I stumbled across a blog today that the owner reviewd my first pilot book ‘Domain Sellers Handbook’.

Since then I have published and re-written the first book which is now called ‘Domain Power’ which the blog owner has not reviewed……….. Please note I kept most of the chapters from the first book and proof read the book before it went to the publishers.

I have had good reviews and only today I got an email from one of my clients:

Now I knew it was not to everyones taste and I am open to constructive critisism any day of the week, but to have a ‘TROLL’

that latched on to my book and rip into it only made me angry as he did not have the balls to confront me but instead made derogatory comments on his blog which happens to be on the 5th page for the search terms ‘Renata Barnes’, which makes him a ‘COWARD’. It was only by chance that I came across it as I was searching my name as I do every so often to see if there are any muppets talking about me.

I have since made the blog owner aware of my distain and I will also scrutinise his blog with SEO Analysis publicly to see how he likes it being made a public mockery of.

Karma’s a bitch.

I have also done some due diligence today and all he is a Manager whilst I am a CEO, so what does that tell you?………

In order to critise anything one needs to be an expert in the field. I believe he is a domain flipper who read my book as his domains don’t sell and I presume he needed help……bless his cotton socks.

On reading the blog post I noticed the date he posted the review and it was January sometime, well since then I have re-written the original pilot book and have launched ‘Domain Power’.

Seeing as his blog is not doing so well being ranked perhaps and considering he designs websites he needs to learn a thing or two about SEO management.

Perhaps he needs my help to get on the first page of Google smiley

This is dedicated to him so that he knows that you should respect people.

Here is his SEO Report….

I don’t want to mention him or his blog or give him a free backlink or even more air time than I have to as he doesn’t deserve it but he should learn a thing or two from me before opening his mouth.

He quoted me saying that there is nothing solid on the internet regarding buying or selling domain names. I have been on all the forums, listened to all the podcasts and people are still registering totally useless domain names.

So if that was the case that there was solid sound proof information on the internet everyone would be doing it and making money from it. This guy and his commentees needs to re-evaluate what they are saying.

When I told my daughter about him she said if one of her friends says a movie was rubbish she would still want to go and see it to judge for herself.

So the moral of the story is do not take someones opinion on face value and check it out yourself!

Before I end this rant I would like to say 10% of the profits of this book are going to the ‘Multiple Sclerosis Society’ So its for a good cause.

You can find the book on as well as all major bookstores.

Your on my radar. (Mr M.S) …..

Until next time…….smiley

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