Like I have said in my past blog posts many moons ago and also in my book ‘Domain Power’, do not register purposely mis-spelt domain names. Firstly they have no value, they will not be ranked by Google and they serve no purpose to the end user as websites are searched for by readable keywords.

Furthermore if you do not have a website or landing page seo optimized ready for the end user to take over, what are you actually selling, what value can you add to the domain name.

I am shortly going to be changing my terms and will not longer accept mis-spelt domain names and onlyTLDs and ccTLDs. I believe that GTLDs other than .org .net .info .co will not be ranked by Google and the name of the game is to increase traffic to the said business, so how is Google going to know where to drive traffic to using a domain extension such as dot tv, dot photo etc? Perhaps a company from the UK for example on a small budget for pay per click advertising is not going to want traffic from Tuvalu if they were to register a domain name with .tv on the end of it . These type of ccTLDs have been reimagined in creative ways and dot tv is now commonly used for websites that feature video- or TV-style media and serve no purpose other than to the people of Tuvalu .

Here is a mis-spelt domain which I have been asked to list today:

Domain Broker Miracle Worker….

Remember Domain Brokers are not Miracle Workers. I suggest you read up on SEO to help you understand the fundamentals of how Domain Names and Keywords matter in driving traffic to a business.

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