Everyone loves a fundraiser especially for a good cause. I have lately been doing research on the keywords FUNDING CARDIFF, as this is my home and I have found out Cardiff is crying out for funding for their Bus Station because the old one was ploughed down to make room for the BBC Studio’s.

Imagine starting up a crowd funding site in Cardiff or Private Equity business/charity or maybe an expansion to an existing business, whatever the case may be this could potentially create jobs in the Capital as well as attract much needed funding.

Our government could save money, just saying……

So here is the domain I am talking about www.fundingcardiff.co.uk

It diverts to my other blog until I find an investor.

Just email me to: info@ukwebsitedesigners.co.uk to make an offer.

Upon continuing my research into funding I came across this uselful link for UK grants and investments. I am not sure who is eligible to fund these projects and you will most probably have to contact each company directly for more information, but for investors this is a very useful site: https://www.c3sc.org.uk/support/funding/current-funding

The domain www.fundingcardiff.co.uk could be ideal for fundraising and creating campaigns, it could provide specialists to
support a particular appeal or interim staff to support an ongoing project.

08/10/19 USA Date.

I have since dropped www.fundingcardiff.co.uk even if I still think it was a really good domain name and it could have been a Venture Capital website but the amount of people I wrote to that could have easily hired me to build them a website that could have raised funds for Cardiff was very disappointing with the reponse. Don’t say I did not want to help and its their loss at the end of the day as I have may connections from Millionaires, billionaires and Royalty that all could have helped to raise funding.

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