Industry Marketing List!

List of Industries We Can Market & Advertise.


Accountants, Advertising/Public Relations, Aerospace, Defense Contractors, Agribusiness. Agricultural Services & Products, Agriculture, Air Transport, Air Transport Unions, Airlines, Alcoholic Beverages, Alternative Energy Production & Services, Architectural Services, Art, Attorneys/Law Firms, Auto Dealers, Auto Dealers, Japanese, Auto Manufacturers, Automotive


Banking, Mortgage, Banks, Commercial, Banks, Savings & Loans, Bars & Restaurants, Beer, Wine & Liquor, Books Magazines & Newspapers, Beauticians, Broadcasters, Radio/TV, Brokers, Builders/General Contractors, Builders/Residential, Building Materials & Equipment, Building Trade Unions, Business Associations, Business Services


Cable & Satellite TV Production & Distribution, Candidate Committees, Candidate Committees, Democratic, Candidate Committees, Republican, Car Dealers, Car Dealers, Imports, Car Manufacturers, Casinos / Gambling, Cattle Ranchers/Livestock, Chefs, Chemical & Related Manufacturing, Chiropractors, Civil Servants/Public Officials, Clergy & Religious Organizations, Clothing Manufacturing, Coal Mining, Colleges, Universities & Schools, Commercial Banks, Commercial TV & Radio Stations, Communications/Electronics, Computer Software, Conservative/Republican, Construction, Construction Services, Construction Unions, Credit Unions, Crop Production & Basic Processing, Cruise Lines, Cruise Ships & Lines


Dairy, Defense, Defense Aerospace, Defense Electronics, Defense/Foreign Policy Advocates, Democratic Candidate Committees, Democratic Leadership PACs, Democratic/Liberal, Dentists, Doctors & Other Health Professionals, Domain Brokers, Drug Manufacturers


Education, Electric Utilities, Electronics Manufacturing & Equipment, Electronics, Defense Contractors, Energy & Natural Resources, Entertainment Industry, Environment


Farm Bureaus, Farming, Finance / Credit Companies, Finance, Insurance & Real Estate, Fine Art, Food & Beverage, Food Processing & Sales, Food Products Manufacturing, Food Stores, For-profit Education, For-profit Prisons, Foreign & Defense Policy, Forestry & Forest Products, Foundations, Philanthropists & Non-Profits, Funeral Services


Gambling & Casinos, Gambling, Indian Casinos, Garbage Collection/Waste Management, Gas & Oil, Gay & Lesbian Rights & Issues, General Contractors, Government Employee Unions, Government Employees, Gun Control, Gun Rights


Hair Salons, Hair Stylistis, Health, Health Professionals, Health Services/HMOs, Hedge Funds, HMOs & Health Care Services, Home Builders, Hospitals & Nursing Homes, Hospitality, Hotels, Motels & Tourism, Human Rights


Ideological/Single-Issue, Indian Gaming, Industrial Unions, Insurance, Internet, Israel Policy


Labor, Lawyers & Lobbyists, Lawyers / Law Firms, Leadership PACs, Liberal/Democratic, Liquor, Wine & Beer, Livestock, Lobbyists, Lodging / Tourism, Logging, Timber & Paper Mills, Luxury


Manufacturing, Misc, Marine Transport, Meat processing & products, Medical Supplies, Mining, Misc Business, Misc Finance, Misc Manufacturing & Distributing, Misc Unions, Miscellaneous Defense, Miscellaneous Services, Mortgage Bankers & Brokers, Motion Picture Production & Distribution, Music Production


Natural Gas Pipelines, Newspaper, Magazine & Book Publishing, Non-profits, Foundations & Philanthropists, Nurses, Nursing Homes/Hospitals, Nutritional & Dietary Supplements


Oil & Gas, Other


Parking, Payday Lenders, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals / Health Products, Phone Companies, Physicians & Other Health Professionals, Postal Unions, Poultry & Eggs, Power Utilities, Printing & Publishing, Private Equity & Investment Firms, Pro-Israel, Professional Sports, Sports Arenas & Related Equipment & Services, Progressive/Democratic, Public Employees, Public Sector Unions, Publishing & Printing


Radio/TV Stations, Railroads, Real Estate, Record Companies/Singers, Recorded Music & Music Production, Recreation / Live Entertainment, Religious Organizations/Clergy, Republican Candidate Committees, Republican Leadership PACs, Republican/Conservative, Residential Construction, Restaurants & Drinking Establishments, Retail Sales, Retired


Savings & Loans, Schools/Education, Sea Transport, Securities & Investment, Special Trade Contractors, Sports, Professional, Steel Production, Stock Brokers/Investment Industry, Student Loan Companies, Sugar Cane & Sugar Beets


Taxis, Teachers Unions, Teachers/Education, Telecom Services & Equipment, Telephone Utilities, Textiles, Timber, Logging & Paper Mills, Tobacco, Transportation, Transportation Unions, Trash Collection/Waste Management, Trucking, TV / Movies / Music, TV Production


Unions, Unions, Airline, Unions, Building Trades, Unions, Industrial, Unions, Misc, Unions, Public Sector, Unions, Teacher, Unions, Transportation, Universities, Colleges & Schools


Vegetables & Fruits, Venture Capital


Waste Management, Wine, Beer & Liquor, Women’s Issues , Website Designers

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