of an ongoing family feud I also wanted to let the whole village know what type of people my family are.

I have tried twice to offer an olive branch to make peace and both times was told they were not interested in making amends. So without mentioning their names, the villagers will put two and two together and will know who I am as news travels fast amongst villagers.

I have purposely not mentioned their names but have put the article under ‘Rączyna News’, Not only that I plan to write an autobiography to include how they have treated my daughter and I. Basically to cut a long story short my Aunt has scammed her way into taking land that rightfully belonged to my mother. My proposal was that they could have the land as long as they started growing hemp. However, my cousin said it was illegal to grow hemp which in the blog I have proved him wrong. I told him if he did not want to work with me I would make sure he would never be able to sell his produce should he change his mind.

So even if they did not use their real names in applying for investments they would surely be found out once they sign written commission agreements which would require a sworn affidavit.

So either way my family bridges have been burnt and to think all I wanted was a public apology from my cousin’s mother and his wife.

If You want to read about it here is the link: It is written in Polish but there is a translator widget you can use.

So even though I am slightly apprehensive I will wait it out and if the local authorities try to demand I release the domains to them as I have documented evidence that I did try to contact them a while ago to see if they had any objections or if they were interested in acquiring it from me. The domains are in use now. So it will be the case what came first the chicken or the egg.

Towns don’t have trademarks on their names so trademark law does not apply. Anything with a geographical origin cannot be used as a trademark. But once you include some additional letters or text then it is a whole new ball game and these types of domains can be trademarked.

Hence “Cardiff” (Cardiff+ext) cannot be trademarked but “Cardiff Pizza” (Cardiff+keyword+ext) can.

The only time things could go belly up is if the domain damages the reputation of a specific town or village then the domain owner may be held liable for this damage, which will result in a legal complaint and that could result in you losing the domain name.

Obviously, I have not said anything derogatory about the village, just about some of the people in it.

My main focus is to advertise hemp cultivation and CBD production. Even if I lost both these domain names which are merely pointing to my blog they cannot take my blog down and I will have plan B as I have acquired the following domain names which I would put in its place I am merely taking advantage of the fact how much traffic I can generate at this present moment in time:

So the only time I think it may be a problem is if:

  • The intended use of the website is illegal and detrimental to your town. (Which it is not).
  • If the domain is readily available to register then there should not be a problem unless it has been registered and is deemed as cybersquatting in exchange for a ransom monetary demand.

The domain is available for registration (if you can go through with the registration it means that it hasn’t been listed as reserved, registrars have lists of domains not available to the public which sometimes include geographical locations), I beg to differ on this as when I first started out many years ago I got a ticking off even though it was not a geographical location for having in which Gucci demanded I surrender the domain name. This was many years ago may I add and have since learned what you can and cannot register.

Just remember do not just buy a domain name and sit on it. Develop it to create traffic which will make your domain name more valuable and if you can offer a product or service you are in theory creating equity.

Using Offshore Web Designers – Domain Dispute Part 3

If you have been following the story of the electrician that lost his domain name because the website designers in India forgot to renew the domain name (so they claimed) and it was later registered to someone who then made a clothing site even though the keywords in the domain name did not appertain to the inventory on the site.

Since then my client sent an invoice for the loss of business and a covering letter saying he would be taking legal action the website designers then sent my client an email, saying they would re-design the site and instructed him to clear his cookies and caches.

So this means they are associated with the person who registered the domain in bad faith.

This is how the site looked like before it was taken down with the clothing inventory.

And this is how it looks like now:

So this person has lied through his teeth, said he did not know who registered the domain and upon receiving an invoice took the website down.

Since I got involved with this I have had multiple phishing emails coming into my inboxes on a daily basis, I do not know if it is coincidence as I cannot prove anything, but it seems fishy to me.

I have now registered on behalf of my client and we have a contract in place the dot UK version of the which is now pointing to his website I built for him courtesy of someone I was talking to on forum about this.

So this web designer has lost all hope in hell of my client ever doing business with this company in India ever again.

I certainly would not go to these lengths to keep a client as it is unprofessional and underhand and just gives a bad name for people in the industry that want to make an honest living.

Anyone reading this should avoid this person and the company like the plague or in the present climate the coronavirus.

Stay safe people and support local businesses, they need you right now.

Using Offshore Web Designers – Domain Dispute Part 2

Update from my last post…….it has transpired that my client’s domain name was transferred to a marketing company who instead of asking him to change DNS records asked to takeover the domain name to manage. They then had a website site designer company develop a website for him and this year due to the Coronavirus Lockdown and breakdown of communication the website designers admitted that they were at fault and failed to renew my clients domain name.

I have the emails that they had dropped the domain by accident and did not renew it.

As a consequence my client who has been in business for over 15 years and has branded his vehicles with the domain name lost the domain name to someone else who registered the domain in bad faith.

I will explain in a moment and will also warn anyone that gets contacted by these companies which are based in India & USA to stay well away.

The marketing company that first took over the domain was

So moving forward HML Marketing had SEOFIED developed my clients domain name. The website designers are located in India.

So this is where it gets interesting in April of this year according to they dropped the domain name by accident and failed to renew the said domain which I will come to in a moment.

My clients domain name that has been compromised is owned by someone who registered the domain in bad faith and I will now show you why: which points to a clothing website as the keywords in the domain name have nothing to do with the fashion industry and get this the site even has powered by ‘First Phase Electrical Wales’ in the footer of the website lol.

My clients branding has been jeopardised, never mind his carbon footprint of backlinks he has accumilated over the last few years.

Here is proof of his branding.

First Phase Electrical Wales Branding.

The reason why I am involved in this is my client came to me a while ago and said he was concerned that were not doing their job properly and were not updating him or replying to his emails.

So I asked if he had an agreement with them like a contract and he said he did not.

I then instructed him to give notice and ask for them to transfer the domain back to him and for my client to change the DNS records to point to a website I had built him

Re-Branding Estimated Costs

Brand Audit / Discovery£1000£10,000
Brand Strategy£1000£50,000
Brand Identity£2500£50,000
Brand Guidelines£1500£10,000+
Signage Design£500£5,000
Stationery Design£300£10,000
Packaging Design£1000£10,000
Vehicle Livery£500£10,000+
TOTAL COST                    Low Cost £7,400            High Cost £155,000

As per the time of my email to my client I calculated how much income he has lost because his domain was inaccessible based on the 83 days would have beeen as follows:

Consumer unit (fuse box) replacement £500 (0.5 – 1 day)

Electrical inspection report £90 – £180 (4 – 8 hours)

Install and supply a double socket £80 – £130 (1 – 3 hours)

Light fitting replacement £40 – £60 (0.5 – 1 hour)

Repair a damaged power cable £40 – £60 (0.5 – 1 hour)

Electric cooker installation £50 – £80 (0.5 – 1 hour)

Electric shower installation £250 – £400 (1 day)

Install an external security light £90 – £140 (1 – 3 hours)

EV charge point installation £200 to £300 (1 day)

The average loss of business is between:

£180-£350 per day.

Low @ £180 per day x 83 days is £14,940.00
High @ £350 per day x 83 day is  £29,050.00

So therefore my clients total losses based on 83 days would be something like:

LOW COST: £14,940.00 in lost income plus re-branding £7,400.00 Total £22,340.00
HIGH COST: £29,050.00 in lost income plus re-branding £155,000.00 Total £184,050.00

However it has surpassed 90 days from the time my client no longer had any access to the domain that was registered on the 10th July 2020.

I need to also note my suspicions as my clients website was still showing as it were an electrical website up until August so that meant that the owner of the website simply changed registrant owner details in July 2020 and in August changed the look of the website.

The current owner has the domain registered with

I spoke with Nominet and they told me to get my client to contact this registrar to pass on a message to the owner.

I also sent a direct message on the contact form of the compromised domain/website to cease and desist using the domain name and not surprisingly I did not get a reply.

Nominet advised to start a complaint via if my client does not get a reply from the current owners registrar.

Moral of the story – support local businesses and consider this, if a website designer offers a low cost website from abroad , what they are essentially doing is reeling you in. Do not think for one moment you are getting a bargain on the contrary in the long run you are getting what you pay for.

I have also added a link to more nightmare web designer stories:

Finally if your are approached by or


If you are in South Wales UK and need any electrical work Commercial or Electrical do give my client a call and check out the website I built for him.

With the coronavirus affecting a lot of businesses and my clients brand in limbo do try and support him, by liking, sharing, and commenting on this post.

Using Offshore Web Designers – Domain Dispute Part 1.

Before I start to explain why I have written this post today, I would firstly like to make this introduction my most important point. Whenever you are going to engage in website design and domain name registration with another company, you MUST have a CONTRACT in place if things go pear shape further down the line.

With companies popping up in India daily offering you cheap web design and hosting it is very tempting to get drawn to these companies but what happens when the company suddenly disappears or transfers your domain and points it to another website that they own, this in turn can causes major problems for your business. What do you do?

Whenever you engage in business with another party, always check them out, see if anyone has written anything bad about them and see how many connections or followers they have. It is always good to perform due diligence on a business to see if they are legitimate or not.

If a company has 190 followers but according to their website they have 90+ staff you may want to question are these figures true and what else are they not telling you, when in reality they have 72 employees in the LinkedIn profile, with offices right round the world.

Did you know you can buy telephone numbers and adresses from different locations around the world to make it look as if you are located in may countries, but in reality you are working in you bedroom all by yourself. Did you also know you can buy followers and likes to social media accounts in which some are just bots and not real users. The world is fake and we need to be careful to suss out the real businesses from the shady ones.

Also if a business claims to have all these offices right round the world but uses the business address as a Flat No, this should set off alarm bells. Just because a website is nicely designed does not mean anything if the owner of the website is indeed not telling you the truth and refraining from drawing up contracts.

So like I said there is a reason for this post as a client of mine contacted me yesterday and said one of his other websites and domain name was pointing to a clothing site yet he is an electrician. So to try and help him I performed a whois report and found the domain had been renewed on the 10th July 2020 and changed servers 7 times in its history, which to me meant that the company that registered the domain on behalf of my client are now cybersquatting his domain name.

My client as a result is losing business hand over fist as his domain name has a carbon foot print many miles long.

I am trying to get my head round this, say for argument sake a client comes to me and orders a web hosting package and asks me to register the domain name on his her behalf. I would first and foremost draw up an agreement stating what would happen if the client defaulted or came to end of his/her contract. I would not leave them in the lurch for starters. Secondly I would not be changing servers. If say I used a particular domain name provider and wanted to host the domain on one of my servers I would not start changing servers unless there was something wrong with them. By changing servers whilst hosting and transferring domain names you will be able to change the ip address and make it more difficult to trace the domain owner.

After more digging I even found a blog that my client is most probably not aware of, using his brand name and logo which has affiliate links integrated into it. All this will be in my report to my client and again all there is a contact form but no email or other contact details. Considering this company I am investigating claims to be professional they are giving a bad name for all other website designers in India and their blog looks like a five year old has done it.

For all intents and purposes I will not post the business entity name or the CEOs for legal reason just yet, which may I add I have sent invitations to connect with me today on Linkedin until I get postive feeback from them.

Hopefully this will get resolved without the whole world knowing about it and it will be a lesson learnt always have a contract and maintain communication between you client and web developer.

As you know I have nearly 8,000 connection of LinkedIn most of which are domain name investors, brokers, website designers and internet marketers and yes some are from India.

(I am not saying all businesses in India are bad, just this particular one that looks very shady, in fact far from it as I do have some very good clients that I work with from India and this particular company I am investigating is giving everyone else a bad name.

I have in the past had my fair share of emails from dubious web developers from India claiming they can do this that and the other and being something that they are not and if they do not have email signatures or links to their websites stay well away, especially if they use western names rather than their own.

As an exampIe for argument sake I may have an email from someone called ‘Tom Jones’ not the welsh singer but in fact someone in India using a western name, the trust of that person has immediately gone through the window and I will not entertain that person.

If you cannot be honest and use your real name and your real location then you obviously have something to hide. You must be transparent in your business so that people can trust you.

The reason why there are so many web designers, app developers and computer programmers from India is because schools in India from elemetary teach their children computer science as a compulsary subject. This is the future and computer programming, web design, software, app development and artificial intelligence are the main stream industries to be in.

With this said I also have connections with some of the top registrars and connections with WIPO so it would not be beneficial for this company to not try and resolve this issue as quickly as possible as they certainly would not want the bad publicity.

But for the time being I will leave you with these thoughts, whenever you are doing business with a web designer/ app developer or software progammer or business in general from another country make sure you have a written agreement in place and always do your homework and check them out before agreeing to anything.

Will update you when my client and I get some news.

Stay safe!

Sovereign Country Name Domain Names

Country Domain Names

Sovereign Country Domain Names.

I was having a conversation with my solicitor a while back and we were talking about branding and how you should not brand your business as a country name. Moving forward to today I had a request to help sell a country name and basically, you cannot register country names with the view of branding them without getting yourself into hot water. Here is a scenario a British well-known PLC company branded itself as a Business selling Frozen Food.

Iceland Foods Ltd is a British supermarket chain headquartered in Wales, with an emphasis on the sale of frozen foods, including prepared meals and vegetables. They also sell non-frozen grocery items such as produce, meat, dairy, and dry goods. The company has an approximate 2.2% share of the UK food market. CEO: Malcolm Walker (Feb 2005–) Founder: Malcolm WalkerFounded: 1970Number of locations: 800Parent organization: Brait

However, they have got themselves into a bit of a pickle as Iceland Government is attempting to sue them. Please read the following link:

So the moral of the story, although country domain names have been bought and sold before, it’s only a matter of time before the Government of that country may turn around and sue. Do you want to face legal action for not being original.

The Icelandic government has confirmed it is considering launching a lawsuit against British supermarket Iceland over its name. It has taken 46 years for Iceland to contemplate filing a lawsuit against the trademark ‘Iceland’ according to Iceland’s ministry of foreign affairs. This would mean a “cancellation action” against the supermarket’s Europe-wide trademark registration for the name Iceland.

Promote Iceland, a marketing agency linked to the Icelandic foreign ministry, said it has no intention of forcing Iceland Foods to give up its brand but wants to make sure Iceland the brand does not stop other companies also calling themselves ‘Iceland’ across the UK & EU. (I can already see an argument as a trademark can argue that if another company sets themselves up in the EU, for instance, selling Iceland Foods that they could have a staked claim towards that company) Is it me or can I see a future UDRP? Your comments are welcome….. Managing Director Jon Asbergsson of Promote Iceland’ Marketing Agency said “We are looking for a ‘live and let live’ outcome”.

The way I see this is the word ‘Iceland’ can be interpreted as ‘Ice Land’ which can be argued. Furthermore, if the brand is helping the economy and is in no way affiliated with Iceland the Country and it has been trading since 1970, why take 46 years to sue the trademark owner? As long as the sovereign state secures the dot com for its country then the other domain extensions could be used for other purposes.

The government said the supermarket chain has launched and won “multiple cases” against Icelandic companies for using the word, “even in cases when the products and services were not competitors.

According to the Icelandic Government. a decision about legal proceeding with this claim will only be made after a full evaluation of the interests of Icelandic businesses and their people.

The spokesman for ‘Iceland’ the brand said “We have also traded as Iceland for many years in other EU countries, and in non-EU countries, including Iceland itself. We are not aware that our use of the Iceland name has ever caused any confusion with Iceland the country.”

The relationship between the supermarket and the Nordic nation is by far a very frosty one.

To read the full article please follow this link:

In relation to other country names I personally would steer well clear of them unless you were branding yourself like or or Can you see where I am going with this and that I have not just used the Country ‘Cymru’ or ‘UK’ alone but instead used a combination of words.

Stay Safe People!

More news coming in on the same topic of ‘Sovereign Immunity’ date 29/08/19 or for the US readers 08/29/19. A chap by the name of Jean-Noël Frydman, who registered in 1994 was sued by the French Government and he lost his domain. It stands to reason you do not hold a country name hostage. You cannot register a sovereign name unless you like the publicity. You can read more about it here:

I do have one question, why did it take so long for it to come to court? Ummm……

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