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Renata alongside Michael Dooner from is jointly brokering the domain name (

From past experience, I have learned, be it an affiliate program or a content writing article and being rejected or simply someone going cold on what you have to offer, is to do something that is unexpected and think outside the box so to speak.

What I mean by this is, say for instance you have an article that was declined or a book publisher not signing you, one does the opposite and self publishes or starts their own site.

This goes with anything in life we all want to be appreciated and get (likes). No one wants rejection, hence when an opportunity arises create something and leave your competitors standing.

So reading the latest trends and news on ‘Elon Musk’ who wants to acquire Twitter, with all the controversy surrounding this, it would be far better to start his own social media platform and have the domain name (

At UK Domain Brokers we could build a social media platform for Elon or anyone else wanting to acquire this domain.

There is a reserve price for this domain name and we will disclose it within our communication.

The development would be separate from the cost of buying the domain name and UK Domain Brokers/ UK Website Designers would handle all the PR and advertising.

I am going to contact ‘Elon Musk’ this afternoon with the proposal.

Imagine how much money he could save trying to acquire Twitter and have them left out in the cold whilst putting the rest of his Billions into helping the environment and the starving children in this world. He would then have sole control of his own social media platform and give his competitors a run for their money.

I have performed SEO on this article this afternoon and uploaded it manually to Google Search Console, so hopefully, in the next few days, this article will be generating traffic.

Anyone interested in the domain ( should use the form below to contact us.

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