Although actively today I made a decision to keep ‘DOMTREPRENEUR’ Domain Name so that it can help with the SEO of my orginal website:

As the day has gone on I am back to thinking should I sell it (

At the moment it is forwarded to UK Website Designers but this could change too by having a completely independant website. I think I need to sleep on this.

I dont think I could let it go so easily but for the right entrepreneur who can put money on the table I may consider it. Howevever I still may change my mind again in the future after all how many websites do I actually need? Decisions, decisions…….

So I have slept and have decided that I am keeping the name ‘DOMTREPRENEUR’ after all this will be my brand name and how people will relate to me in the industry.

I did have someone who gave interest in the domain but I am not waiting around forever.

This is going to be the starting point and I will create a dedicated website.

Anyone who wishes to give input on this is welcome by emailing me. Kind words please.

Will update you once I have more news.


I have decided after many months of delibeiration I am in fact going to sell ‘Domtrpreneur’.

I will be listing it on Startbrand and on Linkedin shortly.

Watch this space.

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