Rick Schwartz is on my mind, he recently wrote a blog about how the Domain Industry has gone Haywire.

The problem is that the majority of people have jumped on the band wagon hoping to make a fast buck. But in reality they have no background in marketing and consulting businesses.

I will move away from this for a moment and will vent my fustration on marketing/consulting companies that also are not able to grasp why an exact match keyword domain would help their clients. Its like talking to brick walls.

I will give you an example how exact match keywords work. When I decided to brand myself I had to think of how domainers would think if they were in the UK trying to sell their precious domains. So I put in the search terms ‘UK Domain Brokers’ and then looked to see if the domain was available.

I made a blog with the keywords ‘UK Domain Brokers’ and pointed the domain www.ukdomainbrokers.com to my blog. My blog is a sub-domain of another website I own ‘UK Website Designers’.

At the moment with all the work I have got, I can only manage to run the one blog for myself as I have my clients blogs to contend with also.

So guess what happened within a month of doing this I was on the first page of Google for the search terms ‘UK Domain Brokers’.

I agree with Rick Schwartz to a certain extent and admire him as he gave me some advice at the very beginning.

A lot of people buying up domains are not neccessarily stupid but more so uneducated in the field of marketing, seo and consulting, saying that some of the calls I have made recently to marketing companies have shocked me with their naivety of how exact match keywords work.

Its the same with Brexit, the government allowed the people to vote in a referendum. The majority were not educated in Business and the other half were unemployed, fed up of immigration and were brain washed with the propoganda from the media that immigrants were taking their jobs. Now if you take away the smoke and the mirrors you will see that the unemployed were terrified that their state benefits would stop if more and more immigrants came in so they voted out. They were not interested about the consequenses of businesses across the UK having to pay taxes to other European Countries as they were no longer to be part of the European Union as of next year. All the people were interested in was saving themselves.

So I would not blame the people for making the choice but the Government that gave a lit match to a baby.

The same goes for Domaining, people are uneducated in Marketing that is not saying that they are ‘Stupid’ as Rick Schwartz was implying. You need to be an internet marketer and know exactly what a domain name will do for a business. Do not just buy random domains with the hope that someone will buy them. This is a very saturated market and how many domains can any one given company acquire for their business?

Obviously there will be investers out there such as Rick Schwartz himself but these people will try to buy at rock bottom dollar and haggle you down, so that they can then one day sell for a profit.

Don’t buy tonnes of useless domains, buy a handful of good ones.

If you are anything like me you will see that I do buy keyword domain names for my business such as mentioned before www.ukdomainbrokers.com www.ukdomainacquistions.com www.ukwebsitedesigners.co.uk and so on, this help to drive traffic to my website www.startbrand.co.uk

Not to give away too many of my secrets but there are other ways to generate traffic by buying up aged domains that have back links and match them to your website you are promoting.

My advice is ask before you buy. If all Domain Brokers and Domain Registrars adopted this policy this would tidy up the market.

But Registrars as Rick put it are not your friend they are in it just like every one else to make money at the end of the day.

By asking for advice first, if it worth your time and money to buy a domain you will in the long run prove more beneficial.

Don’t worry our services are free and we give our honest opinion, we do not steal your idea as we too may make money from your sale if you list your domain with us.

It will also save tons of money in renewal fees, as year after year when your domains don’t sell all you will be left with is burnt holes in your pockets.

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