When it comes to valuing your domain name you have to ask yourself these questions:

1) How much do you want for your domain name?

2) Who will buy your domain name at the price you have set yourself ?

3) Why do you think your domain name will sell at your asking price?

With any domain name it has to bring value to the enduser.

4) How much will the enduser save in paid per click advertising?

5) Will the domain name be valuable because it is a brandname?

6) Does your domain name have a website?

7) Is the domain name a working business?

8) What are the assets worth of the company?

Without having value to a domain name your domain will not sell.

Consider developing your domain name into a website and monetizing it, generating traffic for yourself whilst you are waiting for a buyer to come along and also generating traffic for your propective investor.

Domain names float in cyberspace unless you build on them.

Check out my valuation techniques in my previous posts.

“Just like a bad photograph you have taken one can improve/salvage it with editing, the same goes with domain names, you can build something from nothing but you need creativity to do it”.

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