I read an article today that came inside a newsletter which said that dot coms are the best followed by dot net, dot org, dot biz. I can understand the reasoning but a UK investor is not going to buy a dot com unless he is going to do business in the states or worldwide. So coming from the UK most of my clients buy dot co dot uk domain names.

My best advise is do your research. Don’t give up your day job in the hope you will make millions overnight, it takes time and patience.

Once you have sold a few domains then consider you life changing goals and not before.

Once you feel confident you have a prized gem, contact organizations that may be interested in buying your domain, don’t be shy and follow your gut feelings.

I follow a couple of domain investors of which one is called is Rick Schwartz, here is a link to an article about the value of his portfolio.

Granted I have no where near 7000 domains, but I do think I have a couple of gems and yes he has some clever names which are valued at $500 milllon dollars.

There are plenty of domain selling and advice websites out there its up to you to do your homework. If you think you have a domain that has little value, then you most probably have got just that. Don’t bother renewing it year after year if after you have put it up for auction you have little or no views, that’s telling you something surely.

Create a landing page for each domain you have and do your SEO which is very important or have it parked with a registrar. Contact businesses that may be interested. Never give up.

Happy Reading.


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