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Why the domain name is valuable and how it would benefit a business – CYMRU DIGITAL MARKETING BUSINESS JOURNAL – CARDIFF – WALES – UK – & BEYOND (


This Domain is being jointly brokered by Renata Barnes & Michael Dooner.

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Why a UK Business Banking Directory Is Good For Business

Why a UK Business Banking Directory Is Good For Business

A UK Business Banking Directory is a centralized database that lists all the available banking options for businesses operating within the UK. It is a comprehensive guide that helps businesses to choose the right banking partner by providing detailed information about the services, features, and benefits offered by different banks. In this article, we will discuss why a UK Business Banking Directory is good for business.

  1. Provides a comprehensive overview of banking options. One of the primary benefits of a UK Business Banking Directory is that it provides a comprehensive overview of all the available banking options. This allows businesses to compare and contrast the features, benefits, and costs of different banks and make an informed decision. Without a directory, businesses would have to spend significant time researching banks individually, which can be time-consuming and tedious.
  2. Helps businesses save money. The banking industry is highly competitive, and each bank offers different features, benefits, and costs. A UK Business Banking Directory provides businesses with a wealth of information about each bank, allowing them to compare the costs and fees of different banks. By choosing the right banking partner, businesses can save money on fees and charges, which can add up significantly over time.
  3. Provides access to specialized services. Different banks offer different specialized services for businesses, such as foreign exchange, cash management, and trade finance. A UK Business Banking Directory provides businesses with information about these specialized services, allowing them to choose the right banking partner that meets their unique needs.
  4. Helps businesses build relationships with banks. Building a strong relationship with a bank is critical for businesses, as it can lead to better terms, improved services, and more favorable rates. A UK Business Banking Directory provides businesses with information about each bank’s customer service, online banking capabilities, and other key features that can help them build a strong relationship with their banking partner.
  5. Improves transparency and accountability. A UK Business Banking Directory promotes transparency and accountability in the banking industry by providing businesses with easy access to information about different banks. This encourages banks to compete on the basis of their services and benefits rather than relying on hidden fees and charges.


UK Business Banking Directory is an essential resource for businesses operating within the UK. It provides businesses with a comprehensive overview of available banking options, helps them save money, provides access to specialized services, helps them build relationships with banks, and promotes transparency and accountability in the banking industry. By using a UK Business Banking Directory, businesses can make informed decisions about their banking partner and take advantage of the benefits that come with choosing the right partner.

Furthermore, we have on our books a developed site and have the domain names and for sale. The owner can either develop the current site further or move the domains to his/her site.

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Ventures Export Credit Finance


Disclaimer: Anyone reading this article, please refrain from offering logo or website design services. We are not interested and we have our own team, we also do not outsource. Please avoid doing a whois and contacting our registrar.

Small businesses in order to innovate and grow need cash injections and may seek to acquire capital (equity investment) from external sources such as banks or private equity firms that provide export credit finance. Typically companies may reach out to venture capital to expand, break into new markets, and grow faster or vice versa.

Export Credit Financiers will use venture capital hedge funds to secure a large part of companies funding namely institutional investors will invest if they can see a return on their investment (ROI) and they usually invest large amounts into firms with the potential for rapid growth.

On the other hand, when it comes to startups many investors may be apprehensive to invest in small-medium startups because of the high risks and transaction costs. A good business plan has to be shown to show perceived equity and growth potential.

Ventures EU Valuation:

Calculation: £2.20 bid x 10K potential clicks = £220,000 x 24 months for your website to be indexed and ranked and visible on the first page of search engines = £5,280,000 divided by a 3% click-through ratio = £158,400 in PPC advertising. Which is how much the base price of the domain is worth excluding equity which would make the domain increase in value.


However, if the domain has equity and has the following:

  • Branding
  • Offering products or services
  • Is Developed and is Generating Traffic
  • Is selling advertising space

The domain name then increases in value if it has equity.

This domain already is generating traffic and has affiliate links so by taking down articles for the domain name we would lose an income stream. If on the other hand we develop it and offer advertising space this in itself would have a monetary value.

Ventures EU

We are pleased to announce we have secured Branding and website development coming soon!

Future Plans.

We may develop this domain into a directory similar to

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Investors Wales Domain Name & Pitch




Domain Name For Sale!


  1. About – Investors Wales
  2. Domain Name & SEO For-
  3. Angel Investors – Affiliation Link:
  4. Pitch
  5. Valuation
  6. Final Notes


Investors in Wales are an important source of equity investment for the small business albeit start-ups seeking to grow, providing ‘smart needed capital’.

Alongside equity finance, Business Angels aka Investors can also bring business experience, strategic advice, and networking opportunities.

An “Investor” is not the same as a “Loan Company” or “Bank”, the “Investors” will take on an active role and monitor your growth.

Investors in Wales are vital for Welsh national, regional, and local financial ecosystems and economies to flourish.

Government funds are also different from Private Investors although typically make important contributions to local equity markets.

For example, the British Business Bank’s website consists of hyphens that are taboo and not recommended in terms of SEO recent Small Business Equity Tracker states that 58% of all announced equity deals in Wales in 2020 involved a government fund. has its own £100m Regional Angels Programme, which is delivered through its commercial subsidiary, British Business Investments.

The British Business Bank first launched the Regional Angels Programme in October 2018 and has made eight portfolio investments, totaling £100m of commitments. It has raised over £25m into more than 250 businesses, including £1.4m through 12 deals across Wales, from Newport to Anglesey.

In terms of Investors, the Angel Investors Network may help raise funds through Angel Syndicates (multiple investors) or individual investors providing fertile ground to enable the angel finance environment to flourish.


The Domain Names and and dot com are for sale.

This domain could help any company attract more business through SEO and Lead Generation Strategies using the exact match searchable keywords.

This said the “Bank “Development Bank of Wales” has an Investor Programme, claiming to be the biggest Angel Network in Wales, which helps to connect experienced investors with Welsh businesses seeking private investment.

However, there is no stopping an entrepreneur such as founders James Badgett & Mike LebusAngel Investment Network to follow suit. Any business that can create a forum as I have done for the domain “” can also adopt a similar design.

“Development Bank Of Wales” is using a brandable long-tail domain name with the domain extension (.wales). The public searching for investors will type in the word “Investors” orInvestors Walesbefore typing “Development Bank” for the search terms. They may not necessarily think of a Bank as they may wish to steer clear for Bank Loans which can be off-putting to some people. A person searching for an “Investor” will type the words, “Investors”, before any other word or phrase.


Currently, we are affiliated with:

It all starts with a vision and because we sell domain names it is only fitting to add financing services to our business to help domain investors to secure funding. We are happy to publish pitches for businesses as this service is in the Beta stage and can be viewed here!

Angel Investment Network started small – with two childhood friends turning their network of 30 branches extending to 80 different countries, having 1,737,890 registered members, 294,473 investors, and 1,443,428 entrepreneurs, this makes the largest Angel Investment Community in the world.


1. Buy the domain name outright and develop the website yourself. (The domain is already generating traffic and has backlinks, with a valuation below).

2. Buy the domain and get “UK Website Designers” to develop it, market, and advertise it on Marketing and Advertising Strategies. (May consider leasing it on a monthly payment plan with the option to buy).


The search term Investors Wales has 81,800,000  search results and according to Google Analytics “Keyword Planner” for the search term “Investors” is between 10K and 100K searches per month at the most expensive bidding price of £9.25 per click.

So let’s just analyze this for a moment, if for example, if you were paying for PPC advertising and you had 100K clicks per month at a cost of £9.25 your budget would be £925,000 per month multiplied by 12 months of advertising would cost £11,100,000 in advertising but you also have to think not all impressions turn into clicks and that the click-through ratio is about 3% meaning only 3% of 100K impressions will click your AD which leaves now the equation 3% of 100K impressions = 3,000 clicks x by £9,25 = £27,750 per month in PPC advertising x 12 months advertising = £333,000.00 without the cost the management fee for the service.

Therefore the overall cost of Building a Website would include:

  1. Design & Development Fee
  2. SEO
  3. Marketing
  4. Advertising
  5. Content Writing

All these factors plus the fact that the perceived equity a website could generate from paid membership registrations, all equates to the final valuation.


I once was asked to tender for a marketing role with the above-mentioned bank but was asked to pay a fee upfront by the agency for the tender of over £2,000, the company did not reveal the name of the bank but with a little digging, I found out who they were.

All comments and feedback are welcome and please support businesses by sharing this article with your connections.

Remember I am affiliated with Angel Investment Network and you could be helping a business to find their Angel Investor by sharing this post with your network.

If you would like to discuss anything in this article please do not hesitate to message me using the form below:


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Crypto Dooner Domains

Crypto Domain Names For Sale! ( included in the price and 

Please Use the Form Below to Contact Us:

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Banking Domain Names For Sale. &

Banking Domain Names For Sale!

Banking Domain Names & would be ideal for an add-on to an SEO Link Wheel to generate traffic using exact match searchable keyword phrase domain name.

The for-sale listing of these names can be viewed directly on the website:

We will be adding other domain names related to “UK Business Banking” to increase equity over the next few days.

We are looking for private investors who can give us £2,000,0000. for the whole portfolio. Advertising alone can bring in revenue of £1,400,000. per annum, if it was left as a directory and forum.

“The price includes domain names, branding, and a website”.

The reason why these names are for sale the owner is unwell and can no longer manage the website.

Anyone interested in acquiring these domains should message us using the form below.



UK Business Banking Domain For Sale.



We have on our books the following business banking domain names and for sale.

In comparison please visit Mike Mann’s LinkedIn profile and website.

Mike Mann

Founder;; Seller of the world’s best domain names & corporations. Author. He is the founder of, which owns 350,000 domain names. For $2 million, you can buy Same for or runs $1.5 million. is $1 million., $1.3 million. He bought for $11 million and resold it for $13 million in November 2010, making the Guinness Book of World Records the most ever paid for a domain name at the time.

He owns a company in Salt Lake City called that helps get corporate Web sites to the top of Google search lists. He owns, which sells Internet phone service, toll-free numbers, various applications, and even vanity phone numbers. Its investors include New Jersey’s state economic development office. He also owns, which helps clients build an online presence.

Also, visit Mike’s website where he is selling similar domain names which are not been developed:

This said in comparison, the following domains are listed on his website:$2,000,000$1,000,000$294,888$294,888$294,888$294,888$194,888$194,888$149,888$149,888

Therefore it is only rightly fitting that and which are generating traffic and being developed could easily be an add-on to an already established bank or financial institution in the UK can command the same pricing as the above domain names, whereby Mike Mann is one of the top domain brokers on the planet. With this said we will include both the domains and for a price of £2,000,000.00. Unlike Mike Manns Domains these UK domain names are developed, are generating traffic, and advertising alone could bring in revenue of £1,400,000 per annum if the domains continue to be a business directory and forum. However, due to ill health, the owner is willing to sell the domains. These domain names exact match (EMD) searchable keywords and phrases and could easily dominate the market, provided it follows SEO strategies to get on the first page of search engines. The owner has not had the time to optimize the site properly due to ill health.

Any organization interested in acquiring (UK BUSINESS BANKING) DOMAIN NAMES should contact us in the first instance using the form below. All transactions will be processed via (mandatory).

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Initial Coin Offerings

Crypto Currency.

Initial Coin Offerings.

I initially wrote this article in 2017 but have been asked to update it.

I wrote previously that ICOs were in the news at the time I wrote my original post….

“UK is having a crackdown to regulate ICO’s and they envisage it being done by the end of 2018”.

This got me thinking, obviously the Government will use their own websites more on this later, as I was curious if I could register any domains, develop and advertise them and the  answer was unfortunately not, not without obtaining a license.

So continuing with what I wrote previously………..

But what the Governments may do is also have information on sites using the public sector to help them. Solicitors could take advantage of these websites to help in legal matters and the FCA could also benefit from these domains. Divulging further the Central Banks that Govern High St Banks could set up blockchains.

I have since dropped all my ICO related domain names as I simply did not have time to develop them and that would have also meant I would have had to obtain a licence for each website I built. I find if you have equity associated with a domain name it will sell much faster than one without.

More on what you can do and can’t do when trying to register .gov domains:

Here is a link to what are ‘Blockchains’ and how they work:

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