So tonight I decide to do some outbound marketing and type in the keywords
‘Crowd Investors’ to see who is paying for Google Ads and does not have a natural listing on page 1 or 2 of Google.

I then came across a website that was four words long and has hyphens inbetween each word.

I am not going to mention them but you can see them in the Google Ads on pages 1 & 2 for the keywords I mentioned earlier ‘Crowd Investors’.

I then go on their website and there is no contact us page just a form on the landing page.

They have no Cookie Banner or Legal Pages and they seem to be a blockchain business.

So I think what the hell I will fill out the form and wait for them to contact me.

Within minutes I get a phone call with a bouncy tiger character on the other line who said what was it that I was looking for? and I replied I have for sale and the bouncy tiger character then became immediately defensive and said so am I am sales person?, well not exactly but I was not going to correct him.

He then said he did not want any help with his marketing as it was doing fine.

Ok… I beg to differ.

I am not going to bother arguing my case but four words in a domain name is totally wrong. How do you expect someone to remember your domain name let alone remember where the hyphens should go? and how do you expect to fit your domain name on your business card, that is the question?

I could perform a seo report but I am not going to waste my energy on someone who thinks he knows better and thinks he does not need any marketing help, good luck is all I can say.

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