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Enhancing Branding, Marketing, and Global Positioning:

The Power of Domain Name.


A well-chosen domain can significantly impact a business’s branding, marketing efforts, and global positioning. An exemplary illustration of this concept lies in the domain name

  • 1. Memorable and Descriptive Branding: A domain name acts as the digital storefront of a business. strikes a balance between being memorable and descriptive, making it an ideal choice for a business in the confectionery industry based in Wales. The term “Confectionery Wales” succinctly communicates the essence of the business: it’s all about sweet treats from Wales. The inclusion of “” further reinforces its local identity, resonating with a sense of trust and familiarity among the local audience.
  • Establishing a Niche Identity: A domain like immediately places the business in a specific niche: Welsh confectionery. This specialization can work wonders for branding. It communicates to customers that this business is not just another generic confectionery retailer, but a unique establishment that specializes in offering confectionery products that are tied to the rich culture and heritage of Wales. This focus can attract customers seeking authentic and distinctive experiences, setting the business apart from more generalized competitors.
  • SEO and Online Visibility: In the vast landscape of the internet, search engine optimization (SEO) is paramount. A domain name that closely relates to the business’s products and location can significantly boost its chances of appearing in relevant search results. For example, when someone searches for “Welsh confectionery” or related terms, is more likely to rank higher due to its strategic inclusion of keywords in the domain. This enhanced visibility can drive organic traffic to the website, resulting in more potential customers discovering the business.
  • 4. Local and Global Marketing: A domain like offers the best of both worlds when it comes to marketing. Locally, the domain establishes an immediate connection with the Welsh audience. It invokes a sense of regional pride and loyalty, which can be leveraged in marketing campaigns targeting the local community. On the global stage, the domain showcases a unique selling point: authentic Welsh confectionery products. This could attract international customers who are eager to explore and experience the culinary delights of Wales, contributing to the business’s global market presence.
  • 5. Building Trust and Credibility: Trust is a cornerstone of successful business-customer relationships. A domain name that aligns with the business’s identity, products, and location can foster trust and credibility. When customers see, they immediately understand what the business offers and where it’s based. This transparency and relevance can reassure potential customers that they are dealing with a genuine and reliable source for their confectionery needs.
  • 6. Cultural Storytelling: Every business has a story to tell, and a well-chosen domain can become part of that narrative. doesn’t just sell sweets; it encapsulates the story of Welsh confectionery traditions, the local artisans, and the commitment to quality. This cultural storytelling adds depth and character to the brand, making it more relatable and engaging for customers who value authenticity and heritage.


A domain name is more than just an address; it’s a strategic tool that can elevate a business’s branding, marketing efforts, and global positioning. The domain perfectly illustrates this potential. By combining memorability, niche focus, SEO benefits, and a blend of local and global appeal, this domain has the power to not only attract customers but also communicate a compelling story of Welsh confectionery to the world. Choosing the right domain is a critical step for any business, and exemplifies the immense advantages it can bring.

Furthermore, someone wanting to create a second income could essentially sell Welsh confectionery online, and if you are an artisan you could sell your own culinary delights. The word ‘confectionery’ is not just sweets or candy in the traditional sense it can be cookies and cupcakes.

We can re-design the logo free of charge.

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Dropping a Website in Favour of a FB Page.

Dropping a Website in Favour of a FB Page.

Any reputable business nowadays has a website with a corresponding Facebook page, so it would be shocking for a company that does market stalls to simply rely on Facebook (not everyone uses Facebook), yet this has happened with a confectionery retailer that I successfully got on the first page of search engines.

The name of the Facebook page is my ex-client Brand Name, and not FB Page which we own and have today deleted my client’s carbon footprint.

He had an exact match searchable keyword and phrase domain name and two branded domains

Now considering he is supposedly very busy surely a website would make him busier providing he took the advice I gave him, which he did not. So now I have to painstakingly remove his carbon footprint from the net.

What I will do is divert his domains to this site to boost traffic for me and perhaps find a potential buyer for the exact match searchable keyword domain name.

9 Reasons Why Having a Website Is Important (

Facebook Page vs Website? Which Makes the Most Sense? (

New Logo!

The thing is he was not getting many sales on the website because he made one grave mistake from the moment I built the site and that was not putting the website address on his stall banner for passers-by to visit at a more convenient time.

He has recently won The Young Grocer of the Year Award and he is buzzing I am really happy for him. But once the dust settles he will be back to square one but without his website or the domain names, yes he dropped all three domain names, including his brand name.

This is proof my client dropped the domains!

Looking in my crystal ball where he had plenty of opportunities to acquire them, he decided he did not want them. If he ever wants them to build a website in the future they now belong to UK Website Designers. In order to get them back, he will have to pay the asking price of what we would envisage on sell them for.

He will ruin his global positioning, and brand credibility and will lose tonnes of traffic.

I even said he could have the website for free until January 2023, yes I am away with the faeries I know but I wanted to help the guy out. People will start searching for him online and will come to this page as I am going to forward all three domains.

Anyone wishing to acquire this domain name should contact us using the form below:

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Typos & Domain Names

Typos & Domain Names!
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Typos and Domain Names.

Typos, everyone does them, and depending on what it is you are writing is what will affect the final outcome. If it is a simple text or informal letter people are understanding and with a little banter will soon forget it, but if you have to write a business document or an article, typos can be deemed as unprofessional.

Nowadays you have software that highlights the misspelled words, as I have for all my WordPress sites. But when it comes to editing images Photoshop and Grammarly do not seem to work together.

Someone such as myself suffers from cognitive impairment because of my diagnosed cerebellar atrophy, I sometimes muddle my words or omit them entirely out of sentences even though I am adamant that I had recited the entire sentence in my head but what results looks nothing like what I wrote.

By coincidence this week I had a ding dong with a marketing competitor on Linkedin who pointed out a typo for a local pizza guy domain name. I wrote about this to air my opinion on my other site:

Typos won’t ruin you but can be costly.

When you have for example merchandise or advertising banners as in the case of the ‘Pizza Guy’ one cannot go back and complain when the typo was in plain sight before it went to the printers. I keep referring to the pizza guy who had the letters SH#T in his pizza domain name. This is similar to Gerald Ratner saying the word CR#P about his jewelry not in good light, only to lose his millions literally overnight.

Geralds’s Famous Last Words “Total Cr#p”, cost him his business.

Mistakes Can Be Costly!

Depending on the situation and typo that has occurred will determine the death of your marketing campaign.

As I said before I suffer from cerebellar atrophy and cognitive impairment and similarly to dyslexia, I can see the word in front of me and in my head it looks correct but in reality it is wrong.

So when I did my marketing campaign on Linkedin and shared it with all the social media channels it was only after I had slept on it and shared it again that I noticed many typos.

I was promoting a portfolio of domain names and it cost me a lot of views.

The thing was once you upload it to LinkedIn I could not find a way to edit and replace the image without deleting the post and starting over.

As a consequence, it cost me my time and possibly any potential inquiries because I had misspelled the domain extensions.

The problem was I was editing in Photoshop and although I have Grammarly, it does not work on Photoshop so did not pick up the error and my proofreader by coincidence is away this weekend.

I literally wanted to cry”.

For content that has a short life, a typo might hurt or harm engagement temporarily if one can rectify the typo quickly.

However, if you are registering domain names and you misspell your domain after it has gone through checkout, you are then left with a worthless domain and a few dollars/pounds lighter in your pocket for not noticing the error. Yes, I am guilty of this also and I sometimes do not have a proofreader on hand when I spontaneously buy domain names.

A typo can hurt your brand if you have paid for all the marketing, advertising, and merchandise branding. If the public gets wind of the typo they will laugh at the error just as they laughed at “Gerald Ratner’s” joke about a prawn sandwich lasting longer than his jewelry, but the damage has was done and in the case of Gerald somewhat 30 years later his mistake is still talked about.

Spelling and grammatical errors or in the case of the pizza guy someone thinking it funny to share a photo of a market stall with the domain name, highlighting the letters, and then sharing it across social media was done in bad taste (no pun intended).

This PR stunt made by a marketing company in the same city I am from would have gained a few clicks but because the marketing agency did not link the pizza guys’ business and only shared the image showed me they were not marketing the company and only taking the p#ss for their own advantage.

If they had used their two penneth they could have reached out to him with another domain name. He would still use his business name as the slogan or tagline but have a shorter domain that people would not laugh at.

Mistakes such as audible innuendos or typos can make your company look unprofessional and drive potential customers away.

The definition of a typo.

The definition of a typo is a typographical error made either handwritten, typed on a computer, or printed in the form of a word document, image (infographic), or branding. It can also be a spelling error in the domain name.

Are typos a big deal? Depending if the typo is a massive advertising branding campaign rather than an informal note, email, or text message will determine if the error can be rectified without costing the company money and losing credibility.

I always tell people every opportunity I get about cerebellar atrophy which I try to educate people about. I have got a mini bio on most of my about me pages that I suffer from this and how it affects my life.

If you do not have a proofreader you can usually find someone on Fiverr providing you are not in a hurry as I was yesterday posting my article which I now have a problem rectifying. Hopefully, people will visit the link within my article and will see the amendment. It is time-consuming, frustrating, and disheartening knowing you have made all this effort only to spot a typo a few hours later.

Here is the rectified image, if you compare it to the LinkedIn post you will see the difference, not that it matters now, we are only human after all.

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Investors Wales Domain Name & Pitch




Domain Name For Sale!


  1. About – Investors Wales
  2. Domain Name & SEO For-
  3. Angel Investors – Affiliation Link:
  4. Pitch
  5. Valuation
  6. Final Notes


Investors in Wales are an important source of equity investment for the small business albeit start-ups seeking to grow, providing ‘smart needed capital’.

Alongside equity finance, Business Angels aka Investors can also bring business experience, strategic advice, and networking opportunities.

An “Investor” is not the same as a “Loan Company” or “Bank”, the “Investors” will take on an active role and monitor your growth.

Investors in Wales are vital for Welsh national, regional, and local financial ecosystems and economies to flourish.

Government funds are also different from Private Investors although typically make important contributions to local equity markets.

For example, the British Business Bank’s website consists of hyphens that are taboo and not recommended in terms of SEO recent Small Business Equity Tracker states that 58% of all announced equity deals in Wales in 2020 involved a government fund. has its own £100m Regional Angels Programme, which is delivered through its commercial subsidiary, British Business Investments.

The British Business Bank first launched the Regional Angels Programme in October 2018 and has made eight portfolio investments, totaling £100m of commitments. It has raised over £25m into more than 250 businesses, including £1.4m through 12 deals across Wales, from Newport to Anglesey.

In terms of Investors, the Angel Investors Network may help raise funds through Angel Syndicates (multiple investors) or individual investors providing fertile ground to enable the angel finance environment to flourish.


The Domain Names and and dot com are for sale.

This domain could help any company attract more business through SEO and Lead Generation Strategies using the exact match searchable keywords.

This said the “Bank “Development Bank of Wales” has an Investor Programme, claiming to be the biggest Angel Network in Wales, which helps to connect experienced investors with Welsh businesses seeking private investment.

However, there is no stopping an entrepreneur such as founders James Badgett & Mike LebusAngel Investment Network to follow suit. Any business that can create a forum as I have done for the domain “” can also adopt a similar design.

“Development Bank Of Wales” is using a brandable long-tail domain name with the domain extension (.wales). The public searching for investors will type in the word “Investors” orInvestors Walesbefore typing “Development Bank” for the search terms. They may not necessarily think of a Bank as they may wish to steer clear for Bank Loans which can be off-putting to some people. A person searching for an “Investor” will type the words, “Investors”, before any other word or phrase.


Currently, we are affiliated with:

It all starts with a vision and because we sell domain names it is only fitting to add financing services to our business to help domain investors to secure funding. We are happy to publish pitches for businesses as this service is in the Beta stage and can be viewed here!

Angel Investment Network started small – with two childhood friends turning their network of 30 branches extending to 80 different countries, having 1,737,890 registered members, 294,473 investors, and 1,443,428 entrepreneurs, this makes the largest Angel Investment Community in the world.


1. Buy the domain name outright and develop the website yourself. (The domain is already generating traffic and has backlinks, with a valuation below).

2. Buy the domain and get “UK Website Designers” to develop it, market, and advertise it on Marketing and Advertising Strategies. (May consider leasing it on a monthly payment plan with the option to buy).


The search term Investors Wales has 81,800,000  search results and according to Google Analytics “Keyword Planner” for the search term “Investors” is between 10K and 100K searches per month at the most expensive bidding price of £9.25 per click.

So let’s just analyze this for a moment, if for example, if you were paying for PPC advertising and you had 100K clicks per month at a cost of £9.25 your budget would be £925,000 per month multiplied by 12 months of advertising would cost £11,100,000 in advertising but you also have to think not all impressions turn into clicks and that the click-through ratio is about 3% meaning only 3% of 100K impressions will click your AD which leaves now the equation 3% of 100K impressions = 3,000 clicks x by £9,25 = £27,750 per month in PPC advertising x 12 months advertising = £333,000.00 without the cost the management fee for the service.

Therefore the overall cost of Building a Website would include:

  1. Design & Development Fee
  2. SEO
  3. Marketing
  4. Advertising
  5. Content Writing

All these factors plus the fact that the perceived equity a website could generate from paid membership registrations, all equates to the final valuation.


I once was asked to tender for a marketing role with the above-mentioned bank but was asked to pay a fee upfront by the agency for the tender of over £2,000, the company did not reveal the name of the bank but with a little digging, I found out who they were.

All comments and feedback are welcome and please support businesses by sharing this article with your connections.

Remember I am affiliated with Angel Investment Network and you could be helping a business to find their Angel Investor by sharing this post with your network.

If you would like to discuss anything in this article please do not hesitate to message me using the form below:


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