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IP: Attempted to Hack My site.

IP: Attempted to Hack My site

Hackers Site

“I think it is only right to give this person their five minutes of fame considering the effort they have gone to trying to hack my website”.

I used the following service to do a ‘Reverse IP Look Up’:


This is the message I had from WordPress, I have redacted some of the information and sent the hacker an email. The original WordPress message can be seen at the bottom of the screenshot.

I have enlarged the text below!

Fw: [] Failed WordPress login attempt by IP

From: xxxxxx@xxxxxxxxxxxxx Tue 08/06/2021 11:37


I have just done an IP Address Look UP

IP Address Location Information for


  • City: Rangpur
  • State: Rangpur
  • Country: Bangladesh
  • Postal Code: 5403
  • Time Zone: +06:00

Host Info for 135115ISP: Wims OnlineHost Name: Domain:

Proxy Check Info for

  • Proxy: No

And am wondering why you are attempting to hack ??????????????????????🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

From: <>
Sent: 08 June 2021 10:48
To: xxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: [] Failed WordPress login attempt by IP  


12 failed login attempts (3 lockout(s)) from IP
Last user attempted: xxxxxxxxxxxx
IP was blocked for 20 minutes

This notification was sent automatically via Limit Login Attempts Reloaded Plugin. This is installed on your WordPress site. Please login to your WordPress dashboard to view more info.

Under Attack? Try our advanced protection. Have Questions? Visit our help section.

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Looking For Partners or Investors

Looking For Partners of Investors For The Following Websites.


  1. (Four Domain Names & Two Directories -Bundle) (static site with sister site and additional domain names and Roath District in Cardiff, Wales, UK.
  6. (Four Domain Names and One Directory (which points to – directory and forum and
  7. – (Domain For Sale), (points to – not for sale!)
  10. (currently under construction, which points to
  11. (is under construction and is serving as advertising space for my client who is trying to sell his horse racing network business and I did some marketing posts:
  12. and dot com (directory/forum, purpose advertising for banks).

Read More:

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Websites For Sale & Update!

Websites For Sale & Update

As my regular readers know I manage several marketing websites and blogs and have been busy developing and marketing, hence that is why I have been off-radar on here, however, if you want to follow me on my marketing channel you can always subscribe to (not for sale) and

Other than all the other domain names are semi-developed and maybe for sale. I say maybe for sale is the $64M Dollar question because I am toying with the idea of making most of the sites into business directories and have income from the advertising space on the sites similar to what I have on this site. Anyone interested in partnering with me or buying the domains outright should contact me using the form below in the first instance with your thoughts and ideas.

See I am not simply selling undeveloped domain names, I am selling websites that with some dedication from a third party can become an oak tree from an acorn.

The problem, if I am entirely honest, is that I start so many projects but then find I do not have time to finish them properly in the set time frame, I give myself and before long another website comes along and find that some get slightly neglected.

As an example, I started and and again they need some TLC. However a company in China is interested in the dot com counterpart domain extension, so will have to wait and see if they give me an offer that is worth accepting.

Contact Us Here!

I am delighted to announce I have a domain name for sale that I working with another domain broker (Michael Dooner) to find a buyer.

To be perfectly honest the reserve price the buyer has set is too low in my opinion and I believe the domain names is worth more than the asking price.

I wrote in-depth how this domain name could be developed and the advertising prices that could be integrated into the site making it a multi-million GBP Domain Name.

You can read my article here:

If you are interested in making an offer either fill in the form below or the form on the other site, both forms will come to me.

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New Hot Dot Com’s



THE FULL LIST IS AS FOLLOWS: – make an offer – make an offer – make an offer – make an offer – make an offer – make an offer $35m – $575k – Make An Offer $1.25m $490k $550k $1.75m $88k $450k $150k $375k $150k $145k $250k $1.75m $180k $75k $75k $75k $125k

E.Biz $110k $25k $75k $415k $1m

Online.Poker $475k

Online.Dating $425k

Online.Trading $425k $75k $75k $1.5m $75k $55k $80k $45k $155k $75k $45k $45k $35K

Anyone Insterested in these Domain Names should contact us using the form below:

One & Two Word Dot Coms.

One & Two Word Dot Coms For Sale.

I not so long ago wrote a post about short one word dot coms on my other marketing blog and was told not to allow the names to be known on the internet:

So here is the thing unless you have a little black book of millionaires and billionaires eagerly waiting to buy your domain names, what do you do?

Fortunately for me I am connected with Millionaires, Billionaires and Royalty on my LinkedIn account so I can reach out to the said people, should I so wish. However not all will see the vision of domain names and may simply not respond.

Selling high ticket domain names you are basically looking for a needle in the haystack if you do not market the domain names for sale.

How is anyone going to know your domain name is for sale if you do not advertise?

Similar to a Mansion in Beverely Hills even Hollywood A-Listers will advertise their homes for sale on websites such as they recently had a series on Netflix called “Selling Sunset”. if that is not in your face I do not know what is. Clearly their marketing was to capture an audience using a streaming channel. Very clever considering most people are tuning in to Netflix during lockdown.

From past experience I have heard that if you make an asset so well known that evenetually it devalues in price as did the Harrods Diamond that was later taken off the market, because it grew so popular in terms of its advertising, meaning from my understanding the more people know about the asset the less valuable it becomes.

Its is not always about the market value but more to do with perceived equity and how much it might be worth in the future.

Of my undertanding if I was selling the most expensive diamond in the world or a domain name, how are people even going to know that it exists and it is for sale and if i do no advertising especially if say I did not have my little black book?

The diamond or the domain will still retain its market value even if I made massive billboard ads, but possibly may loose it rarity and elusiveness.

Therefore if people do not write about the asset no one is going to know it exists and one cannot always rely on the little black book.

Here is the list of domain names I have been asked to broker alongside another broker. Obviously I will be doing outbound marketing and activating my connections to get some traction, no names will be mentioned to maintain privacy and mystery:

ONE & TWO WORD DOMAINS FOR SALE! $1.25m $490k $550k $1.75m $88k $450k $150k $375k $150k $145k $250k $1.75k $180k $75k $75k $75k $125k

E.Biz $110k $25k $75k $415k $1m

Online.Poker $475k

Online.Dating $425k

Online.Trading $425k $75k $75k $1.5m $75k $55k $80k $45k $155k $75k $45k $45k $35K $35m

Please Contact Us by using the form below about any of the domain names, listed above. Someone will get back to you with on 24 hours.

Final Thoughts.

Over the weekend I will talk about the domain names I have acquired and what my plans are once they are fully developed.

Stay tuned!

60 Top Domain Name Millionaires

Hi Guys sorry for being off radar for a while, I have been busy developing websites and marketing and have decided to post on here as it is long over due.

The following list I borrowed from:

This is a useful list to have if you have any high value domain names, but remember these people are domain investors not end users, hence they will not be paying the same amount as the final end user.

Watch out for my list of one word dot coms which I am about to publish on here which I am working with another broker before the week is out with one domain name asking price £35 Million coming soon…..

Here is the list of Domain Name Millionaires of all time.

1. Adam Dicker (DNF)
Adam Dicker first bought DNF back in March of 2003. He is the founder of High Impact Sites, Inc., a company who makes their money by buying high traffic domain names and turning them into pay-per-click sites. Apart from domains, Dicker also runs several high profile websites, such as the site that put his name out there in the first place, DNF.

2. Ammar Kubba (TrafficZ)
Ammar Kubba is the CEO of Thought Convergence, Inc., a business advisor, and an investor. Ammar had an integral part in TrafficZ, which already had a reputation of its own before being acquired by Kubba.

3. Andrew Hazen (
Andrew Hazen is what you would consider a senior domain name entrepreneur. Hazen began in 1996, helping to beef up different websites for profit, all while attending law school. After perfecting his craft of landing websites in the top 5 results in search engines, he began to purchase and acquire various domains and turn them into his own.

4. Bill Muskin (
Bill Mushkin is the founder and CEO of, as well as Mushkin, Inc. Bill seems to like to play both sides of the court, as Mushkin Inc. is a large seller of computer parts and accessories, and is one of the largest domain registrars in the world.

5. Bob Parsons (
By now, most people have seen the somewhat risqué commercials. But not very many people know the man behind it. Bob Parsons founded in 1997, and now has on his hands one of the most famous and most profitable domain registrars.

6. Chad Folkening (eCorp)
Chad Folkening has had an interesting slew of twists and turns in his rise to the top. He is no doubt one of the industries heavyweights, but what’s different about Chad is his motivation. He essentially used his life’s experiences as fuel for the fire to skyrocket him into one of the least known, yet well-established domain name owners.

7. Bruce Tonkin (Melbourne IT)
Dr. Bruce Tonkin is currently the Chief Strategy Officer of Melbourne IT. He is very well versed in electronics and electrical engineering. Tonkin oversees all of the partnerships with the company, planning out long-term strategies for benefit for the company.

8. Chris Ambler (eNom)
Chris Ambler is one of the smartest men on the planet, having begun his computer programming experience back in 1979…at 12 years old. He refers to himself as the “Powerful Internet Ninja”, working with the best of the best in all spectrums of the computer industry.

9. Chris Chena
Chris Chena became an overnight sensation when he took a different approach to buying domain names. Chena comes from Paraguay and is thus fluent in Spanish. He developed 3 big domain names: (cars), (trips), and (classifieds). Needless to say, he was able to tap into a fairly untouched market. He now owns Chena Ventures.

10. Chris Maroney (Original Afternic)
Chris Maroney is the Co-CEO of operates a little differently than most domain sites. Instead of buying a domain itself, allows you to browse and purchase “Aftermarket” domain names (domain names which are already in use and established).

11. Colin Yu (Reinvent)
Much like Dr. Bruce Tonkin who made the list earlier, Colin Yu has been an entrepreneur since his early years. He is also the Chief Strategy Officer and co-founder of Reinvent media group. Colin helped to found Reinvent media group back in 2000 shortly after his 10 year tenure with HSBC bank.

12. Dan Parisi (
Dan Parisi founded as a political entertainment website back in 1997. Over time more and more adult content began being published to the site from other users, leading in some negative reactions from the general public, and even a letter from former President Bill Clinton. As of 2004, Parisi sold the domain and it now functions as a site for Google ads.

13. Dan Warner (Fabulous)
Dan Warner worked as the COO of Dark Blue Sea, Ltd., during the acquisition of, a domain name registration and monetization site. Dan has since departed from Dark Blue Sea, Ltd. and is now the CEO of

14. David and Michael Castello (
The Castello Brothers began their quest for millions as humble musicians. In 1991, Michael began his search through the then archaic internet to begin creating a website for their band. What he discovered instead was the world of domain names, and began registering various domain names. Today, CCIN is one of the premier developers of city domains, such as and

15. Dean Shannon (Fabulous)
Dean Shannon is the founder of (mentioned above). Dean Shannon has been instrumental in the development of the domain industry, holding one of the first domain conferences in 2002.

16. Eliot Noss (Tucows)
Eliot Noss has been with Tucows since 1997. He originally held the position of Vice President of Corporate Services for Tucows Interactive, Ltd., After its purchase by Tucows Delaware in May 1999, he was made the President and CEO in 2001.

17. Eric Harrington (Moniker)
Founder of, Eric Harrington has a long list of big names for which he’s worked for in the past 20 years, such as Ford and GE. Harrington stepped down from in 2009 in order to focus on his next venture, Harrington Enterprises.

18. Eric Rice (BulkRegister)
Eric Rice was a key factor in the success of BulkRegister. He helped create new methods for domain aftermarket and really made BulkRegister renowned for their excellent customer service. BulkRegister was bought out in 2006.

19. Frank Schilling (Name Administration)
Frank Schilling began Name Administration only 12 years ago. Although he is 42 years old, he is one of the few in the domain industry who has been able to throw his name in the hat so late and still achieve the success he has. Today, he is one of the most renowned “domainers” in the world.

20. Fred Hsu (Oversee)
Fred Hsu is one of the founders of Hsu helped to build the site from the ground up and is currently the largest individual shareholder of the company. Hsu is now the President and CEO of

21. George Decarlo (Dotster)
George Decarlo founded Dotster back in 1999 as a domain registrar. Since then, Dotster has expanded to web hosting and design. Over 1 million domains registered under the Dotster name.

22. Gregory J. Manriquez (NameDrive)
Namedrive, the company that Gregory Manriquez founded in 2005, is a site that deals with many different aspects of domain parking, such as brokerage and optimization. Manriquez is one of the youngest of the “domainers”, but had a very tight grasp on the industry, even filing for a patent in 2008 for domain name securitization.

23. Howard Neu (T.R.A.F.F.I.C)
Neu’s accomplishments include singing, acting, radio and T.V., politics, and even law. He is one of the only people on the list whose spin is more of the legal kind rather than being an internet specialist for 20+ years. He is one of the oldest on the list, but he is also one of the most well-rounded people in the domain business.

24. Jay Westerdal (DomainTools)
Jay Westerdal is the founder of is a unique site that has the ability to look up the historical ownership of a website. Aside from DomainTools, he also has his own personal blog in which he covers a wide variety of topics, mainly focusing on technology.

25. John Kane (eNom)
John Kane is the Senior Vice President for eNom, Inc. He has aided eNom in becoming the second largest domain registrar in the world, as well as one of the most recognized names in the domain industry.

26. Jon Whelan (Afternic)
Jon Whelan is currently the co-CEO of In addition to AfterNIC, he is also a part of the New York Angels, an invitation-only organization made up of Angel Investors.

27. Joyce Lin (007 Names)
Joyce Lin is yet another veteran to the domain business. She is the Vice President of and a member of the Registrar Stakeholder Group. has been providing web hosting services since 1996.

28. JP Vazquez (Capitol Domains)
JP Vazquez is one of the leading internet experts, as well as a consultant. As the Vice President of Finance for iHoldings, Inc., he helped to acquire domains such as and In 2007, Dell filed a lawsuit against Vazquez for a variety of activities that they believed were unlawful.

29. Kevin Ham (Reinvent)
Kevin Ham is one of the few Canadians on the list. However, he is the Founder and CEO of Reinvent, Inc. Reinvent, Inc. was founded back in 2000 and continues to remain a strong contender in the domain arena.

30. Kevin Medina (
Kevin Medina was the CEO of domain registrar In 2007, a slew of customer complaints and claims of missing and misused money came to light, putting RegisterFly, and Kevin Medina, in jeopardy. Since that time, has filed for bankruptcy.

31. Lawrence Ng (Oversee)
Lawrence Ng is the co-founder (along with Fred Hsu who also made the list) and CEO of He has a mind for business, with their annual revenue well over $200 million in 2007 and steadily rising ever since.

32. Marc Ostrofsky (
Marc Ostrofsky is a force to be reckoned with in the domain industry. Aside from, he is a New York Times Bestselling author. Unlike many other people on the list, Marc is a public figure, having appeared on many different television networks and in newspapers.

33. Markus Schnermann (Keyword Domains)
Known as the “superstar of the domain industry”, Markus Schnermann has built himself into a prominent figure in the domain industry. He first began to explore the world of domains in 1997 and since has stuck to the method of using the profits from the domains he sells to reinvest in buying more domains.

34. Michael Arrington (
Michael Arrington is the founder of TechCrunch, a technology blog. However, Arrington is most famous for his stint in which Arrington led his team to success in just a little less than a year.

35. Michael Collins (Afternic)
Michael Collins is a former member and co-founder of the Afternic crew. Michael and his brother Roger (who will appear on this list as well), founded Afternic back in 2002. Michael left the company back in 2007 to pursue other career opportunities.

36. Michael Kovatch (
Just about everybody in today’s day and age knows about iPhones. However, back in 1995, Michael Kovatch purchased a domain name called, planning to turn it into a business someday. Back in 2007, shortly after the arrival of the iPhone, Apple contacted Michael to purchase the domain name due to the massive amount of traffic the domain had attracted in just 6 months.

37. Michelle Miller (BuyDomains)
A former COO for and Vice President of Sales and Services for NameMedia, Michelle Miller may not be one of the better known names, but she has played a key role in establishing NameMedia as the kingpin it is today. Since then she has only continued her success, now President and COO of Apogee Media, LLC.

38. Mike Mann (BuyDomains)
Mike Mann is the actual “founder” of after he registered the domain name, later selling it for 80 million in 2005. Although he is not your traditional businessman, he is arguably one of the most successful on this list, buying thousands of domains a day and selling them shortly after.

39. Monte Cahn (Moniker)
Monte Cahn is the inventor of live domain auctions. Cahn founded in 1995, leaving in 2010 to establish, a very successful consulting firm.

40. Page Howe (
Page Howe is a prime example of how luck, and a few good investments can change your life around. After a domain he bought flopped, Page Howe risked losing everything. Even though it slowed him down, he refused to give up. In 2007 he sold for 1.5 million, followed by selling for 1 million.

41. Paul Stahura (eNom)
Paul Stahura is the CEO and co-founder of the startup company, Donuts, Inc. With over 20 years in the software development industry, Paul gained notoriety while he was the CEO of eNom.

42. Peter Forman (
Peter Forman was one of the three founders of Forman Interactive, which later changed into sells registration for general extensions. Peter stepped down as CEO in 2005.

43. Pinky Brand (
Pinky Brand (who’s real first name is Pinkard), began his business by helping to cofound Internet Domain Names, Inc. Pinky is an avid lover of travel and photography, currently residing near Dublin, Ireland. He is the now the CSO of DomainDiction.

44. Randy Charach (Synergy Domains Inc.)
Randy Charach founded Synergy Domains, Inc., while also performing as a mentalist, magician, and motivational speaker.

45. Ray King (Snapnames)
Ray King is the CEO of In 2000, King moved to Portland, Oregon to co-found, which created new ways of acquiring domain names. is currently the world’s largest editable index of the web.

46. Richard Forman (
Richard Forman was the co-founder and CEO of, as well as a former board member of the New York Angels. He has since focused his efforts on the health care industry, and is the founder and current CEO of ExpertConsensus, LLC.

47. Rick Schwartz (T.R.A.F.F.I.C)
Currently, Schwartz is the President and CEO for 2 different companies,, T.R.A.F.F.I.C., and Virtual Dates, Inc. He is a true veteran in the domain industry and by far one of the most productive.

48. Rob Hall (
Rob Hall was one of the founding members of the team, serving as the CEO then and now. He is the chairman of the majority of the acquisitions of Momentous and has received numerous honors for his work in the field.

49. Roger Collins (Afternic)
A co-founder of Afternic alongside his brother, Michael Collins, Roger took Afternic all the way to the top, making them a top domain name broker after nearly failing. He has since moved on to a less stressful line of work as a contractor and a developer.

50. Roland Chemtob (Branded Holding Group)
Roland Chemtob is a startup investor as well as a developer who currently resides in the Hamptons.

51. Ron Wiener (Snapnames)
Ron Wiener was the Chairman and CEO for for almost 2 years. He has founded and led many different businesses throughout his career thus far, and currently works as the Chief Mechanic at Venture Mechanics, LLC.

52. Russ Goodwin (Naugus Limited)
Russ Goodwin is a General Manager for Naugus Limited, LLC. After running into minor trouble with icann, Goodwin resolved the matter. As of 2013, they are in the process of changing their name and transferring their services to

53. Sahar Sarid (Recall Media Group)
Sahar Sarid is a former domainer who made his rounds in the domain industry and even was inducted into the Domain Hall of Fame in 2007. Since 2010, he has been taking a break, traveling all over the globe.

54. Sean Muller (eNom)
Sean Muller is the founder and CEO for,Inc., a social marketing/data platform for brands on television. He was the former CTO for eNom, as well as Demand Media, Inc.

55. Taryn Naidu (
Taryn Naidu is the Executive Vice President of Registrar Services at Demand Media, and also the General Manager of eNom. Prior to working for Demand Media, he was the CEO and President of

56. Tim Schumacher (Sedo)
Tim Schumacher made what it is today. However, Tim desired to expand his own horizons and parted ways with the company in January of 2012.

57. Thunayan K. Alghanim (
One of the most impressive domainers out there, Thunayan K. Alghanim took the domain industry by storm when he first entered the scene in 2001. In 2003, just a little over 2 years of breaking into the business, he acquired 12,000 quality domains and has since continued that trend.

58. Vern Jurovich (
Vern Jurovich founded Pro Forma, Inc. back in 2003. Aside from his domain sales, he also has quite the eye for real estate.

59. Will Pemble (
Will Pemble founded and led to complete success for almost 7 years. Since that time, he has gone onto further success with Hartmann Studios,, Inc, and Shopportive eCommerce.

60. Yun Ye (UltSearch)
Much like Thunayan K. Alghanim, Yun Ye is somewhat of an enigma in the industry, amassing ridiculously profitable and impressive portfolios in short amounts of time while keeping his identity a mystery. Later on it was revealed that he got his start through a 16 year old internet guru from Mumbai who aided and guided him to success.

Nuts & Bolts of Domaining

Hi Guys,

Sorry I have been off Radar lately, I have been busy working on Developing Websites and doing tonnes of SEO not to mention blogging on different channels. You can find me most of the time on LinkedIn and on this blog

On to something I have been asked to do by one of my domain investors:

I have been asked to promote this book “Nuts & Bolts of Domaining”.

I will be coming back soon with all my singing and dancing websites, one of which I will give me a lot of chi-chin all the way to the bank (There is a clue in the last sentence and it is not a dot bank domain name before you ask but a

More info coming soon…….

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