How many domain brokers do you know that have a PHD in Domain Brokering?

What qualifications does a domain broker need?

I do not know if such a qualification even exists, but it has been put to me how qualified am I in domain brokering?

Since I want to answer the question the best way I can, unlike real estate one does not need a license to trade.

Registrars on the other have to have licenses to do business.

I am not a registrar although I do know a thing or two about operating such a business.

Domain brokering on the other hand is not always as simple as selling goods or services online and not doing any work other than listing the service and then selling it.

Sometimes it requires extensive marketing, phone calls, letter writing and meeting with prospective clients to negotiate and seal a deal. Sometimes it requires website development, financial planning and business consulting.

For a list of websites I have developed please visit to view my portfolio by scrolling to the bottom of the website on the landing page: www.ukwebsitedesigners.co.uk

So, as I think I have mentioned before in a previous post on this blog my skills aka qualifications are as follows, I started website design and domain brokering in 1993, I had been doing photography and marketing since 1983.

Since then I have incorporated my skills into services which I offer on several websites, forums, blogs and social media sites.

My skills and services I have acquired over the years are as follows:

Website Design, (For Development of a Domain Name)
Domain Brokering, (For attempting to find prospective buyers/investors)
Business Consultancy, (For advising on the best strategies and solutions)
Advertising, (For Letting the world know about your brand)
Ecommerce, (For setting up ecommerce platforms and payment gateways)
SEO Marketing, (For promoting the website to its full potential)
Internet Marketing, ( For Advertising using campaigns, sending emails & ppc)
Social Media Marketing,(For company awareness on social networks, spread the word).
Graphic Design, (For Designing Logos, Stationary and Literature)
App Design, (To taking your brand to the next level ideal for tablet and mobile phones)
Affiliate Marketing, (To monetising your domain name, whist generating traffic)
Re-Branding, (Help make the transistion)
Books/eBooks Design & Publishing, (Help a business write about their services)
Blog Posts & Articles, (Write as if you are an author and write about the niche)
Press Release, (Let journalists write about the business you are promoting)
Photo Restoration, (Image editing for websites)
Commercial and Industrial Photography (Corporate Photos of business and staff)
Influencer (Talk like you own it)

Oh and did I forget to mention I have several publications online with my latest book (Pilot Edition) ‘The Domain Sellers Handbook’ which is currently sold in all major bookstores including Amazon as well as the new versionDomain Power I plan to launch shortly and finally and this is the cherry on the cake (Launched March 2019)….. I was taught everything there is to know about domain names and website design by two people one of which is ‘Adrian Maziak’ who works in the headquarters of Microsoft. Here is his link: https://patents.justia.com/inventor/adrian-arkadiusz-maziak


He was the one that gave me my very first laptop in 1993. Oh did I happen to mention he is also happens to be my brother! So for the Naysayers and Doubting Thomas’s consider this ” He who is without sin amongst you, let him first cast a stone at her” John 8.7

Otherwise do not judge unless you want to be judged……..

“I know I am blowing my own trumpet here but I am good at what I do and I know what I am talking about” and a domain broker similar to any CEO has to wear all the hats in order to run a successful business. Do not have just one skill, acquire many skills. Fortunate for me I have been in this industry for over 35 years (i’m now showing my age) Nothing happens over night, you have to work at it and be passionate about it.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!

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