Typos & Domain Names

Typos & Domain Names!
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Typos and Domain Names.

Typos, everyone does them, and depending on what it is you are writing is what will affect the final outcome. If it is a simple text or informal letter people are understanding and with a little banter will soon forget it, but if you have to write a business document or an article, typos can be deemed as unprofessional.

Nowadays you have software that highlights the misspelled words, as I have for all my WordPress sites. But when it comes to editing images Photoshop and Grammarly do not seem to work together.

Someone such as myself suffers from cognitive impairment because of my diagnosed cerebellar atrophy, I sometimes muddle my words or omit them entirely out of sentences even though I am adamant that I had recited the entire sentence in my head but what results looks nothing like what I wrote.

By coincidence this week I had a ding dong with a marketing competitor on Linkedin who pointed out a typo for a local pizza guy domain name. I wrote about this to air my opinion on my other site:

Typos won’t ruin you but can be costly.

When you have for example merchandise or advertising banners as in the case of the ‘Pizza Guy’ one cannot go back and complain when the typo was in plain sight before it went to the printers. I keep referring to the pizza guy who had the letters SH#T in his pizza domain name. This is similar to Gerald Ratner saying the word CR#P about his jewelry not in good light, only to lose his millions literally overnight.

Geralds’s Famous Last Words “Total Cr#p”, cost him his business.

Mistakes Can Be Costly!

Depending on the situation and typo that has occurred will determine the death of your marketing campaign.

As I said before I suffer from cerebellar atrophy and cognitive impairment and similarly to dyslexia, I can see the word in front of me and in my head it looks correct but in reality it is wrong.

So when I did my marketing campaign on Linkedin and shared it with all the social media channels it was only after I had slept on it and shared it again that I noticed many typos.

I was promoting a portfolio of domain names and it cost me a lot of views.

The thing was once you upload it to LinkedIn I could not find a way to edit and replace the image without deleting the post and starting over.

As a consequence, it cost me my time and possibly any potential inquiries because I had misspelled the domain extensions.

The problem was I was editing in Photoshop and although I have Grammarly, it does not work on Photoshop so did not pick up the error and my proofreader by coincidence is away this weekend.

I literally wanted to cry”.

For content that has a short life, a typo might hurt or harm engagement temporarily if one can rectify the typo quickly.

However, if you are registering domain names and you misspell your domain after it has gone through checkout, you are then left with a worthless domain and a few dollars/pounds lighter in your pocket for not noticing the error. Yes, I am guilty of this also and I sometimes do not have a proofreader on hand when I spontaneously buy domain names.

A typo can hurt your brand if you have paid for all the marketing, advertising, and merchandise branding. If the public gets wind of the typo they will laugh at the error just as they laughed at “Gerald Ratner’s” joke about a prawn sandwich lasting longer than his jewelry, but the damage has was done and in the case of Gerald somewhat 30 years later his mistake is still talked about.

Spelling and grammatical errors or in the case of the pizza guy someone thinking it funny to share a photo of a market stall with the domain name, highlighting the letters, and then sharing it across social media was done in bad taste (no pun intended).

This PR stunt made by a marketing company in the same city I am from would have gained a few clicks but because the marketing agency did not link the pizza guys’ business and only shared the image showed me they were not marketing the company and only taking the p#ss for their own advantage.

If they had used their two penneth they could have reached out to him with another domain name. He would still use his business name as the slogan or tagline but have a shorter domain that people would not laugh at.

Mistakes such as audible innuendos or typos can make your company look unprofessional and drive potential customers away.

The definition of a typo.

The definition of a typo is a typographical error made either handwritten, typed on a computer, or printed in the form of a word document, image (infographic), or branding. It can also be a spelling error in the domain name.

Are typos a big deal? Depending if the typo is a massive advertising branding campaign rather than an informal note, email, or text message will determine if the error can be rectified without costing the company money and losing credibility.

I always tell people every opportunity I get about cerebellar atrophy which I try to educate people about. I have got a mini bio on most of my about me pages that I suffer from this and how it affects my life.

If you do not have a proofreader you can usually find someone on Fiverr providing you are not in a hurry as I was yesterday posting my article which I now have a problem rectifying. Hopefully, people will visit the link within my article and will see the amendment. It is time-consuming, frustrating, and disheartening knowing you have made all this effort only to spot a typo a few hours later.

Here is the rectified image, if you compare it to the LinkedIn post you will see the difference, not that it matters now, we are only human after all.

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Rejestrator domen polskich -(Polish Domain Registrar)

Polish Country Code Domain Extension – Rozszerzenie domeny polskiego kodu kraju

Godaddy & Polish Domain Registrars are on my radar today.

I have multiple Polish Domains Renewing in February, my domains auto-renew is off so you can imagine the shock when domains that were due for renewal in February get renewed even though I had no intention of renewing them.

Obviously, I phoned Godaddy to complain and was told Polish Domain Registrars take payment for Domain Names 3 weeks ahead of the renewal date unlike dot coms or other TLDs, but he could not explain why the domains were renewed even though the auto-renew was not set.

He proceeded to issue me a refund and when I asked will I get the payment back the same day he said yes.

I waited a couple of hours and my bank account did not show any refund so I phoned Godaddy again and was told I had to wait 3 – 10 working days to get my money back.

Now I am a business owner and I use e-commerce payment gateways all the time and I can issue refunds the same day but this agent was being difficult and saying he will not assist me.

Godaddy is a gorilla of a company so you would think they would be able to issue refunds the same day.

As for Polish Registrars, I feel they should do what the rest of the world is doing and not set rules differently, assuming Godaddy has not just taken the payment early.

I responded and said Godaddy should make their consumers know and have something on their website to say that some countries will take payment 3-4 weeks ahead of the renewal date…there was utter silence after that.

What other registrar renews a domain name 3 weeks ahead of schedule? It would be interesting to know other people’s experiences from other countries.

Do let us know in the comments if other countries are doing the same.

I do not have a good word to say about Poland even though my parents were Polish and I have dual nationality. The only reason I have the domain names in question is that I have Polish clients. The Polish Registrar will get paid on the day of renewal and not a day sooner.

I have taken the liberty of translating this post into Polish to make it easier for Polish people to read even though I do have a translator on my site.

Do feel free to make your comments or subscribe to our website.


GoDaddy i rejestratorzy domen polskich są dziś na moim radarze.

Mam wiele odnowień domen polskich w lutym, automatyczne odnawianie moich domen jest wyłączone, więc możesz sobie wyobrazić szok, gdy domeny, które miały zostać odnowione w lutym, zostaną odnowione, mimo że nie miałAm zamiaru ich odnawiać.

Oczywiście zadzwoniłam do GoDaddy, aby złożyć skargę i powiedziano mi, że polscy rejestratorzy domen pobierają płatności za nazwy domen 3 tygodnie przed datą odnowienia, w przeciwieństwie do dot coms lub innych TLD, ale nie potrafił wyjaśnić, dlaczego domeny zostały odnowione, mimo że automatyczne odnowienie nie nastąpiło ustawić.

Przystąpił do zwrotu pieniędzy, a kiedy zapytałem, czy otrzymam zwrot pieniędzy tego samego dnia, powiedział tak.

Czekałam kilka godzin, a moje konto bankowe nie wykazało żadnego zwrotu, więc ponownie zadzwoniłem do GoDaddy i powiedziano mi, że muszę poczekać od 3 do 10 dni roboczych, aby odzyskać pieniądze.

Teraz jestem właścicielkam firmy i cały czas korzystam z bramek płatności e-commerce i mogę wydać zwroty tego samego dnia, ale ten agent był trudny i powiedział, że mi nie pomoże.

Godaddy jest gorylem firmy, więc można by pomyśleć, że będą w stanie dokonać zwrotu tego samego dnia.

Jeśli chodzi o polskich rejestratorów, uważam, że powinni robić to, co robi reszta świata, a nie inaczej ustalać zasady, zakładając, że GoDaddy nie przyjął płatności przedwcześnie.

Odpowiedziałam i powiedziałam, że GoDaddy powinien poinformować swoich konsumentów i mieć coś na swojej stronie internetowej, aby powiedzieć, że niektóre kraje wezmą płatność 3-4 tygodnie przed datą odnowienia… po tym nastąpiła zupełna cisza.

Jaki inny rejestrator odnawia nazwę domeny 3 tygodnie przed terminem? Interesujące byłoby poznanie doświadczeń innych ludzi z innych krajów.

Daj nam znać w komentarzach, jeśli inne kraje robią to samo.

Nie mam dobrego słowa do powiedzenia o Polsce, mimo że moi rodzice byli Polakami, a ja mam podwójne obywatelstwo. Jedynym powodem, dla którego mam przedmiotowe nazwy domen, jest to, że mam polskich klientów. Polski rejestrator otrzyma wypłatę w dniu odnowienia, a nie dzień wcześniej.

Pozwoliłam sobie przetłumaczyć ten post na język polski, aby ułatwić Polakom czytanie, mimo że mam na swojej stronie tłumacza.

Zachęcam do komentowania lub subskrybowania naszej strony internetowej.

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Raczyna ( and

Rączyna ( & is a village in the administrative district of Gmina Kańczuga, within Przeworsk County, Subcarpathian Voivodeship, in south-eastern Poland. It lies approximately 10 kilometers south of Kańczuga, 18 km south of Przeworsk, and 35 km east of the regional capital Rzeszów.

Rączyna is also where my mother was born and where I spent a few summers. I still have family there but due to a family feud, we have broken all contact. My family are heartless, cold-hearted people who have no empathy.

Originally when I registered the dot com and dot pl versions of the domain my initial thoughts were to build bridges between my family and myself and I wanted to make the site into a “Real Estate” and “CBD directory”.

I wanted to grow CBD on the land that my Aunt manipulated in court from my deceased mother and I would have invested in the saplings, licenses, etc.

“I have now washed my hands from them all including all the Cichons, Wojdylos, and Kuznirs, they are no longer my family and if I were ever to see them again I would never acknowledge them They had their chance to reconcile but chose not to. This is not how you treat your own flesh and blood”.

This is similar to a domain owner leasing the domain and then the person leasing demanding they own the domain name. It is called reverse hijacking. Obviously, the laws are different in the UK and USA but the more Eastern European countries are more corrupt.

I have written a full post about what happened for my family to read.

I did all the research and got connected with some investors and everything was going to plan until my Aunt “Zofia Wojdylo” said in court that because she had paid all the taxes on a dead man’s name (my grandfather Kazimierz Machaj ), she was entitled to the land even though she never paid my mother any income from the proceeds.

The land was left to my mother in a will by my grandmother (Anna Machaj) and I have a copy of the will.

Last Will & Testament of My Grandparents to my Mother (Address Redacted).

The court costs were astronomical and even though I did a deal with a solicitor to build her a website, I came to the decision to not pursue the CBD project any longer because of the court costs, but instead construct a website and make sure when CBD does become a thing in Raczyna, that my cousin and any other member of the family does not have any help from me or get any promotion or marketing considering I own the domain names.

Besides, even if I had won the land I would have to work it and my family would not help me, so decided on a master plan that will cost more than the actual land itself… Karma!

My cousin “Artur Wojdylo” said it was illegal to grow CBD in Poland even though I had done all the research, as a businesswoman so I would think I know better!

What does he know about business? he is just a laborer, farmer and that’s what he will ever be, considering he declined my offer.

My offer was for my Aunt to keep the deeds so long as I could grow hemp alongside their other crops and I would supply everything at no cost to them.

I drummed it into my cousin’s head that I would buy the license and fund everything, all I needed was the land to grow the hemp. He then replied sarcastically I should go and buy some land if that was the case. I told him I could make him really rich, again offering an olive branch to make amends…

There is no reasoning with stupid people and it is his loss at the end of the day, that is how I see it and how the rest of the world will see it as I will never help that family.

I cannot see myself visiting that region again for the foreseeable future. My gut feeling is telling me not to sell the domain, and see what happens. I have in fact just taken them off the market. I am finding I have not got enough hours in the day to pursue the projects, so will leave it on the back burner for now.

This would be an ideal project to pursue CBD growing in Poland and even invest in the business. I will just keep hold of it for now and see what will transpire.

Anyone interested in partnering with me should message me using the form below:

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Town & Village Domain Names. and

I wrote a post a while back about Sovereign Domain Names over Iceland the Country trying to sue Iceland the Grocery Chain in the UK.

However moving on I acquired two domain names from where my mother was born in Rączyna ( & in Poland, which I have since developed.

Now I have in the back of my mind slight anxiety because I know how crazy this country Poland is and I have seen first hand how they demand things, similar to the the Royals in UAE.

Upon doing some research it is apparent that Town & Village Domain Names cannot be trademarked unlike country domain names which in theory cannot be registered as they are part of the sovereign state. Meaning the Country Name alone cannot be registered and has to have a second or third keyword after it eg: ‘UK Domain Brokers’ or ‘UK Website Designers’.

So even though I have recently dropped some ‘Neom’ Keyword domain names I am now feeling slightly apprehensive because the Polish domain names are part of a blog to expand my personal branding and services, but also to teach local farmers about hemp cultivation and CBD products.

So your thinking why I am getting myself into a bit of a pickle is because the village ‘Rączyna’ has most of my family living there and because of an on going family feud I also wanted to let the whole village know what type of people my family are.

I have tried twice to offer an olive branch to make peace and both times was told they were not interested in making amends. So without mentioning their names, the villagers will put two and two together and will know who I am as news travels fast amongst villagers.

I have purposely not mentioned their names but have put the article under ‘Rączyna News’, not only that I plan to write an autobiography to include how they have treated my daughter and I. Basically to cut a long story short my Aunt has scammed her way into taking land that rightfully belonged to my mother. My proposal was that they could have the land as long as they started growing hemp. However my cousin said it was illegal to grow hemp which in the blog I have proved him wrong. I told him if he did not want to work with me I would make sure he would never be able to sell his produce should he changed his mind.

So even if they did not use their real names in applying for investments they would surely be found out once they sign written commission agreements which would require a sworn affidavit.

So either way my family bridges have been burnt and to think all I wanted was a public apology from my cousins mother and his wife.

If You want to read about it here is the link: It is written in Polish but there is a translator widget you can use.

So even though I am slightly apprehensive I will wait it out and if the local authorities try to demand I release the domains to them as I have documented evidence that I did try to contact them a while ago to see if they had any objections or if they were interested in acquiring it from me.

Towns don’t have trademarks on their names so trademark law does not apply. Anything with a geographical origin cannot be used as a trademark. But once you include some additional letters or text then it is whole new ball game and these type of domains can be trademarked.

Hence “Cardiff” cannot be trademarked but “Cardiff Pizza” can.

The only time things could go belly up is if the domain damages the reputation of a specific town or village then the domain owner may be held liable for this damage, which will result in a legal complaint and that could result in you losing the domain name.

Obviously I have not said anything derogatory about the village, just about some of the people in it.

My main focus is to advertise hemp cultivation and CBD production. Even if I lost both these domain names which are merely pointing to my blog they cannot take my blog down and I will have plan B as I have acquired the following domain names which I would put in its place I am merely taking advantage of the fact how much traffic I can generate at this present moment in time:

So the only time I think it may be a problem is if:

The intended use for the website is illegal and detrimental to your town. (Which it is not).

If the domain is readily available to register then there should not be a problem unless it has been registered and is deemed as cybersquatting in exchange for a ransom monetary demand.

The domain is available for registration (if you can go through with the registration it means that it hasn’t been listed as reserved, registries have lists of domains not available to the public which sometimes include geographical locations), I beg to differ on this as when I first started out many years ago I got a ticking off even though it was not a geographical location for having in which Gucci demanded I surrender the domain name. This was many years ago may I add and have since learnt what you can and cannot register.

All I can say is whatever will be will be….

Just remember do not just buy a domain name and sit on it. Develop it to create traffic which will make your domain name more valuable and if you can offer a product or service you are in theory creating equity.

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