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Luxury Travel Reporter Website Launch Coming Soon!

Luxury Travel Co & Luxury Travel Reporter Website Launch Coming Soon!

We are excited to announce we have acquired the following domain names: and both these domain names will be part of a project to promote Luxury Hotels, Restaurants, Luxury Car Hire, Airlines, Luxury Luggage, and Luxury Apparel.

The site is in beta mode as it is still being developed, furthermore SEO, Marketing and Advertising will have to be performed to optimize this site for its best possible performance.

We hope to add an affiliate third-party widget that is white label and will work as a booking system.

We also will be inviting travel bloggers to post content on our site.

More about affiliate marketing coming soon.

Anyone wishing to advertise on our site should message us using the form below:

We are excited to announce we have acquired the following domain names: and both these domain names will be part of a project to promote Luxury Hotels, Restaurants, Luxury Car Hire, Airlines, Luxury Luggage, and Luxury Apparel.

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Luxury Chocolates Wales (

Luxury Chocolates Wales

Luxury Chocolates Wales

“Luxury chocolate” by definition is a phrase most commonly used to describe the quality of chocolate and the chocolatier. … The keywords are intended to best describe the luxurious quality and flavor and indulgence moreover than the non-luxury chocolate counterpart, which in turn commands a higher retail price.


To start the ball rolling we are writing content about a portfolio of domain names on our books appertaining to the keywords ‘Luxury Chocolate’ (Singular) and ‘Luxury Chocolates’ (Plural).

Ideally, the domain names would suit someone located in Wales or trading in Wales.

Domain Name Portfolio (Singular) (Singular) (Plural) (Plural)


The valuation is just an estimate and the word ‘Luxury’ is valued at an average of $1828. Please view the screenshot below:

Dot Com VS Dot Wales

Obviously, the dot com is the most expensive but who would want traffic from around the world including the USA if they were located in Wales? no one unless they were planning to trade worldwide.

Dot Coms are not recommended for businesses only wanting to trade in the UK and planning on pay-per-click advertising. A daily budget would be swallowed up in no time even if GEO fencing was set, you will still get traffic from overseas.

Therefore I believe the and .wales domain extensions also have value to the exact match searchable keywords.

Currency Conversion Rates

These Domains have been Reserved!

Although we do have them listed for £1,000 each, however, the whole bulk portfolio is listed for £2,500 per month or £70 per month based on a minimum of a 3-year term.

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Pros and Cons of a Web Builder vs. Website Designer.

The Pros and Cons of DIY Website vs. Professionally Developed.

My two pieces of advice:

  1. Learn SEO before building a website using a web builder.
  2. When a website designer offers you a free website not inclusive of a domain name or hosting beware that they have not already inflated the price within the hosting fee and make sure they do not upsell SEO as extra add on. They should be 100% transparent otherwise they are just baiting you.

I have to air my thoughts and debunk web designers offering free websites.

I have seen of late on social media business groups on Facebook, website designers offering to design websites for free.

This gives the impression they will design and develop a website for free and host it. But what it is, in reality, is a marketing ploy, call it baiting if you will to reel the person in and then upsell.

In reality, the unscrupulous bystander will think they are getting the whole shebang when really all they will be getting is the foundation of a website without the hosting which would have to be paid by the customer and what is to say that the fees have not been inflated to cover the costs of the website design? If you look at hosting providers they are all more or less the same price and are competitive so if you are paying over the odds for the hosting then other services have been added in and that is why your hosting has been inflated.

There is so much more to building a website DIY or Professionally. A website will float in cyberspace if it has not had search engine optimization (SEO).

The website designers that offer free website design are just cleverly wording something that means nothing. From the consumer’s perspective, this is a clever tactic to upsell and has no benefit to the person without them spending money from the moment they set to go.

Granted, the website designer will have to either code a site from scratch which may take him/her some time to do, or perhaps use WordPress but whatever method they choose they will need the website hosted somewhere, and it’s the cost of the hosting and domain name that you need to watch out for. They may even host your website on a subdomain on their website so you need to be careful of that.

When you pay for a professionally done website not only are you paying for the design, development, and hosting you are also paying for the SEO, SMO, and content management and marketing which has to be done regularly.

An example was a lady today that had bought her own hosting and was expecting a website built by a web designer in exchange for a testimonial. This did not go down well with her audience. I tried explaining website design is only a fraction of what is necessary to get a website ranked to be on the first page of Google. One needs to have an exact match searchable keyword of a phrase domain name, one needs to have knowledge of SEO and there are many strategies that I personally use to get a website on top of the search results. This takes time and a lot of effort which has to be done regularly and this service is not free.

Obviously, the lady in question after I offered to build the website for her had other ideas as she never came back to me and if she has a problem building a website through a web builder which comes with tutorials then I am inclined to agree with all the comments she had on her post that no one will work for her for free. I have her company name and will see in a month or two what she has actually done to her site. The proof is in the pudding as they say.

IONOS - Official Partner

As an IONOS Partner, I can oversee people’s work providing they use the IONOS web builder or WordPress but I will not work on a third-party web builder for insurance reasons as I will explain below.

IONOS Web Hosting.

IONOS Website Design Service.

IONOS Web Builder

What I mean by not working on a third-party web builder for insurance reasons is this, if something was to go wrong with the website because multiple people are working on it and the novice does something wrong, I would not want to be liable for anything.

Sometimes websites go down because:

Two or more people are working on a site at the same time, one being the professional and the other the novice.

All it takes is for the novice to do something wrong and perhaps put a code in the wrong place and the professional gets the blame.

I personally will not touch a website that someone else has built for obvious reasons.

With so many options available online one can build a website in relatively no time at all without the help of a website designer, but one needs to have an element of knowledge of SEO. A nicely designed website is not going to go anywhere without SEO.

Just because you can use web builders and do it yourself doesn’t always mean you should. It’s a decision that’s worth weighing up carefully since for some projects a professional cannot be replaced by an online tool.

Here are some considerations that might help you decide.

Reason to have a website.

  1. To showcase your business and to generate leads.
  2. To have an online store.
  3. To have a blog.
  4. To have a fourm.
  5. To have a social media platform.
  6. To have a search engine.
  7. To have a comparison site.
  8. To have a directory.
  9. To have an informational site.

Website Builder Options.

Website builders –, IONOS, Godaddy, Squarespace, Weebly, and Wix are all popular choices and low-cost web builders with tutorials.

In general, website builder sites will not rank as fast and are not as powerful as a system like WordPress but are easier to handle. Website builders generally have visual page editors that make it easy to edit drag and drop elements of the website and have tutorials should you get stuck. They also come with online or telephone support for backup.


WordPress on the other hand can be daunting if you are a beginner and you may be more inclined to use a web builder. WordPress is a content management system that is very powerful but is also more abstract. Unlike website builders that allow you to drag and drop, WordPress users can choose a “theme” from the thousands available. These themes have already been designed for you and all you do is add your content. Users may occasionally need to add some code to edit a theme or plugin in WordPress, which makes it better suited for someone who has some knowledge of coding.


Website design and development is not as straightforward as it seems, even if you have built an all singing and dancing website your battle has only just begun because next, you will have to get your site ranked and compete with all the thousands of other sites aiming to get on the first page of Google.

I highly recommend before you contemplate doing a website yourself is to learn about SEO.

I have a client that I price matched his old designers to secure a contract with him only to find that the other website designers charged him such a low price because they did not include SEO, I could not adjust my quote after I had submitted it to add the cost of the SEO. I was shocked because web designers cannot call themselves by this profession if they do not perform SEO by default. So I got hoodwinked and literally make no money on this particular contract…lesson learned,


The lesson to me is not to price match and to stick to my own pricing and give good value for money.

I recently had a discussion with someone after I commented about Free Website Design that a person would less likely want to use a company that offered too many services as it would be questionable. This gave me a moment to think should I offer less for the same price or should I give value for money and offer more than my competitors.

I believe in getting your money’s worth and getting results even if it means offering many strategies to get you ranked. I believe if I can get your business ranked by search engines and help you generate traffic by whatever means necessary, then when you start getting the results you will recommend me to other people.

I believe in helping people especially startups, I am very transparent and do not have hidden fees. I will tell you upfront what I will do for you. I will not upsell. It is up to you if you want to have other services, I am not pushy.

You can view my services by visiting my page and if the need arises I may make a suggestion but will never say you must have it this, it is entirely up to you, you know where I am if you would like to explore other services.

I will consult your business and give your recommendations and steer you in the right direction.

Special Offer 2022

I am offering 3 months of hosting, SEO, and marketing free of charge based on a 12-month contract.

I will not upsell. It is up to you if you want to take advantage of our Video Creation Marketing and Advertising packages.

Special offer 2022.

You will get:

  1. A free exact match searchable keyword or phrase domain name previously unregistered.
  2. Free Website Design.
  3. Free Website Development.
  4. Free Hosting for the first 3 months based on a 12 month contract.
  5. Free SEO for the first 3 months, SEO (normal price £25 per month) is included thereafter in your monthly installments payment plan by direct debit.
  6. Free Banner Ads on 10 of our websites, for the length of the contract term. (Normal price £30 per banner add per site per month for the whole term of the contract).
  7. Free Landing page on our Marketing Journal Website (Normal Price £10 per month for the whole term of the contract).
  8. Free SSL Certificate (Normal Price £6 per month).
  9. Free Content Writing For the first 3 Months (1 blog article per month, normal price £25 per article per month), shared across our network connections of over 10K businesses on LinkedIn.
  10. 5 email addresses (for the whole term of the contract).

Prices start from:

  1. WordPress site Price starts from £35.00
  2. Dynamic Site, Price Start from £55.00
  3. eCommerce Price Start from £70.00

What Kind of Site Do You Need?

In order to determine what website works best for you, we need to know what your business is about. You will have to tell us what you want so that we have a better understanding.

It may be that you simply want an online business card a simple site showcasing what your business does whilst helping to drive traffic. The primary purpose of a brochure site is to give a company a credible web presence and provide some basic information to prospective customers. Or you may want to showcase your brand, products, and services with the goal of generating traffic to your business.

Your website could be an online store where you sell your products or it could be a website that takes online payments. An e-commerce site is slightly more complicated since it will have to handle payment processing gateways and allow you to easily add, remove, or edit products and services.

If you are planning to make a forum, directory, search engine, social media site, or price comparison site it may be best to entrust a professional as they will know how to implement web applications and project management tools.

Think Amazon or Facebook, some websites combine both e-commerce and an application function. Unless you are confident you can build a website yourself, a hybrid site that will process a lot of requests and information should also be built by a pro.

If say you are a solicitor you may just want a website that simply showcases your information, you may not necessarily process payments online. An accountant on the other hand may want payment for their services and may need a payment gateway.

Your Skill Level.

Depending on how proficient you are in building websites and how much knowledge you have with SEO will determine if you need to hire a professional. If you’re a programmer the skies are the limit and you can build anything you desire, however, if you are a novice and you want to get results fast it may be best to hire a pro.

Website builders are the most basic tool, and most are very limited to what you can do. You are not going to build a search engine or social media platform using a web builder. Website builders do have their advantages as you can build a simple site relatively quickly and are easy to use, you don’t even need to know anything about coding which is the best part. If you can use PowerPoint, you can use a website builder.

WordPress is more complex and can be daunting for a novice. I remember when I first started using WordPress, believe me, it took many hours and many sleepless nights perfecting the development of a website. I have since transitioned and prefer WordPress over any other system.

WordPress requires some knowledge of HTML coding (My IONOS Badge has HTML Coding), however, it is more flexible and customizable than a website builder and most templates are relatively easy to use. In fact, this website is built using WordPress which is a subdomain of our parent site

Your Budget.

Depending on your budget will determine if you wish to build a website yourself or hire a professional. Not many website designers offer startup credit lines and we will build you a website for free and include hosting for the first 3 months to give you a head start. You should by then start to make some money.

Startup Credit.

Giant Ogre! – This is not Us.

We are not Ogres we understand that sometimes with Covid Regulations and Restrictions it could put a dampener on finances and you may need extra time. If this is the case we could come to some arrangement as long as you let us know in advance.

We are trying to support small and medium-sized businesses through this pandemic.

If you are a startup and are on a budget and need startup credit on our services or already established but need some guidance we can do this at no charge. Just let us know what you need help with and we will do our best to give you the support you need. We are connected with more than 10K businesses on LinkedIn, we are sure there is someone we can introduce you to and help expand your network.

Evaluate Your Options.

If you ate looking to build custom apps search engines, forums, directories, or websites like Amazon or DHgate you may find hiring a professional a better option than trying to attempt to build it yourself. If you are a company that expects to generate 100 percent of their business from the website but you are not tech-savvy or simply do not have the time to build it yourself you must decide on a budget you are willing to spend to hire a web designer. Remember when you see webs designers offering you free website design you have to look closer because they could integrate the cost of design in the hosting. Always ask what they are offering for free and try and do a breakdown of the hosting as can start from £9 for a WordPress site, whilst website hosting can start from £18 depending on the hosting provider, whilst eCommerce hosting can start from £25.00 per month.

Breakdown of monthly payments should show the cost of:

  1. Domain Registration
  2. Domain Renewals
  3. Website Hosting
  4. Website Development
  5. SEO
  6. Marketing
  7. Advertising

Weighing Up Pros and Cons.

I have listened to people that have built sites on Shopify, Etsy, Wix complaining they are not getting much traffic.

I even tried helping one person temporarily and he is still posting on one of my Facebook Pages acting as if has some right to it. Give some people an inch and they will take a mile…

What I do in such cases is perform an SEO Audit Report by scanning a website that shows how well a website is performing and which areas need attention.

Whenever I hear these stories I know that they have built the sites themselves and I always wonder why people build websites themselves, when they only do half the job and then complain they have low traffic and no conversions?

Once a website is built I can let you know what you need to do to optimize it but you would have to optimize it yourself, I would simply point you in the right direction.

I can guide you free of charge but if you want me to do the work for you then I would have to charge for the service.

If you decide to build a website yourself and have little knowledge of search engine optimization it might be worth hiring a website designer rather than waiting and wondering when you will get any traffic or any sales. In the long term hiring a professional will help with ROI.

If you would like to discuss building a website, help with lead generation, increasing traffic, or free consultation and support, just message us using the form below.

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Pros & Cons of having Subdomains and Sub-directories.

Subdomain or Subdirectory? What They Are & How They Affect SEO

Over Christmas, something came to my attention about Sub-Directories and how companies use them. The URL in question is now a 404 page on an NHS site (meaning the page has been moved or deleted). but it was something that was on a poster at a bus stop which was shared on Linkedin by someone I am connected with that caught my attention:

The URL in question was:

As you can see the URL is still linked and visible even though the page content is missing. The advertising agency and the website designers NHS use have a lot to answer regarding this…

So for the person that designed the poster and signed it off, this poster should bever have gone to print. Imagine how much money the NHS wasted and ended up with eggs on their faces as people are now talking about it. Whoever agreed to publish such a long hyperlink should have their wages docked, or it was a marketing agency they should be fired.

To think someone, somewhere, got paid to do this makes my mind boggle. Any reputable website designer would have suggested a QR Code or URL shortener to either scan the code, rather than have such a long tail of a domain. Another option would be to secure a domain name, similar if not the same so that people can remember and spell it, and forward it to the page so that the audience could spell it and memorize it.

I have a subdomain that I use for my site. The parent site is but I have a sub-domain however I would never expect anyone to remember it, let alone spell it so I have pointed the domain to the sub-domain and applied the shorter version for advertising and marketing purposes.

The image below is the NHS sub-directory was the category description page after the domain name.

On the other hand, a sub-domain is the website description title before the domain name as you can see by the diagrams below.

My question is who would ever remember a long tail hyphenated domain name?, the answer is no one and even I had trouble writing it down from the video.

Elderly people especially cannot remember things may have trouble memorizing or spelling a long tail domain name, so reading the poster was shocking, to say the least, in fact, anyone trying to memorize the domain name would have had trouble reciting it.

Whoever the advertising company is the NHS use, should be reprimanded as this is disgraceful.

This would never happen on my watch. To think the NHS is complaining they do not have enough money seems to not take into account the money they are wasting on website designers that do not consult them properly and allow for shoddiness to happen.

The link to the video can be found here.

Notice how I have shortened my text by only using one highlighted word. There are other ways to shorten hyperlinks using third-party software such as to name a few.

Pros and Cons of Sub-domains and Subdirectories.

What is a subdirectory?

A subdirectory is the tail end of a domain name, it is a type of website hierarchy under a root domain that uses pages and folders to organize content on a website. A subdirectory is the same as a subfolder and the names can be used interchangeably. Typically a website is made up of different category sections and web pages.

In the early days of MS Dos and HTML coding, a web designer would create folders and put the web pages into those folders called subfolders or subdirectories. This is method is similar to how we store files on our computer, where we create folders and put images, documents, and spreadsheet files into folders.

When it comes to subdomains being built with WordPress and other PHP-based websites, those subdirectories are virtual. They don’t exist on the server as such but can be migrated using “FileZilla” where you can navigate to them with an FTP program and see the actual folders. Although virtual, they are still a part of the file structure of the website and are still called subdirectories.

A subdirectory is a part of the website that is associated with the domain name.

What Are Sub-Folders

In a computer file system, a subdirectory is a directory that is contained another directory, called a parent directory. A parent directory (root directory) may have multiple subdirectories. In operating systems with a GUI such as Microsoft Windows, a directory is called a folder, and a subdirectory is called a subfolder.

Subdirectory URL

In a URL, the subdirectory comes after the root directory of a website or domain name. For example, “UK Website Designers” root domain is and a subdirectory URL might be something like this: Or it may be a tad more complicated such as I have illustrated a sub-directory below:

Example Subfirectory Structure.

The problem with subdirectories and subdomains is they can be lengthy and very hard to remember.

What I do if I am advertising something and marketing domain names for example I may write a post, which would be on the subdomain but in the subdirectory, and then forward the domain name I am advertising to the post rather than point it to my subdomain.

My subdirectory will look ugly and long and even possibly hard to remember potentially confusing the user’s experience and even perhaps risking navigation to the next piece of relevant content if I did not shorten it with a domain name forwarded to the article. Therefore I always try to shorten the URL whenever possible. Url shorteners are another way to shorten a hyperlink, or you could go one step further with QR Codes.

Think of the Russian doll as the structure of a Subdirectory. Each folder can have another folder or category within one another which would mean you could have a subfolder within a subfolder within a subfolder until you end up with multiple, even hundreds, of layers of folders deep.

One should however consider the user of the domain before structuring kilometer-long hyperlinks. Just because it can be done does not mean it should be done and it could become a nightmare for search engine bots to crawl your site even going as far as making your website slow to load.

The only advantage to subfolders is that backlinks, domain authority, and page authority are closely linked to the root domain, which helps with ranking your website.

What is a subdomain?

At the end of the spectrum, a subdomain is a type of website hierarchy under a root directory and acts as an independent website. This type of subdomain, you can use another content management system, where you could build another website as I have done with and use WordPress for my subdomain

The beauty of subdomains you can save yourself a lot of money buying individual domain names and developing them. Having a subdomain of a root directory that has been optimized and ranked by search engines essentially is benefiting your subdomain and once you perform SEO on the pages it will show search engines that you are updating your site regularly. Sometimes a website owner has not got the budget to buy up one-word dot com domain names but if he/she used the one keyword as a subdomain, they have essentially hacked the keyword they needed to be associated with their default website. They then can build on the subdomain an entirely new website, yet closely link it to the root directory or as I call it the mothership.

The structure of the subdomain can also have pages and categories essentially adding more subfolders.

Here is an example my domain name forwards to the subdomain:

Which has pages and categories for example:

Which may contain a subfolder

However, you will never find a subdomain with a subdomain.

A subdomain is generally considered a standalone site that is branched off from the main domain.

SEO and Subdomains

In terms of SEO, a subdomain can be an advantage to boost ranking especially if you have a blog associated with it and are updating content regularly. Unlike subdirectories, a subdomain’s domain authority won’t automatically be reflected from the primary domain name, therefore you have to independently have to perform SEO on all the individual pages you create and track them using Google Analytics or similar. Your parent site may already have tracking but your subdomain is essentially a separate entity and needs to be tracked separately even though it is associated with the root directory.

Why use subdomains?

Website hosting can be costly and if you create pages in your root directory the hosting provider will charge you for extra pages especially if you are using a web builder. However, the subdomain uses storage data your hosting provider has already allocated. For example, your one page on your root directory may have enough content to fill 100 pages but you are only using one page, if you try splitting this into 100 pages on your main site the hosting provider will charge you. However, with a subdomain, the content from one page can be split into multiple pages on a subdomain again you will not be using storage from your default parent website if you use WordPress. WordPress platform typically stores data virtually but you can back up your data via the root directory using “FileZilla Client”. You should every so often back up your files for security reasons, just in case your website gets hacked or taken down. Check the instructions with your hosting provider on how to do this,

Having subdomains not only helps to optimize your parent site it is ideal if your business has a lot of content that would be difficult to manage all on one website.

If for example, you have a directory as I have, you may also want to offer advertisers advertising space and their very own landing pages in which a subdomain would be an ideal addition to your default site.

When to Use Subdomains

  1. Directory
  2. Forum
  3. Landing Pages
  4. Geo Locations (have your site in different languages
  5. Blog
  6. Ecommerce Store
  7. Events
  8. Support

A subdomain can save a business a lot of money when building an SEO link wheel and having multiple Domain Names pointing to different services. There are a number of instances when a company should use a subdomain. Below are the most common.

1. Directory

 A directory is a website listing individuals and businesses alphabetically or thematically with details such as names, addresses, and phone numbers. The directory could have a subfolder to a link to a landing page where the advertiser could showcase their brand.

2. Forum

An internet message board where communities come together to participate in topics of discussion. Each topic would be a subfolder and each subscriber would have their own subfolder.

3. Landing Pages

A landing page is a web page that a person “lands” on after clicking through from an email, ad, or other digital location. A landing page has many uses from lead capture to buying your products. It can also serve as a micro-website for a business that wants to get more exposure that may use the page for advertising purposes. Here I have my own landing page that is associated with another website owned by “UK Website Designers”

4. GEO Targeting

If you have a website that serves multiple countries or regions, rather than implementing a translator widget on your site, which I do by default, one could duplicate part of the site into another language and add it as a subdomain. As an example, if you have a directory of different states or counties you may want to create subdomains for the different regions you serve. Here are two subdomain sites that use: or

5. Blog

It is a well-known fact a blog will get you ranked faster than any other site so it makes sense to either have multiple sites in your SEO link wheel or subdomains of your parent site.

6. Ecommerce Store

Having an e-commerce store as a subdomain is of personal preference but I tend to build a store as a subdirectory rather than a subdomain. People are more likely to search your website rather than remember the hypertext string to put in their browser. They are more likely to type “” rather than “” both these strings are for example purposes only.

7. Events

If you are planning on hosting events in the future (Covid Regulations Permitting) you may find partitioning a section of your site into a subdomain. This can be useful when you want to distinguish a section of your default site. As an example, Microsoft does this with its

8. Support

Having a support page on your site can be really useful especially if you are a growing business and have a lot of customers. A contact page may suffice but I highly recommend a chat widget so that you can interact with your online visitors. There are many Blue Chip companies that are faceless and all you can do is email them, which is no good especially if your matter is urgent. For instance, Google uses instead of The main reason is probably because of the site structure and having a dedicated subdomain would make sense if they have multiple support categories.

Technically speaking a website can use both a subdomain and a subdirectory structure.

How do subdomains and subdirectories affect SEO?

The consequence of subdomains is debatable with some SEO experts believing that Google’s crawlers could confuse a subdomain for an entirely different website from the main domain. I tend to agree with this statement as I have not been able to track my website and my subdomain accurately without integrating two lots of tracking analytics. However, others say its crawlers can recognize subdomains as extensions of parent domains, I personally disagree with this because my subdomain subfolders have never been tracked through the parent site until I integrated a second code on my subdomain.

I have also noticed is that my subdomain outperforms my parent site, which tells me my main site does not have many changes whilst my subdomain has on a regular basis, which is why I generate more traffic.

Google Considers Subdomains as Separate Standalone Sites


According to “Search Engine Journal” Google treats subdomains as a separate site, from your main parent site. This is particularly evident within Google Search Console formerly known as Google Webmaster, where subdomains have to be verified separately from the content that exists under the main domain website.

Some SEO professionals argue that subdomains don’t share the authority they receive from inbound links (or backlinks) with the parent site. The opposite can also be also true; subdomains are considered separate entities from your parent website, they may not share any of the link authority you’ve already built to your default parent website.

If you’re optimizing pages for the same keywords on your parent site and also on your subdomain, you could run into a problem by competing with yourself. However, if you use different keywords on your landing pages and header titles your website will be ranked differently. As an example, my keywords for my parent site are “UK Website Designers” whist I do mention those keywords in my Subdomain my header keywords are “UK Domain Brokers” and you will not find the two websites on the same search results.

Which is Better: Subdirectory or Subdomain?

Before contemplating a subdomain do take into consideration if you ever wish to migrate your site to another hosting provider, you will have to copy the root directory as well as your subdomain files as they are stored separately and this is a nightmare to do as I speak from experience, not only this if you wish to track analytics you need one for the parent website and the other for your subdomain.

Regardless of your reason to have a subdomain or subdirectory, you’ll want to stay abreast of SEO best practices in order to meet your ultimate website goals.

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Create a Second Income 2022.

Advertisement Designed by UK Website Designers.

Create a Second Income Today!

There is no time like the present to secure a second income.

We do not know what is happening with these lockdowns and if businesses are able to survive.

Successful entrepreneurs do not hold all their eggs in one basket and know how to reinvent themselves. They know how to add more cogs to their link wheels of expanding products and services, but the rest of us might not.

If you have a job and work in hospitality and leisure, who knows what will happen with this second wave especially if businesses are forced to close.

If you have always had a dream or have a talent there is no better time to start to put your ideas in motion.

I know that 1 Billion Pound Sterling is being invested into businesses to support them through the ‘Omicron Pandemic Dec 2021 – Jan 2022’ but what about small businesses such as cafes, hair salons, retailers, etc, how are they supposed to cope?

The best way is to transition online and create a small website selling your merchandise or services. Start small and work your way up the ladder.

If you are a hair salon, sell wigs, shampoos, conditioners online.

If you are a cafe, partner with Deliveroo, Ubereat, or Justeat.

If you are a pub sell craft beer online and deliver meals from your menu.

There is absolutely no reason for anyone to be out of work or lose business you just need to know how to re-invent yourself.

If you have a hobby make it into a business.

I wrote previously on another site giving ideas on what you can do.

40 ways to get more business:

Lockdown Boredom 2021


There will always be people that will put it off for the next day or the day after that. These types of people are tyre kickers that think they know everything and do not like taking steps into the unknown. They rather play it safe until they find themselves stuck between a rock and a hard place and by that time it is too late.

The reason why I like to help people is to get them out of a negative mindset and think positively. You have only failed if you have not tried.

Supporting Local Businesses.

I am offering, anyone, a head start for 2022.

Option 1. I will build a website, perform SEO, Marketing and Advertising for free for the first 3 months based on a 12-month contract. I will waiver the £99.99 upfront setup fee. I will advise you on how to choose the best domain name.

Option 2. If you do decide to use a web builder I am a Partner of IONOS and here is the link to get you started.

I will guide you for free and help you with your SEO & Marketing strategies.

Everyone should transition online and sell their products, services, dreams, and ideas.

Also a little tip for the people that think a Facebook page is the only platform they will need. You do not have the likes of Apple or Microsoft trading off a Facebook page so you should not either. Social Media pages should be an add-on to a website that has an exact match searchable keyword or phrase domain name and not be a default website.

It has taken me a lot of time and effort to get where I am today through learning and sometimes failing. But now that I am wiser I want to pass my knowledge on and help you.

No one should be too proud to ask for a helping hand. I am not going to ask questions, just offer my expertise knowledge, advice, listen and guide you the best way I can.

You can’t say fairer than that!

Depending what type of website you have will depend on the final quote.

Remember You Get 3 Months Free Web Design and Development, 3 Months Free Hosting, Marketing, and SEO.

Please message me below and start your creativity going.

“Also, Before I go, I would like to add if any business simply wants a free shout out just drop your link below”.

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UK Tea Store Cardiff

This post is for advertising purposes only.

A while back I developed two sites a website and a blog and integrated 3 domain names and to help set up a SEO Link Wheel.

I also created a Marketing Video which you can view below:

Over the course of the year to help with marketing, I will create videos to help with generating traffic. I also place banner ads on my network of websites and will share them on social media.

Whilst you’re here do check out Harrison Teas Store.

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Marketing, Advertising & Brokering Domain Names.

Marketing, Advertising & Brokering Domains.

Just like you would not go to a marketing/advertising agency to get them to spread brand awareness and generate leads on a commission-only basis, you would not expect a domain broker who is also a website designer, internet marketer, and SEO expert to work for you on commission only.

I used to just take 15% commission if a domain got sold but that would mean it was costing me time and money working essentially for free and financing advertising space and hosting out of my own pocket, with the view of attempting to sell domain names that had no equity or were mediocre.

I have since changed my strategy and will work on keyword domain names providing they have value to an audience that is looking to start up a company or is looking to get more leads or are rebranding.

We will only work on domain names on a ‘COMMISSION ONLY’ on the following conditions, if they are one word highly sort after dot coms, or have equity, are developed, are SEO optimized, are ranked, have a product or service associated with the domain name, and have monthly organic traffic. All other domain names that do not fit this criterion need to upgrade to the Marketing/Advertising package of £99.99 per month“.

Advertising for one costs money, it takes time to create content, design adverts, and campaigns. Not only that advertising space costs a small fortune, some of the websites we will advertise your domains on cost £30.00 per month so if you have 10 websites that is £300 in paid advertising. So why would you expect a domain broker to work on a commission-only basis and invest money out of his/her own pocket to finance a domain name that may or may not sell?

Marketing takes time and unless the broker has a little black book of investors waiting to buy domain names you will find that unless the domains are highly sort after one-word dot coms it is very difficult to sell something that may not have value.

However domain names only have value if they are one-word dot coms or if they have equity and what I mean by this is they are developed, are search engine optimized, are ranked, have a product or service associated with the domain, and are generating organic traffic.

I am a website designer and internet marketer and I can sell on average 3 domain names to my clients integrated into the cost of the website over a set contract term. Usually, the client has their own brand name that they want as a domain name but I also offer an exact match searchable keyword or phrase domain name that search engines are more inclined to rank rather than a brandable or acronym domain name, followed by a blog domain name matching the domain extension of the country they are located in. I do not recommend domain hacks or charm domains, they only look good on business cards.

It is all about SEO and how one can drive traffic to a website. If you are in the UK you are more likely to want a domain name over a .com So even though you can set your GEO Targeting Location Settings a dot com is always going to have traffic from the USA which is no good if you are paying for PPC advertising and have a daily budget which could easily be swallowed up with unwanted traffic.

I should know as I have the dot com that points to I have many others that I own which I can tell you my audience is wider than the UK but I do not mind as I believe domain names that are not developed are like playing the lottery and you never know someone one day may come across a domain from outside of the UK so I keep my options open. I also believe unless it is a short one-word dot com the domain name is only worth however much equity it has and how much the end user will save in PPC advertising if they were to buy it.

Just because you the domainer believe your domain is worth seven figures you will have to show how you can to that conclusion.

One can put any asking price on a domain name but unless your domain name is highly sort after one-word dot com or you are an experienced SEO expert then I am afraid you will be waiting a long time for it to sell unless you find a domain investor that is willing to buy it with the view of flipping it sometime later”.

“Only SEO experts and Web Developers have authority and experience to tell you how much a Domain Name is truly worth and can give a true value of a Domain Name, anything other than that is purely guesswork.

Have you noticed everyone is a domain broker or domain consultant nowadays but it is curious to know if they actually can sell domain names if they are not professional Website Designers or SEO experts?

No one is ever going, to tell the truth, and everyone will hide behind the phrase “non-disclosure agreements”. The best people that can answer whether a domain name has any value are Website Designers, SEO experts, Internet Marketers, or PPC advertising Consultants that know how much it costs to drive traffic to a website, anything else is just hogwash.

People that have sold one-word highly sort after dot com domain names in the past may not have been SEO experts but just used their brains to buy up domain names knowing big companies would be falling over themselves to acquire. These people were ready when the dot com boom happened. Now everyone is trying to copy them but unless people have knowledge of SEO, domain names are hard to sell and become an addiction hoping they too will have a chance of winning the domain name lottery.

If you compare Flippa outbound marketing pricing module they charge $545 to list a domain name and put it on the front page and add it to a newsletter. (I wrote about this on my other dot com site):

Having an advert on 10 websites as opposed to one and also having Video Creation to capture your audience’s attention is a small price to pay.

Furthermore, your domain/business will then be shared on a large network of over 10K connections on LinkedIn and will have valuable content written about the domain name to optimize it in search results. You will also get a Landing Page for your Business Details, Marketing, 1 x Video, and 10 x Advertisement Banner Ads on all our Partner Websites for £99.99 per month you will have your domain optimized to search engine standards, with meta descriptions and keywords to help get your domain and business noticed.


If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us using the form below.

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Websites For Sale & Update!

Websites For Sale & Update

As my regular readers know I manage several marketing websites and blogs and have been busy developing and marketing, hence that is why I have been off-radar on here, however, if you want to follow me on my marketing channel you can always subscribe to and


Other than all the other domain names are semi-developed and maybe for sale. I say maybe for sale is the $64M Dollar question because I am toying with the idea of making most of the sites into business directories and have income from the advertising space on the sites similar to what I have on this site. Anyone interested in partnering with me or buying the domains outright should contact me using the form below in the first instance with your thoughts and ideas.

See I am not simply selling undeveloped domain names, I am selling websites that with some dedication from a third party can become an oak tree from an acorn.

The problem, if I am entirely honest, is that I start so many projects but then find I do not have time to finish them properly in the set time frame, I give myself and before long another website comes along and find that some get slightly neglected.

As an example, I started and and again they need some TLC. However a company in China is interested in the dot com counterpart domain extension, so will have to wait and see if they give me an offer that is worth accepting.

Contact Us Here!

Transferring Domain Names

Warning Be Careful How You Transfer Domain Names.

In June of this year I transferred a domain name from to the new registrant at

Normally when a domain is transferred the new owner updates his contact details and ‘hey presto every thing is hunkey dorey’. However to my shock and horror and feeling extremely unwell after the ordeal today some 7 months later I get a notification to my email address saying there is a problem with renewing the said domain name that I had transferred.

You have to hear me out. Now considering I am not the legal owner of the domain name I should not be getting renewal notifications, so I hop on the chat widget to try and resolve the issue. I must first say I tried logging in with the email Namecheap used to send me the notification and it said “no user found”. I thought maybe I could just reset the password and renew the domain on behalf of my client but that did not work.

The problem is my client does not want the domain name to drop and apparantly he is not the legal owner of the domain name but the website designer is.

The plot thickens as I will explian….

Once I started the chat I was told that my email was not associated with the domain.

So my question was “why am I getting renewal reminders”?

To be honest I think it is a scam as the legal owner would have their contact details on the system, yet Namecheap seem to have mine but will not give me access to the account.

Seeing as I have not given Nampecheap permission to use my email which I have never before communicated with them using it, I can only think they have it from Nominet as how else would they have my email considering I never shared it with anyone?

This email may I add is not my business email but my private one, which I used originally when I registered the domain with however many years ago.

Now get this they will allow a third party meaning me or my client to renew the domain name. (Secret Santa).

They wrote in the chat:

If you agree with these conditions, you will need to create a seperate account with us at and deposit the amount necessary for the domain renewal in this case ($9.58/year). You can use this guide while adding funds:

Now this is the bit that is mind boggling when I transferred the domain in June I sent the details to my client who passed it on to his web designer who I assumed registered the domain name but did not update my client’s contact details.

So that means my contact details must be on the system but I have no access to my details which is a violation of GDPR policy.

Namecheap continued to say:

“The Regsitrant email address is not listed in any Whois databases for this domain”.

Remember I transferred to domain so I am no longer the registrant.

According to ICANN:

To transfer your domain name to another registrant, you can initiate a change of registrant by contacting your current registrar. Your registrar will then ask for your confirmation via a secure mechanism (which typically will take the form of an email to the registered name holder). You must provide your confirmation within the number of days set by your registrar (not to exceed 60 days) or your transfer will not proceed. Once your registrar receives confirmation from you, they will process the transfer and notify you and the new registrant once the transfer is completed.

This is a farce, a total shambles and how can they not have the current registrant email as their client if they do not have his email?

He would have had to have an email to set up an account with them?

I believe they are scamming and may in deed get two lots of money one from the registrant and one from me.

It is impossible for them not to have the domain name owners email address as he would have had to use it to login into his account.

The legal owner of the domain name which is a well known Brand has not had his name updated so he appartantly is not the legal owner but instead the web designer is the legal owner who for some reason cannot be contacted.

I will be contacting Nominet in the morning to explain what has happened and will either get the Brand owner or myself to renew the domain name, but I have never heard about a ‘Secret Santa Funding‘ on any registrar.

I would like to know if this has happened to you?, please leave your comments below.

I will not be using this company ever and will not be recommending them to any of my readers or clients.

Final Thoughts.

I am not going to mention the Brand Name to keep his details private but this is a word of warning if you have a web designer manage your website, he must show in a contract that says the domain name belongs to you and the brand owner (you) can use this piece of paper to give to the registrar if things go belly up.

USE ESCROW FOR ALL YOUR TRANSFERS AND LET THE NEW OWNER KNOW THAT THERE ARE TRANSFER FEES. It is better to pay the little extra for a transfer and have everyone safeguarded than end up with a web designer cybersquatting your domain name.

All you need is to let the web designer to change dns records so that your website becomes live. You do not need to give ownership details. Buy or Sell Online Without the Fear of Fraud
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