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I don’t know how long this article is going to be but it will give an insight on starting out. So you want to start up a company? So what do you call it, do you use a generic name like ZM Window Cleaners or do you create a unique name of your own?

The first thing you need to do is search if it is available and most generic names are already gone or a at a high price to buy.

In this business its on a first come first served basis. You could be lucky.

The next thing you need to do is design your brand, think of a favourite colour you wish to use and a logo.

When choosing your name for instance buy up all the corresponding domain names so that some cybersquatter does not sit on your brand when you want to expand to different countries.

For example the lady I follow and has been my mentor and has nothing to do with Domain Brokering is ‘Baroness Michelle Mone’. She is an entrepreneur and is from Scotland. She made her name at the beginning for a UK Lingerie Brand ‘Ultimo’ she bought up the extension .co.uk. Had she bought up the .com she would have stopped someone else using her brand name for something else. Even though ‘Ultimo’ is a registerd trademark does Baroness Mone realise that someone else in the Netherlands is also using the same name for a different business.

Again I read today that dot com is king. I beg to differ, just because dot com is for the american market other extentions do matter. I personally when I buy domains buy all the extensions to the brand.

Don’t tell me there are no investors in the country you are from that are willing to buy your domain or your brand.

The best way to secure your brand is to trademark it and patent the products.

Here is a link to ways how to name your business:


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