I don’t mean to step on any ones toes or anything but I read a blog today from someone well respected in the community ‘Rick Schwartz’ about developing domain names is apparantly useless.

See the blog here:

Yes I agree that developing domains for no reason at all is insane.

But if you want to market the domain, developing a landing page with affiliate links is fine and whilst your waiting for the buyer to come along you are being ranked by search engines and helping to generate traffic for your new client.

This then makes your domain name more valuable.

The buyer may not neccessarily need your website but will be grateful for the traffic you accumilate.

I encourage domainers to have landing pages with for sale signs and information on the topic with search engine optimization so that you get listed on the first page of search engines saving time for the buyer concerned.

If you want a landing page with seo we can design one for you with marketing for as little as £49.99 but if you just want a simple one page advert we can do this for £10 per annum.

If you were selling a house you would put a ‘For Sale’ sign outside your property. Therefore the same rule also applies to your digital asset and how else will you be ranked if you just use classified ads which are potentially what you are doing if you list on all the major brokerage firms?

Most firms do not do outbound marketing and just wait for a buyer to come along. We on the other hand inconjunction with go the extra mile.

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