Disability UK Backlinks.

As most of my readers know I own a fair few websites which I use in my ever-growing SEO link wheel, one of them being “Disabled Entrepreneur”. There I post about different illnesses, mental and physical, and offer a hub for my readers to share their stories.

I also use the website for inspiration, motivation, and empowerment. When it comes to my own personal disabilities I tend to use the site as an online journal which in turn is a form of therapy as I can vent out and release all my tensions.

However, when it came to marketing my site I found many people having difficulty spelling the word “entrepreneur“. I found the keywords I was using long and difficult to recite, so had to think of a way to make things a little easier for people to remember and spell and came up with Fingers crossed this shorter version domain name that is forwarded to will be easier to recall.

I did try looking up the .com version of the site but the website that is related to the domain looks very outdated. The contact details are sketchy and it looks like something from the 90s. If anyone reading this can find the owner of please either give me their contact detail or ask them to message me. I have no intention of parting with my newly registered domain name but would ideally like to partner with the individual of the .com version. According to whois, it is due to expire 2022-07-18 it was registered in 1999 but because no SEO was performed it is not ranking for the keywords and is not on the first page of Google. Whatever the reason the owner of the dot com has to have this domain, his website is in dire need of a revamp. Ideally, I would like to know what his/her future intentions are of having the domain name.

This is where link building comes in as I announced the new domain name not so long ago in the article here:

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