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Whats on my mind today is an email I received from a Chinese registrar wanting me to give up my rights to ‘UK Website Designers’ and ‘UK Domain Brokers’.
I had two options either ignore the email or reply back. I chose to respond……hopefully I won’t here from them again.

Email Scams to Coerce Domain Owners to give up their domain names or buy Chinese TLDs with the same Domain Name / Brand.

What happens is Asian scammers pressurize firms to register identical domain names in Asian Top-Level-Domains. The act is called “Slamming”, and is an illegal practice to mislead companies to either give up their domain names or sell them unsolicited services and domain extentions.

Unknown third party, pressure, threats, high prices…

The practice involves sending an email, written in English and adressed to the CEO of the targeted company. The scammer contacts the owner who is usually unaware of the rules and regulations related to domain names.

They present themselves as accredited Asian registrars, mainly in China. This unknown third party notifies the owner of the domain in questionthat one of their clients wants to register domain names containing the trademark of the tartget of the scam.

So what do you do when faced with slamming?

When you receive the email, contact your usual domain name registrar. They will confirm the action as being a scam by the Asian registrar.

If your scammer has interests in the Asian region then registrations in .ASIA and in the few local Country-Code-Top-Level-Domains (ccTLDs) were you are located (ex: .HK HongKong, .IN India, .JP Japan, .KR Korea, .SG Singapore, .TW Taiwan…) are more appropriate.

Be Safe!

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