New Logo just launched for ICO Regulations.

On another note one of my clients asked me to look at a website that
was selling similar domains to what he was selling so I did. The site
is and has given me inspiration to value domains at what this investor is selling them for.

name is Raymond Chai he is a Billionaire from Australia and I found him on Linkedin.
According to my client he is not brokering anymore Domains and this is
why possibly his websites are not fully optimized.

He is from what I can gather only selling Domains for Bitcoins.

On ready further it could be all his domains have been sold on his website and a Domain has either been sold or is being sold for 8 Bitcoins which equates to about £80,000.00.

There is an article about this domain in this link and people purchasing my domains could follow suit:

I have all together so far the following domains for sale:

Since writing this post this youtube video has come out about how the ‘Bank Of England’ intends to regulate crypto currency. In my opinion if you are honest and have nothing to hide and keep records of everything you do then you will be fine.

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