Extensions like .london, .cymru.. scotland, .consulting etc are getting increasingly popular.

More than 1,200 new extensions will be released over the next few year giving dot com competition, according to icann.org.

To view the latested delegated strings keep an eye on the following link which is updated as soon as the GTLD’s become available. This will become useful when you want to be a step ahead:


Another site which is useful for inspiration is:


Its shows how companies have tried to be unique and steered away from the traditional dot coms.

Here’s a tip of my own get yourself an address book and one day take time out to search for words and extensions and when you find they are available in combinations of .com, .org, net etc write them down. Then when you have the money to invest go back to them and buy them up. Also keep a planner of your renewal dates, it’s easy to overlook payments, although the registrars normally send out reminder notices via email well in advance to the expiration dates.

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