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Horse Racing Domain Name Network For Sale.

We are pleased to announce we are brokering the ‘World’s Largest Horse Racing Domain Name and Syndication Network’.

We are promoting the network through ‘business for sale on our own horse racing website.

We are eager to hear from horse racing enthusiasts and bloggers that would like to contribute content to the site.

This site is not part of the business proposal and should anyone wish to acquire the domain name should contact us using the form below.

To read more about the World’s Largest and Most Valuable Horse Racing Domain Names and Syndication proposal please use the link here.

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Virtual Horse Racing Games Business Opportunity

Virtual Horse Racing Game Business Opportunity.


I am contacting interested parties on behalf of the owner of the domain names and business opportunity listed below. I will start the introductions on your behalf.

Seeking investors and entrepreneurs to launch +25 global affiliates bettings portals on our premium .RACING portals with VR Gaming.

Can sell each country domains to entrepreneurs wanting to launch their own sites can be in partnership on a shared % or you can own 100% if you pay our domain asking price.

Dear “Sport of Kings” Investors & Entrepreneurs,

Greetings from Mauritius island, the nation of horse racing lovers, having grown up in the horse racing from my father a horse racing gambling magnate and lover.

I was born to get involved my- self.

Being educated enough to learn the true benefit of online ranking for any business I secured the very best domains around the world on the .RACING domain extension.

See all the domains name for sale or to go into a JV to launch these 25 domains.

Below a proposal that will not only spark your interest but will soon become national headlines around the ‘Horse Racing World’ once we launch them.

What we will put in place will not only be the smartest online marketing gambling network of portals but a 24/7/365 days sale/affiliate funnel for us and for our acquisition buyer or equity partners soon after we launch. I believe that within 12 months live we should get acquired for a 9 figure sale or get approached for a major JV or merger.

If you mention my name ‘Renata’ you will get 5% off.

This is an entire Business Opportunity with Domain Equity.

Asia: 9 Domains Not For Sale only for JV

AsiaHorse.Racing (MAIN PORTAL)








Middle East: 6 Domains For Sale

DubaiHorse.Racing $1,000,000

QatarHorse.Racing $1,000,000

DohaHorse.Racing $1,000,000

SaudiArabiaHorse.Racing $1,000,000

AbuDhabiHorse.Racing $1,000,000

EmiratesHorse.Racing $1,000,000

Rest of the World: 10 Domains For Sale

AustraliaHorse.Racing $1,000,000

FrenchHorse.Racing $1,000,000

GreeceHorse.Racing $1,000,000

GermanHorse.Racing $1,000,000

GreatBritainHorse.Racing $1,000,000

IrelandHorse.Racing $1,000,000

IndiaHorse.Racing $1,000,000

NewZealandHorse.Racing $1,000,000

SouthAfricaHorse.Racing $1,000,000

UnitedStatesHorse.Racing $1,000,000

Domain Transfer – * Buyer to pay Transfer Fees.

There are 100M+ ASIAN / GLOBAL Gamblers & Gamers wanting new Sport-books Horse Racing Games and Gambling Sites. We entering this market with the very best partners.

Selected Partners:

US & INDIA Web Partners: /

INDIA / ASIA Web, Content & Social Media Marketers:

IGaming Technology –

VR –

VR Gear –

Sports Books / Pari Mutuels –

Affiliates Average Revenues – $100K min to $1M a MONTH! –

Our Exit Strategy: 2022 sell to the big player our regional marketshare.

Two Investment Options:

1- JV on all 20+ portals with us up to 50% shares available.

2- Own your own .RACING for your country – MENA | ASIA | EU | OZ | SA | NZ and more….

JV – Send funds to Smart Media Ltd and appointed of all suppliers and partners to launch these bettings portals this 2020.

Early Investors Seed Capital Raising:

10% – $5,000,000

30% – $15,000,000

40% – $30,000,000

50% – $100,000,000

The world markets are down, oil will be worth next to nothing with new free energy technology coming soon as more and more people will stay at home work and and will need entertaining tim- ing is right.

Lets keep winning this 2020 and beat this coronavirus!

Best regards, Owner of Business Opportunity & Domain Names.

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