Exciting stuff, I’m like a lttle girl in a sweet shop when I go on to registrars websites.

Today I acquired some domains, one of which is for a client of mine whch I will not disclose, but the rest I hope to transform into websites which I will use for my own use and are as follows:


Although they say with SEO blogs are a good way to be ranked fast and this is what I am doing, I still want to have an independant website for my domains other than through my current site www.ukwebsitedesigners.co.uk

The next step is to find investors and apart from the obvious of using flippa, sedo, afternic etc, I plan to market myself in such away that for each catagory I build one website and list each domain on that site. I am also going to approach Angel Investors and companies that already have a website but are not ranking well on Google.

Watch this space as I evolve smiley

I’m on a roll I have just purchased a further two domain:


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