How many times have you heard that Domains Names have been stolen?

The following images are from a screenshot of an email I received today.

The domain is a Domain I own. By opening up this email I was shocked that this person was scaremongering me to into either giving my credit card details or steal my domain. My domain does not expire until next year and I have no intention of giving it up and I certainly don’t owe anything to anyone.

I decided to investigate them further, apparently the domain they set up to send the email was only set up this month June 2018, but the domain is not developed and suprize, suprize their idenity is hidden in Whois.

Look out for these type of emails, be extra vigilant and beware of unfamiliar recipients and never give your details away. If you have any questions regarding your domains, speak with your registrar and no one else.

Be safe people and I’m about to send this person an email with a link to this blog, telling him/her I’ve made them famous!

Addendum – I just tried sending an email and I got a postmaster bounced email. I attempted to pretend to pay them to see where it would take me and it started to open something really slowly which means it could also be a person wanting to infect my computer and steal my data. All I know is that this entity is from China.

So one thing I have learnt today is my domain must be valuable if someone wants to steal it or a hacker wants to damage my business.

Wow! thats all I can say and you need to get up really early to catch me out.

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