I have a question, you can see that the dot com industry is dominated by the USA, thats why no one in the USA is going to buy a TLD extension .co.uk, .uk .wales .scotland as it would make no sense to their location unless they were planning to trade overseas.

Do you see where I am going with this? If someone in the UK wanted to build a website they would not go for a a dot com extension, just like someone in France or China or Russia. Besides people in russia speak russian and will search for russian websites and their extensions.

So there is money to be made from location domains in their own language, it would make no sense to use a word like knee.fr as it most probably would not be understood much less searched for unless it was marketed extensively for the French market.

I learn fast and yes you can work with the big boys dominating the planet with their dot coms but country and language domains still have possibilities.

I speak another language and have roots from another country most probaby 10 times bigger than the UK, I am also going to try my hand with this as the world is my oyster so they say………

Never be afraid to take a challenge.

Was just doing my daily research and came across an interesting thread about cybersquatting and how the ordinary person whom does not understand the value of domain names accuses domain investors /brokers as cybersquatters and how it is immorally incorrect to buy a domain at a low price and then sell it for hundreds or thousands or in some cases millions. In fact one of the replies refers to what I talked about earlier that location domains are an interesting way to snap up really cool keywords. Just like the guy said you need to think outside the box…..

Here is the link to the thread:


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