Brand Equity

Brand Equity

Brand Equity

Branding and Marketing your Business.

Raw Brand Equity describes your idea of what your brand is going to be.
You may not have developed it yet but you are confident that once it is developed it will become a household name, which people will trust and buy.

Brand Equity on the other hand describes your developed brand that is generating revenue simply because of the the well known trust factor of the brand name.

Thats why I am always saying add value to your domain name. Domain Names unless they have the must have brand name factor will not sell and even if they do it will not be for the highest price tag you are imagining it will most probably be bought by a domain investor at the lowest price possible to develop and flip.

Consumers believe that a product with a well-known name is better than products with less well-known names. Brand equity usually is defined by brand awareness, perceived quality, assets such as patents, trademarks, and channel relationships and the product or service you are selling.

View the video below of ‘Chris Zuikers’ explanation.

Brand Equity

Caviar Related Domain Name For Sale!

I have for sale but I also am promoting caviar from Latvia. You can read about the caviar that can be supplied wholesale or retail via the link:

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CBD & Hemp Domain Names

I am looking for an investor for my client. You can read the business proposal below………..I am a Broker. I can send you more information should you require it. My client is a hemp farmer and has 1000 acres of land and is expanding. Anyone who knows of anyone that may be interested in this project is welcome to message me here on Linkedin or send me a PM to my email address. My client is in Arizona and has planned a 100 acre test grow and is looking for VC to help him build a laboratory. Regarding distribution I can help as I own 4 websites. These websites are not currently associated with this project and are being sold independantly. They are as follows:

Anyone interested in these domain names/websites please give me an offer. You can add these sites to your seo link wheel to generate traffic. I can transfer ownership on payment via Escrow. #hemp #cbd #cbdoil #hempdistributors #hempdistibution #cbddistributors #cbddistribution #cbdstartups #hempstartups #hempwebsites

***These domain names can only be sold to legalized states.

Sovereign Country Name Domain Names

Country Domain Names

Soverign Country Domain Names on my mind.

I was having a conversation with my solicitor a while back and we were talking about branding and how you should not brand your business as a country name. Moving forward to today I had a request to help sell a country name and basically you cannot register country names with the view of branding them without getting yourself in to hot water. Here is a scenario a British well known PLC company branded themselves as Business selling Frozen Food.

Iceland Foods Ltd is a British supermarket chain headquartered in Wales, with emphasis on the sale of frozen foods, including prepared meals and vegetables. They also sell non-frozen grocery items such as produce, meat, dairy, and dry goods. The company has an approximate 2.2% share of the UK food market. CEO: Malcolm Walker (Feb 2005–) Founder: Malcolm WalkerFounded: 1970Number of locations: 800Parent organization: Brait

However they have got themselves into a bit of a pickle as Iceland Government are attempting to sue them. Please read the following link:

So the moral of the story, although country domain names have been bought and sold before, its only a matter of time when the Government of that country may turn around and sue. Do you want to face legal action by not being original.

The Icelandic government has confirmed it is considering launching a lawsuit against British supermarket Iceland over its name. It has taken 46 years for Iceland to contemplate filing a law suit against the tradmark ‘Iceland’ according to Iceland’s ministry of foreign affairs. This would mean that a “cancellation action” against the supermarket’s Europe-wide trademark registration for the name Iceland.

Promote Iceland, a marketing agency linked to the Icelandic foreign ministry, said it has no intention of forcing Iceland Foods to give up its brand, but wants to make sure Iceland the brand does not stop other companies also calling themselves ‘Iceland’ across the UK & EU. (I can already see an argument as a tradmark can argue that if another company sets themselves up in th EU for instance selling Iceland Foods that they could have a stake claim towards that company) Is it me or can I see a future UDRP? Your comments are welcome….. Manging Director Jon Asbergsson of Promote Iceland’ Marketing Agency said “We are looking for a ‘live and let live’ outcome”.

The way I see this is the word ‘Iceland’ can be interepreted as ‘Ice Land’ which can be argued. Furthermore if the brand is helping the economy and is no way affiliated with Iceland the Country and it has been trading since 1970, why take 46 years to sue the tradmark owner? As long as the sovereign state secure the dot com for its country then the other domain extensions could be used for other purposes.

The government said the supermarket chain has launched and won “multiple cases” against Icelandic companies for using the word, “even in cases when the products and services were not competitors.

According to the Icelandic Government. a decision about legal proceeding with this claim will only be made after full evaluation of the interests of Icelandic businesses and their people.

The spokesman for ‘Iceland’ the brand said “We have also traded as Iceland for many years in other EU countries, and in non-EU countries, including Iceland itself. We are not aware that our use of the Iceland name has ever caused any confusion with Iceland the country.”

The relationship between the supermarket and the Nordic nation is by far a very frosty one.

To read the full article please follow this link:

In relation to other country names I personally would steer well clear of them unless you were branding yourself like or or Can you see where I am going with this and that I have not just used the Country ‘Cymru’ or ‘UK’ alone but instead used a combination of words.

Stay Safe People!

More news coming in on the same topic of ‘Sovereign Immunity’ date 29/08/19 or for the US readers 08/29/19. A chap by the name of Jean-Noël Frydman, who registered in 1994 was sued by the French Government and he lost his domain. It stands to reason you do not hold a country name hostage. You cannot register a sovereign name unless you like the publicity. You can read more about it here:

I do have one question, why did it take so long for it to come to court? ummm……

Submarine Insurance

Submarine Insurance

I have a question about the keywords “Submarine Insurance” does it exist and if so who would buy it or supply it?

The reason why I ask is one of my clients has bought the domain name and I am trying to get my head round this like who do I approach to even attempt to sell it?

I know I am selling high value assests on from Jumbo Jets to Supercars & Yachts but I do not have any Submarines or Rockets as yet.

Perhaps I should approach Richard Branson or Elon Musk or even President Putin or President Donald Trump but this domain name is certainly an eye opener and on doing some research there are some private companies actually manufacturing and engineering submaraines, so watch this space.

On another note…….

****A bit of advice people……… before buying domain names drop me a line and ask me first is it worth it, I may end up saving you some money.

I was asked the other day if “reallybaddomainnames” or something like that as I can’t remember exactly had any value and my answer was who would buy it for starters?

Really some people just have no idea.

My answer was it had no value yet the person I spoke to seemed to think it was worth $100, I won’t say what domain extension was. I have noticed though that sold for $300 but it is not developed which means someone bought it and its just floating in cyberspace and in my opinion it will continue to do so as who on earth would use it unless it was for a blog perhaps?

But for the sake of someone remembering the url and typing it in, they will not have may visitors I can assure you of that.

Always try to stick to short words, no more than two keywords.

Calculating Business Revenue

Business Service Breakdown

Calculating Business Services Revenue.

If a business was selling API Data ( Application Programming Interface) Services worth $7,Billion and each service cost $150 per one million queries, that would equate to 7,000 services at a cost of $150 which would total $1,050,000.00 in revenue.

Or the other way of calculating would be adding all the services together so say for example the services cost £10,000 per 1 million queries per total of 7,000 services would total $70,000,000

But really speaking if one knew how many unique visitors per month a business was having one could calculate by multiplying 1% of people would by a product or service, so for example if you had 900,000 visitors per month this would leave 9,000 that would buy from you, a service that either costs $150 which would be a total of $1,350,000.00 or if your services totalled $10,000,00 would make it $90,000,000

Yet when I was asked about this the other day even someone of very high intellect did not seem to grasp what I was saying…….. Your comments are welcome……

I cannot elaborate any more on this at this stage but I feel that what I had prepared in a report was not even read and was a total waste of time.

This does relate to a domain business and I will divulge everything soon.

Sorry I am being a bit mysterious at the moment but because of legal reasons I cannot say anymore right now.

How many websites should a web developer make per month?

Website Design

How many websites should a web developer make per month?, well the answer is it depends on the complexity of the project, but if you outsource your work it makes life a little easier.

So the point I am about to make is about a certain individual which I cannot name at present whom asked me the other day how many domain names have I sold since 1993, that is the year I started website design and domain brokering and I said since that year I have designed and brokered about 2000 domains and this person answered that even the best domainers on the planet have not sold that many domain names.

So here is a break down of 2000 domains divided by 26 years is 76 domains/websites per year. (Not 100 as the muppet suggested the other day, but who is counting?).

Divide that figure by 12 months is 6 – 7 domains per month which if one business bought 1 website and 2 domain names, although my clients buy on average 4 domain names that works out at 3 clients per month.

A web designer has an advantage over a domain broker as they can add value to the digital asset and create a seo link wheel just as I have for my business. Please view a sample link wheel below:

Now if you outsource the work to one or two developers per month you are theoretically only doing one website per month, which is not rocket science and does not make you a miracle worker.

So back to the muppet who challenged me the other day, here is your answer…..

and to further add evidence that a broker can sell more than 100 domains a year, the proof is in a screenshot of “Mike Mann’s” post on “Linkedin”…….

Anybody that is in the Domain Brokering World will know who Mike Mann is and for those that don’t here is a quick bio: Mike Mann registered 14,962 Domain Names in 24 hours. Read the article here:

Here is his website:

This person that I have a professional grievance with also stated that why did I not register ( as a dot com? Basically I was in the process of re-branding myself and the dot com version was already gone yet I do have a few other TLDs that I use in my link wheel: and So my question to this person would be if you are so good at what you do, why did you let slip thorugh your fingers seeing as you are a resident in the UK and instead registered a Spanish domain extension?, which if you value the domain name of this individual alone the domain name is not worth anything but the assets within the business are including the portfolio and the services this individual provides.


Here is a link to helping you sell your domains faster:

I also build unique bespoke landing pages with seo and market my domains.

Godaddy are giving away free landing pages when you register a domain name with them, but in order to get rid of “Powered by Godaddy” one needs to upgrade.

Ketchup Keyword

Ketchup on my mind, the good old condiment to our culinary delights. However is the word trademarked and if so is it risky to then buy up various domain name extensions using this keyword?

Lets find out, according to the keyword has been trademarked and is active, there are 5 results in all, 3 of which are active and if you search for the exact keyword you will have the same results as myself, please view screenshot below:

So the muppet that challenged me the other day and said that this word was not trademarked is and I have always suspected is a muppet and good luck to him selling his domain name, would love to have his sorry arse having a UDRP ( Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy) filed against him and hope karma bites him on his ketchup sorry arse!