I have just come across this blog , do check it out and its handy to view hairstyles for both men and women all on the same site, beats skimming through tons of magazines at the hairdressers to show your hair stylist an example of the hairstyle you want on the day of your hair cut.

Its been long overdue but I do have a website for sale for a Business located in Cardiff. Originally I built it for a hairdressers but the deal went belly up after the photographer who worked there at the time doing photoshoots tried to scam me.

So I was left with a website that needs a bit of TLC I have had it for some time now and know that one day someone will take it off my hands, so I do not want to give it up just yet. It has exact match searchable keywords and is ideal for a hairsalon or make-up artist. There is even a photo of my daughter on the gallery page, second photo on the right from the top.

Obviously it would need alot of SEO and marketing but it has been generating organic traffic for a while now, so some lucky person is going to have this gem oneday.

I can duplicate similar hairsalon and make-up artist domain names from other locations providing they are available. Ususally if the TLD domain extensions have gone there is also a chance for suitable Gtld extensions.

Anyone reading this with a startup idea, please contact me and I will be happy to discuss a means of going forward. I am only a phone call or email away.

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