Do check out this blog about domain data study to fully understand what gets dropped or what does not:

I personally review my domains every year and if I believe I have no use for them such as helping people to generate more traffic I usually drop them. Most of my domains I do find someone who will benefit from them as I stay local but market global.

I have more chances of finding someone on my doorstep than in another country.

By having face to face meetings although you can do this on Skype but is not quite the same you can build relationships with people and first impressions count.

By showing equity and visualisation people tend to take you more seriously. By just bringing a domain name to the table you have your work cut out explaining its value.

If you just want to make a couple of hundred dollars then these wholesale marketplaces are fine but may take forever and a day to get a buyer. Buy giving the buyer value for their money you have more chances of selling at higher figures. Not everything you read is believable and I do have my doubts on some of the pricing that is claimed to be exchanged.

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