If your wondering what this is its a short link to your main website. Will people remember to put the dot in the right place, most probably not. Will it drive traffic to your localized area most definately not. Will you need to do extensive PR Marketing and Multi Media Advertising, of course you will.

Will a Domain Hack benefit your business, I dont think so.

Why do I say this….they are just accessories and nothing more they wont get you on the First Page of any Search Engine unless you live in Libya that is or Germany as an example with the extensions .ly and .de to name a few. You will get traffic from that country as search engines use algorithms to force traffic from the location the domain is located.

As an example dot com’s…… businesses in the UK tend to avoid this domain extention as they will be inundated with trafffic from the US and when it comes to paid per click advertising you certainly do not want the traffic from the US if you have no reason to trade there. This will inevitably costs businesses money,the same goes with Domain Hacks.

More coming soon!!

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