PREMIUM DOMAINS” Domain Names For Lease or Sale.

The clue is in the keywords of the domains themselves… and and

Having a domain that has the exact match keywords is like gold dust especially if it is associated with a dot com domain extension.


A premium domain name is a digital asset that is of high quality that can be an investment for investors and entrepreneurs to buy and sell with the goal to make a profit. It can also be the address (digital real estate) to secure global positioning and build a business around the domain.


The valuation of a premium domain name may be determined by many factors, such as how many words or letters are used, what domain extensions are associated with the domain, the age, and traffic as well as equity.


At the end of the day, the domain name should be in demand and highly sort after the keyword (s) and what the buyer is prepared to pay. If you have products or services associated with the domain then this increases the value.


My domains have two fundamental, keywords that would be used to search for “Premium Domains”. If you are not in the UK it is not a problem because I find owning a dot com even though you can set your GEO fencing to the UK as in my case with Google Search Console I still get traffic from all over the world and it is not foolproof.

Both of these domain names are currently undeveloped and are pointing to this site.

I am in two minds to either rebrand myself although I do like and it seems to work well for me or to sell these two domains as a going concern. I could also build another site as an extra arm to my ever-expanding SEO link wheel or I could lease the domains and offer advertising space to someone either to have as a landing page on this site or point it to their site on a monthly basis. If I was to point it to another site other than my own I could potentially lose £28K in advertising revenue per annum, so it is worth bearing this in mind.

I am also playing around trying to design a logo, currently, the ones I have are too long, and ideally, I need them to be a little more compact. Maybe I will just stick to the image in the header of this article.

Rome was not built in a day and nor will be the final decision what I do with these domains and how I am going to develop them. What may be likable for me may not be for someone else. But at least I will have a few logo options available if say someone gave me an offer to acquire the domains and then wanted me to build a website for them.


  1. Build a Forum
  2. Build an Auction
  3. Become a Registrar
  4. Become a Web Hosting Provider

Perhaps someone reading this may have ideas of their own and may want to partner with me. I am open to all suggestions.

Any suggestions would be truly appreciated.

If you want to buy the domain names do bear in my advertising revenue. Although I have seen three-word domain names go for 5 figures, this may have been for several reasons and equity may not have been associated or included with the domains:

I on the other hand would be selling the domains with equity (this is something domain appraisal bots cannot pick up and should not be used to value domain names as in this case).

My domain names would have traffic, would have backlinks, and would also have advertising on 10 already ranked websites indefinitely on my SEO network of websites I own, with the offer to develop it, should the buyer wish.

So past sales of similar domain names may not have any of this included and not all sales are announced to the world. It all depends on companies marketing budget and what equity is associated with the domains.

EQUITY (Associated with my “Premium Domains Dot Com” -Domain Names)

  • Traffic
  • Backlinks
  • Logo (reviously not designed)
  • SEO
  • Content Writing
  • Marketing
  • Advertising


If you compare the advertising I have for another three-word domain name that I am selling and is also a dot com that is developed, a “SPONSORED LISTING” costs £2,800 per annum just on one site. I have ten websites that I can advertise your business on. (10 sites x £2,800 Sponsored Listings = £28,000 per annum x 10 years = £280,000 per domain name).

Based on the annual lease price with a minimum term of ten years for each domain name the final price of each domain name would have to be calculated how much revenue I could potentially make if I kept the domain names and just leased them out would determine the final price of the domain name if someone wanted to buy it from me.


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