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I have previously written about Sovereign Domain Names and what it means to domain investors wishing to buy and sell domain names that may be trademarked or prohibited by a sovereign state.

Before Buying and Selling Domains that have the name of the country, state, county, town or village make sure they are free from sovereignty.

Not all countries are equal or have the same rule, for instance, one can register and trade a domain name in the UK such as (as UK Domain Brokers or UK Website Designers) or in Wales (Cymru Marketing) but in other countries such as UAE, the rules may be a little trickier.

So it is no surprise that I read today that the domain name (Free Backlink – You’re Welcome) has gone through the mill and the domain investor lost ownership.

What I would have done in the domain investors position is offered my marketing and SEO services which would have been worth more than the domain name itself. After all, with a little know how there is a way to increase or block traffic for any specific domain name that has already been integrated with Search Engines.

Simply forwarding a domain name to an existing site you will just be generating old traffic and capturing it when someone physically types the URL into the search bar. You will not gain any new traffic by this method unless you develop a new site or subfolder and perform SEO.

I would have covered the site with Qatar Affiliate Links which would have proven beneficial to Qatar, would have eliminated all the hard work a marketing agency would have had to do or website designer, and would have shown credibility, that the domain investor was promoting Qatar with his affiliate marketing campaigns. This way the domain investor would have been helping Qatar with their marketing as I am doing now to a certain degree.

I do not know what the site looked like before to actually comment and if the domain investor was merely expecting someone to buy the domain rather than actually work in partnership then there is nothing more to be said.

In order to generate more traffic rather than merely point the domain to the existing site, I personally would build an “SEO Link Wheel” and expand the site to have a subdomain of sub-directory and add more content. I would split the marketing of both domain names, this essentially would then bring in two lots of traffic.

In terms of SEO, a ‘Domain Name’ plays a small part in generating traffic.

It is usually the content that brings in the eyeballs.

As an example, I could have a sub-directory on a website that is already indexed and ranked and has a MOZ domain authority of less than (30), and in the case of anything, I write I create sub-directories. (It is the sub-directory titles that help to generate the traffic as well as the content on the articles I write).

Hence I would not necessarily need the domain name for the keywords “Visit Qatar” to get on the first page of a search engine but more so the sub-directory title of my own website and domain name and I know working my magic I could get traffic. So I would have the domain investors place have negotiated my marketing efforts.

In fact, not so long ago I got someone on the first page of Google without actually having a domain name/website. What I did was create a subdirectory category landing page, performed SEO added the keywords and meta descriptions, and manually uploaded the page to Google Search Console within a matter of days the landing page and the person’s name and business were on the first page.

Sovereign Domain Names.

I do have on my books domain names appertaining to the middle east and it is my SEO and marketing that will make the domains valuable and not the domain names themselves.

As an example I have a subdirectory called Neom Domain Names, it is on the first page of Google for the search terms, in fact, I have two listings. These domain names are not mine, I am simply brokering them, but with no inquiries, this means what I think it means is that the names will be classed as sovereign and no one wants to touch them.

So any business in the UAE could buy the domains or in certain cases acquire them by dispute resolution but the fact remains without SEO and marketing the domain names are worthless even to the powers that be.

If the powers that be can read this then it is worth noting if the person/company that can get the keywords on the first page of search engines successfully using content marketing strategies should be rewarded for their efforts.

Note From The Editor

For me, I can promote the keywords “Visit Qatar” as I am affiliated with “Qatar Airlines”.

It will be interesting if the dot com version of the domain name is visible on search results, which I highly doubt unless another site or subdomain or directory is built and it will be interesting to see how well my content marketing performs. Only time will tell.

**If you think my marketing speaks volumes and I am doing something right, please get in touch with me and I help you to connect the east with the west.


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Neom City Saudi Arabia Domain Names For Sale.

Neom & UAE Domain Names For Sale!


Neom Digital Real Estate should run parallel with physical addresses, therefore there is no time like the present to secure an exact match searchable domain name and have it developed, indexed, and ranked ready for trade”.

RIYADH: NEOM, located in Saudi Arabia, is the $500 billion (SR1.9 trillion) jewel in the crown announced in 2017 in a conference by the Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman of two futuristic ambitious and extravagant projects with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 plans to welcome visitors by 2024, focusing on future investment for Riyadh. The Crown Prince mentioned that Neom would be “a place for the world’s dreamers. It is believed that it would have an area of approximately 28,000 square kilometers and would integrate a wide variety of futuristic technologies, which includes Qiddiya, a new economy, and openness to attract “the world’s greatest minds and the best talents.

It is high time to talk about Neom, a megaproject that is ongoing, the Crown Prince has sought to take Saudi Arabia to a new level where it can diversify the economy and reduce dependence on oil. According to The Wall Street Journal, the city is going to be a majestic display of wealth and power.

The Saudis never do things by halves when they build anything from hotels to real estate and kingdoms everything has to be better than the rest of the world, it has to be the tallest, grandest, and most expensive to showcase the wealth and power of the country and the Royal Family.

Consulting, Marketing, and Advertising.

Businesses up to speed with Gulf News will be aware of the extraordinary, elaborate, and expensive projects being built in Saudia Arabia. But the common people who live sheltered lives may never know about this exquisite kingdom being created and if they do not know it exists how are they ever going to explore it?

Neom has the support of three of the world’s largest consulting firms: McKinsey & Co, Boston Consulting, and Oliver Wyman.

However, as with every large corporation most businesses rely on marketing, advertising, and public relations to gain momentum down to high profile people and international well-known celebrities. If these consultancy firms are not consistent how is the world ever going to know about what the Crown Prince is set to achieve?

It would make sense to hire journalists, content writers, bloggers, influencers, and affiliate marketers and invite entrepreneurs and large corporations to invest in the future of this city. People of high status should help with the promotion of the city.

Thinking Outside the Box.

Put it this way if I am small fry compared to the largest consulting agencies on the planet, how come this article is getting eyeballs and is on the first page of Google for the search terms and theirs is not?

This would tell you the Crown Prince may not have spent his money well or I might be doing something different and thinking outside the box using a secret strategy that the rest of the consulting firms are not aware of.

Why is there no mention about the kingdom via these agencies but the little goldfish that I am, is swimming in shark-infested waters? From Wales to Neom I have managed to make a little mark in this saturated digital world.

Crown Prince Bin Salman would have hired all three of the agencies mentioned for the development of the city where money does not seem to be a problem.

Yet one of the most important aspects of tackling the physical world is to secure the digital world which has not been addressed.

Marketing Agencies need to teach the western world about this new kingdom being built in Saudia Arabia. Influencers and travel bloggers should use their creativity to market the city to its full potential.

Neom will heavily rely on tourism, trade, and investment and if marketing and advertising are not done on a consistent level then the Saudis will lose business. It is up to Marketing, Consulting, and PR agencies to continually be on the ball every day thinking different ways how to let the rest of the world know about this magnificent city being built.

Entrepreneurs should take the opportunity to build digital real estate alongside the physical world.

Having exact match searchable keywords and phrases will help to secure global positioning.

Marketing or consulting agencies should take advantage of the digital assets to help expand the kingdom’s SEO Link Wheel.

Building websites to cover every industry will help to expand the kingdom’s name and create global awareness.

It is projected that the futuristic city will have flying taxis, a dinosaur robots park, artificial rain, and an artificial moon similar to the artificial sun China has built. The moon is projected to shine and illuminate the city every night.

According to the consultancy reports, it shows the following ventures are being built and manufactured:

  • Flying taxis, since it is mentioned that driving will be done only for pleasure and not out of necessity.
  • A giant artificial moon that would illuminate the city every night.
  • Cloud seeding technology, whose goal would be to create artificial rains to try to moderate the high temperatures of the region. This is not a new concept as airlines use this technology for commercial flights.
  • The advanced surveillance system, which would have cameras equipped with artificial intelligence and facial recognition, drones and even microphones installed in all corners of the city. Again this concept is being adopted in all countries and China being the first to introduce this type of surveillance to the rest of the world. This with the objective of “guaranteeing the security of the inhabitants”.
  • Genetic Engineering, which would be in charge of SoftBank to develop an ambitious project defined as “a new way of life from birth to death, reaching genetic mutations to increase human strength and intellectual coefficient”.
  • Robots, this type of technology could not be missing in a city of this type. It is said that there would be more robots than inhabitants since there would be everything from servants for domestic tasks to fights of robots in cages as entertainment, even talk of an amusement park with robotic dinosaurs.
  • Holographic teachers -metaverse technology is already on the cards for some well known corporations and this concept will be available in the schools and ready to teach at any time. It is said that Neom would have the “leading educational system on the planet”.
  • A gastronomic offer with the “highest rate of Michelin-starred restaurants per inhabitant” of any city in the world.

According to sources consulted by WSJ that are related to the project, there are still many doubts as to the viability of the plan. There are possible financing problems and technological limitations.

South Korea has spent 35 billion dollars on designing a city that eliminates the need to use cars.

Despite everything, it is said that Neom already started its development with the construction of an airport and a palace. So far, there is no estimated date for the possible opening of the first stage. There is information suggesting that both the planning and development of the city are being financed with borrowed money. However, as I mentioned, as long as Saudi Arabia does not confirm the start of the project, it remains in the realm of rumors.


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