Educating the Masses Part 2.

Importance of Owning Your Brand and Keyword Search Terms.

Here is a good example there is a Restaurant in London (I will not say who they are, as I don’t want them to be flooded with offers), they are situated in the upmarket
part of London without a website.

When I approached them they said they
do not need a website as they get their leads from trip advisor.

replied this was one cog in the link wheel and all companies have websites nowadays and they said they do not
need one.

Its not as if they could not afford it as my price for the
domain and website development cost less than two dinners per month at
their establishment. I gave them the incentive to spread the cost over 5
years. (I am a lot cheaper than any web developer in London as I use Cardiff pricing structure).

They said they will come back to me, with no sense of urgency.

said I was selling the domain on the open market, they did not grasp
what I was saying to them, as once that domain goes they would have
little chance of getting it again without paying even more than what I
offered them.

There is sometimes no getting through to some people.

I am
holding on as eventually they will change their mind, it just a matter
of when.

All restaurants benefit from having websites to show their menu, offer promotions, show their interior, exterior and food, plus opening times and location.

Yet this company in the Central of London in the West End were very laid back and said they are doing really well for business and do not need more business. Correct me if im wrong but am I missing something here? What company does not want more business. I dined there twice and both times there were only a handful of customers.

They have been established for many years and their Restaurant is a Speciality with only a few others dotted around London but they are the only ones in the West End.

I had originally thought of reserving my keyword domains for them exclusively but I have approached them twice as both times I went out of my way to dine there and I cannot keep doing that indefinately.

So this makes me wonder should I look out for myself and not for them?, as I could potentially be waiting years before they decide, whilst I could possibly sell my keyword domains in a matter of months to someone else. Yet I thought it would be good for them to acquire the domains seeing as they do not have a website and even if they secured their brand name domain it still may take many months to be ranked by search engines. However if they bought their brand name and the keyword domains as a package they would immediately be found on all the search engines within a month as my personal record stands.

I will just have to wait and see and possibly wait it out.

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