Nightmare Registrar.

Imagine purchasing a product or several products. You know the scenario you take out your credit card and pay for the item(s)….so your saying whats wrong with that?, well potentially there is nothing wrong……… you have done what 99.9% of companies expected to do, is take out the amount you have purchased, but wait for this imagine a few days later you get another amount leaving your account for exactly the same amount your original order came to?? So one should not be too disheartened if its a £10 transaction going out twice meaning there is now £20 leaving your account, but what if your original order was in its hundreds?

Now before I say who this nightmare Reigistrar is that is doing this I will explain that your original transaction of £10 which is pending to leave your account has now doubled to £20. So a few day later the £10 leaves your account but there is still £10 in the holding account pending. Now imagine if your transaction was £100 or £200 which can be possible with bulk domain renewals, imagine that suddenly doubling up to £200 or £400 pending in your holding account until the registrar notifys your bank that they only need £100 or £200, that leaves you without your surplus money of £100 to £200 for up to 21 days.

Now I have spoken with this company, filled out their survey purposely and ranted my fustration that they should only ask for one amonunt of money per transaction, they promised they would not do it the last time I lost it with them and they did it again. So now my trust has now left the building.

I personally will not be using them in future and recommend

I will also be transfering my domains to in the next few days when I get the time to do this but they have lost my custom for good.

I will NOT be recommending to anyone they are a total nightmare.

In their defense they said it was not their fault and that it was my banks fault. In order for two transactions for the same amount to potentially leave my account 1&1 would have to authorised the payments and when they get the one payment cleared, they in theory should release the second payment back to you. Its a way to make sure you have enough money to pay for your purchase. But this transaction is instantaneous meaning as soon as a transaction goes through it automatically goes into a holding account where you have this amount taken from your balance. If for instance you do not have enough money to cover the transaction you transaction will be denied at checkout……….Yet 1&1 for some reason submit two transactions and finally after many days cancel the one transaction which is a bit backward in my opinion. Seeing as I only approved the one transaction at the time of checkout they obviously have a way to get round that by submitting the second transaction without ones permission, which I think is illegal.

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