I have recently bought a domain from the Bargain Bin for what I assumed was £4.00 but when I went into the checkout it immediately jumped to £20.00 so I phoned ‘GoDaddy’ to quiry it and this is what they said in reponse to my question. The £4.00 goes to the seller of the domain and then there is a renewal fee of £12.00 plus vat.

Seeing as the domain was catchy and a dot com, aswell as ‘GoDaddy’ had valued it at £1.5K, I couldn’t resist and bought it.

It was not available to me for about 3 days after that, so when I then decided to flip it on the premium listings I was told I could not sell it for 60 days. No one seems to write about these things which is frustrating so I’m going to have to wait a couple of months now before I can sell it. I’m not impressedsmiley

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